Counterfeit medications have been responsible for at least 290,000 deaths annually worldwide. Material shortages, tariff changes, and labor shortages have all contributed to recurring drug shortages across the world, costing drug companies over 8.6 million hours to remediate, risking the lives of millions, and creating space for counterfeits to enter the market. Unfortunately, minimizing counterfeits remains a challenge, especially during the transportation process.

New regulations under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) aim at minimizing counterfeits by requiring serialized identification numbers for individual products; however, distributors would then have to scan individual barcodes to verify medications, increasing delays and costs on an already-strained system. To stay ahead of shortages, hospitals and pharmacies tend to overstock medications, holding an average of 180 days’ worth of finished goods that may not get used, ultimately resulting in wasted storage space, costs, and medication – further contributing to shortages that feed the vicious cycle of medical counterfeits.

How are pharmaceutical supply chains reacting?

By 2023, the FDA will require all medical products to contain a second 2-D barcode specifying a unique serialized identification number. While warehouses can disassemble pallets to individually scan medications, RFID technology is currently being enhanced to simplify the process. Although traditional RFID applications are incompatible with metals and liquids– both normally present in pharmaceutical supply chains – Zebra’s adaptable RFID solutions tackle the challenges of medication tracking by integrating…

  • Custom-built lags and RFID labels – Every operation is unique, which is why RFID labels should be tailored to meet the obstacles of your facility such as poor lack of air space inside containers, metal shelves, etc. In doing so, businesses can better track in-transit products.
  • On-demand RFID printing and encoding – Modern Zebra printers like the ZT411 are equipped with optional RFID encoding, allowing operations to streamline enterprise printing from one all-encompassing system. 
  • Highly secured mobile computers – Lastly, to ward off counterfeit behavior and stock tampering, mobile computers should be equipped with security-focused tools, recurring security patches, and higher encryption levels. Android handhelds like the MC3330xR maximize data security with varying authentication levels to enable safe data sharing, so T&L teams, distributors, and hospitals/pharmacies know when and where to expect shipments as well as how many products they will be receiving.

From metal-compatibility to challenging small sizes, protect pharmaceutical tracking with an RFID solution dedicated to expanding visibility no matter the costs. Reach out to Avalon to carefully assess your workflows and bottlenecks alongside an RFID specialist and see how you can enhance track and trace to protect your bottom line, and most importantly, your customers.

For the past twenty years, Avalon Integration has always prided itself in being able to offer in-person development and maintenance support, yet with the coronavirus spread, on-site services are no longer recommended. However, this has not changed our commitment to providing quality service. That’s why our experts have taken the time to round up all the resources you need to facilitate remote technical assistance. From specialist advice to hands-on virtual assistance, we are here to make sure you receive reliable and knowledgeable technical support no matter the crisis.

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How to Build Your Mobile Workstation

Dan Mccabe Shows You How to Build Your Mobile Workstation with the Newcastle PowerCart

Dan Mccabe Shows You How to Build Your Mobile Workstation with the Newcastle PowerCart

Now more than ever, mobility is crucial to keep operations running smoothly, which is why Avalon continues in its partnership with Newcastle and Zebra Technologies to provide you with mobile workstations that streamline data entry with:

  • One long-range Zebra handheld scanner
  • One industrial yet movable Zebra printer
  • Newcastle’s mobile cart and display screen. 

See how it comes together in our video:

What Specialized Types or Media Should You Integrate Into Your Operations

Integrate into Your Operations

Integrate Zebra Certified Consumables into Your Operations

Print and apply labels dominate most applications, yet at Avalon, we are always striving to take efficiency up a step, which is why we equip your operations with Zebra’s family of certified consumables, designed to accelerate processes with your choice of:

  • Continuous labels – Eliminating paper waste, continuous labels allow you to choose label length to fit your applications.
  • Peel-and-present labels – These consumables accelerate labeling by removing the liner as labels are printed. They are ideal for low to medium volume operations.
  • Linerless labels – Get more prints per roll with a label that has no liner at all. This is ideal for mobile printers since it eliminates hanging liner paper, which could cause an accident on the warehouse floor.  
  • Custom labels – Choose from over 300 pretested materials to assemble a label tailored to your operations’ needs. Plus, count on fast replenishments since Zebra labels are sourced from your nearest label converting facility.
  • Dissolvable labels – Remove the stress of time-consuming label removal with the 8000D label which dissolves readily in water.

Explore Zebra’s full range of certified consumables here.

How to Properly Clean Your Zebra Printhead

How to Properly Clean Your Zebra Printhead with Raymond Scipioni

Raymond Scipioni Explains how to Keep Your Zebra Printhead Clean

In time, even the best printheads can become worn down. While Zebra Certified Consumables are designed to minimize adhesive buildup and printhead scraping, we still recommend cleaning your printhead to avoid surprise downtime. Discover a quick and fast way to clean your Zebra printhead in our video below:

Further eliminate premature printhead failure when you enroll in the Zebra Printhead Protection Program and make Zebra Consumables your media of choice, so you get:

  • Free printhead replacements
  • Consistent print quality devoid of scannability and reprinting issues
  • Convenience of a one-source supplier

Download our flyer to learn more. 

How to Properly Clean Your Mobile Devices

Cleaning Zebra Mobile Devices

Cleaning Zebra Mobile Devices

Improper cleaning and harsh chemicals can damage your device, and with hundreds of bacteria inhabiting warm handheld devices, establishing proper sanitation practices is crucial to ensure workforce safety and device availability. As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Avalon Integration helps you create proper disinfection strategies tailored to the device type. 

Further, protect your operations by referring to your device’s user guide for proper cleaning methods.

How to Run Diagnostics Independently on Your Zebra Device

Run Diagnostics Independently with Zebra Devices

Run Independent Device Diagnostics with Zebra Mobile Computers

Your workforce needs their technology to keep operations running, so when devices are out for repairs, your overall workflow is impacted. As part of Zebra’s valued Mobility DNA family, Device Diagnostics increases device availability by empowering you to run simple diagnostics on-site without prolonged wait times or extensive repairs.

  • Certify issues are found and resolved through an easy-to-understand interface
  • Test scanner operability, audio, and touchscreen/button functionality at the palm of your hands
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues no matter your networking preferences
  • Monitor battery performance and cradle functionality

With the press of a button, test your devices’ major systems to either eliminate common errors or accelerate the repair issue by targeting the problem before your device reaches the repair center.

How to Repair/Replace Your Zebra Device

Repair or Replace Your Zebra Device with Zebra OneCare

Repair or Replace Your Zebra Device with Zebra OneCare

When your device truly needs to be repaired, Avalon works hard to match your needs to qualified experts while providing quick replacement solutions to uphold productivity. Zebra’s OneCare service stands as an excellent example of timely support tailored to your business size. Choose from three tiers of coverage to get:

  • Trusted comprehensive coverage
  • 3-time repair turnaround time
  • Entree to restricted software
  • Cloud-based view for your mobile devices
  • Up to 24/7 live-agent support
  • Assisted Device commissioning and spare pool management (Available for Select and Premier tiers)

See how easy it is to integrate Zebra’s OneCare service into your support system when you download our flyer here.

Still Having Trouble?

If you need more in-depth assistance, ask our warehousing experts to find the answers to all your questions. To see how you can maximize uptime with Zebra hardware, contact us for a free demonstration of any device of your choice.

Sizing specifications, heat endurance, and pricing are some of the factors warehouses tend to first consider when selecting a new labeling solution; however, with so many application differences available today, it may be complicated to truly find a “perfect” fit. Nevertheless, just as technology continues to yield breakthroughs in mobile computing and data capture, labeling technology has also taken great strides in creating application-specific alternatives that fit your budget, benefit operations, and maybe even a little more.

As leaders in efficient innovation, Avalon Integration explores several unique labels that show how Zebra’s Certified Consumables still stand as your most adaptable option when it comes to individualized labeling solutions.

Your Applications are Intricate and Unique – Your Labels Should be the Same.

Intricate and Unique Labels

Intricate and Unique Labels from Zebra and Avalon Integration

Before choosing a one-size-fits-all label, consider the following application-specific options to boost data capture accuracy, operation visibility, and affordable sustainability.

  • Zebra’s New 8000D Label – Perfected for reusable crates and containers, Zebra’s dissolvable labels reduce time spent peeling off labels while remaining sticky during your application process.
  • Freezer-Grade Labels – To protect inventory identification and storage instructions, your cold-storage labels must be fit for temperatures as low as 32°F without losing malleability. Zebra’s pretested labels undergo stringent 23-point testing to endure both heat and cold as well as drastic temperature swings without compromising adhesive strength.
  • RFID On-Metal Labels – Designed to retain performance on metal, Zebra’s RFID labels enhance metal tracking within your operations to maximize production and distribution visibility. 
  • Color Labels – Further empowering your identification system, Zebra’s color labels create an easy-to-spot sorting system as colors can be quickly categorized at a glance, accelerating the order fulfillment process.
  • Custom Labels – For your most unique applications, Avalon recommends customizing your label’s composition and design. Choose from over 300 pretested materials to develop a label that survives even the toughest environments. Plus, with Avalon’s Free Ship Program, get free ground shipping on custom labels delivered in the continental U.S and Canada.

Few of the Many Unique Label Options

Many Unique Label Options

These are just a few of the many options today’s labeling technology offers. To explore more opportunities, contact our warehouse specialists today for a free assessment of your labeling needs.

Whether in or out of the warehouse, cold temperatures can create challenging environments for people and inventory alike. However, when it comes to cold storage, low temperatures are unavoidable, and unfortunately, even enterprise-grade devices may not survive drastically low temperatures as they face:

  • Wide temperature swings as workers move between a freezer and non-freezer zones
  • Thick gloves that impair ergonomic features
  • Unadaptable batteries that may not function in the cold

VC8300 Cold Storage Showing App Dashboard

VC8300 Cold Storage Showing App Dashboard

Moreover, cold temperatures also affect your consumables, creating frost or condensation, thus leaving your barcodes nearly illegible. Simply put, efficient cold storage requires durable technology capable of enhancing productivity in harsh environments. In our mission to bring the next edge of innovation to our clients, Avalon Integration partners with Zebra Technologies to integrate consistent efficiency back into cold storage with the 3600 Series ultra-rugged barcode scanners.

Nothing Like the Rest

Worker Scanning Part for Cold Storage with a 3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanner

Worker Scanning Part for Cold Storage with a 3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanner

Unlike competitor’s handhelds, Zebra’s 3600-class scanners have been engineered for the harshest conditions with a working temperature range between -22o F to 122 o F (corded) or -4 o F to 122 o F (cordless) and 30% more working range. Secure data- capture accuracy and continuous visibility with the next level of rugged technology.

  • Enhanced data-capture capabilities – Enjoy more first-time scans for your 1D and 2D barcodes. Reach the farthest warehouse racks with long-range data-capture that extends as far as 70ft.   
  • Readily rugged design – Venture into the harshest conditions with an environmentally tested device that withstands pouring rain, condensation, dust, and up to 5,000 tumbles.  
  • Secured connectivity that fits your workforce – While other Bluetooth cordless scanners can impair connectivity, the 3600-Series come with Zebra’s WiFi Friendly mode, eliminating workflow disruptions.
  • Simplified device management – Complimentary tools such as 123scan and Scanner Management Service facilitate scanner deployment and maintenance, monitoring battery performance, and overall device health. Lower TCO with less downtime and maximized device lifespan.

Pair your ultra-rugged scanner with ultra-rugged labels, designed by you and for you when you customize your Zebra consumables to fit temperature requirements. Choose from over 300 pretested materials to develop quality labels that preform flawlessly beyond the moment of application.

Not sure how to start your solution? Contact Avalon Integration today for a close walkthrough on how to strengthen your workforce with the most durable technology available.

To see the full capabilities of Zebra’s 3600-Series Scanners, download our application brief here.

It’s that time of year again where we’re encouraged to look to the past and envision the future. Within the past months, Avalon Integration has been investigating the various purposes custom labels bring to multiple businesses, and as the year comes to a close, we are glad to remind you of the top ten ways Zebra’s certified custom labels enhance productivity. Forget smeared and torn labels and start optimizing your workforce with Zebra custom labels.

Zebra Custom Labels Reliable from Start to Finish

MC3300 Scanning Zebra Custom Labels on Pallet

MC3300 Scanning Zebra Custom Labels on Pallet

Meticulously crafted with a 23-point inspection, all Zebra consumables begin their journey with one goal: maximizing efficiency. As your provider of quality supplies and solutions, Avalon Integration equips your future with a variety of benefits, including:

  1. Consistent printing quality using unsubstituted inks and varnishes
  2. 2,000 hours saved in the packaging when you switch to read-to-stick adhesives
  3. Customized quality crafted from over 300 pretested materials
  4. Surpassed standards achieved with UL/cUL and CSA approved labels
  5. Customized texts, shapes, and sizes
  6. Heightened brand awareness created with up to 12 water-based colors, 8 UV colors, and PMS color matching
  7. Optimized tracking systems backed by smear-resistant labels
  8. Maximized label longevity, retaining longevity up to 3 years after the initial print
  9. Increased printer lifespan thanks to premier labels that minimize residual pileup
  10. Free printhead replacements ensured through Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program

We invite you to see the final results for yourself and implement your production line with Avalon’s Free Ship Program. Complete your order of Zebra’s custom labels by December 31st and get free fast ground shipping anywhere within the continental U.S. and Canada.

Zebra Custom Labels on Electronics in a Warehouse

Zebra Custom Labels on Electronics

Don’t get stuck repeating the past. Explore the many uses of Zebra’s rugged line of consumables designed to implement your warehouse productivity down to the smallest assets. Replace inefficient consumables for superior supplies when you choose Avalon Integration as your provider for quality label solutions.

If time is money, then it’s fair to assume no one wants to spend more time than necessary working with faulty labeling systems. From scraping misprinted labels to reprinting incorrect tags, inefficient labeling systems can drain time -and money- from your supply chain. While many factors can impact label efficiency, Avalon Integration focuses on a cost-effective and durable solution: Zebra Certified Printing Supplies

Thoroughly pre-tested for continued performance, Zebra’s quality consumables aggregate several unmatched benefits that simplify workflows. Ready to face wear and tear, Zebra labels go beyond eliminating extraneous labeling costs by reducing ownership costs in nine budget-friendly, eco-conscious, and brand-centered ways.

1. Maximize Printer Lifespan and Insure Zebra Quality Consumables

Maximize Printer Lifespan and Insure Zebra Quality Consumables

Designed with printers in mind, Zebra’s consumables are careful as they run through your printer, reducing printhead wear and premature printhead failure, which could cost productivity loss with surprise downtime. 

2. Reduce Return Charges from Inaccurate Work Orders

Reduce Return Charges from Inaccurate Work Orders

In 2016 the United States Postal Service reported 140 million returned packages, contributing to approximately $113 billion spent in returned online purchases. Inaccurate labels impact work orders since barcode information may not be readily legible. Made with resilient coating, Zebra labels remain legible throughout your supply chain.

3. Faster Replenishment

Faster Replenishment

Erase replenishment wait times since Zebra keeps over 400 synthetic labels and tags ready to ship within 24 hours. Maintain continuous uptime with rugged labels crafted for hard-to-label applications.

4. Print Only the Labels You Need

Print Only the Labels you need

The average American can use up to 650 pounds of paper per year. Though small, reducing the number of unnecessary labels printed can impact your company’s carbon footprint. Eliminate wasted paper with Zebra’s Continuous label to use up label surfaces intelligently.  

5. Create Strong Labels Without Harmful Plastics and Papers

Create Strong Labels without Harmful Plastics and Papers

Cheap plastics and threads leave behind printer-clogging debris and can result in an easily torn label. Count on long-lasting label performance when you design rugged labels. Use over 300 pretested materials and create a label suitable for your environment in and out of the warehouse.

6. Lessen Product Shrinkage with Trackable Labels

Tracking Labels

The longer labels last, the more visibility your supply chain maintains. Monitor and manage your inventory’s movement with labels that survive the industrial landscape. Plus, label shelves and aisles to further boost the visibility of your valuable assets.

7. Implement worker safety with printed visual cues and direct quality control

Implement Worker Safety with Printed Visual Cues and Direct Quality Control

Maximized visibility is not only beneficial to your customers. Create visible compliance labels and safety signs with color labels. Using Zebra’s IQ Color technology, give your labels a new level of versatility as they direct quality control, work in progress, and more.

8. Streamline workflows to lessen worker stress

Streamline Workflows to Lessen Worker Stress

Aisle, rack, and floor labels can work in conjunction to direct workers through your warehouse with minimal confusion. Furthermore, unadulterated barcodes drive down worker stress as they lead to more first-time successful scans.

9. Secure On-Time Deliveries with Shipping Labels That Last Outs

Secure on Time Deliveries with Shipping Labels that Last Outs

As e-commerce sets a new standard for delivery, your customers expect faster shipping rates. Therefore, shipping labels must be accurate and durable to withstand wherever field services take them, for missing/wrong shipment orders can stain customer satisfaction, possibly costing customer loyalty.

Don’t waste time with inferior labels. Boost your ROI with Avalon Integration’s labeling solutions. Speak to our warehousing experts for a free label assessment to find a solution that perfectly fits your needs.  

Labels matter. Such a small statement is constantly put to the test in supermarkets across the nation since labels serve as the deciding factor in allowing foods to fall into customers’ hands. Equipped with an extensive list of requirements and regulations, government organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) studies product labels to make sure foods contain what labels say. As a result, inaccurate labels can cost more than ink and time.

The 2012-2018 litigation between POM Wonderful and Coca-Cola serves as a prime example of the damage a little label can cause. Minute Maid’s 99% apple-based Pomegranate Blueberry Juice could have cost over $10 billion in settlements for POM’s lost profits. Furthermore, inaccurate packaging can also impact storage and transportation, leading to spoiled goods and lost inventory, which can also result in recalls and illnesses. To avoid the pitfalls of navigating through compliance labeling, Avalon Integration helps minimize labeling costs and errors with versatile Zebra Certified Consumables, designed to expand asset visibility while meeting application requirements.

Protect Assets with Compliance Labels

Protect Assets with QLN420 Compliance Labels

Protect Assets with QLN420 Compliance Labels

Food processing labels have been subject to scrutiny for decades. As new trends emerge, warehouses and distribution centers must keep up with new compliance practices while updating labels to reflect changes. Adaptable and durable, Zebra Certified Consumables help secure proper handling with three top benefits:

  • Expanded label longevity: Tested for both high humidity and extreme cold storage Zebra labels retain legibility in harsh environments without smudges, allowing your workforce to better handle and store your inventory.  
  • Label customization:  Using over 300 pretested materials, Zebra labels can be designed to fit your application requirements. Change color, shape, text, and graphics to design custom labels that best represent your inventory and safety codes. 
  • Faster replenishment – Sourced from four labeling converter facilities, Zebra labels can be shipped quickly to any location within continental North America, so if a reprint is needed, new labels are readily available. 

Identification labels will only become more predominant with the appearance of new foods and best-practice policies. Implement efficiency and adaptability into your workflow when you start your labeling solution with Avalon Integration and maximize visibility and customer trust with a labeling system that values your customers as much as you do. 

You have the best team. You have the best technology. You have the best clients, and we trust you have the best supply provider, but even the most efficient companies can suffer the monumental losses at the hands of the smallest team-players: inadequate labels.

To ensure our clients maximize their profits without compromising inventory tracking, Avalon Integration has partnered up with Zebra Technologies to bring you choice custom labels without shipping charges until December 31st, 2019. With our Free Ship Program, get Zebra certified labels designed by you for you and learn how to avoid bad labels that only damage your workforce.

Are You in Danger?

Zebra Certified Labels Compared to Third Party Labels

Zebra Certified Supplies Compared to Third Party Supplies

There are many signs that may suggest improper label supplies. By quickly recognizing them, you can pinpoint where to make upgrades and eliminate additional costs that usually follow bad labels.

  • Worn-out Printheads: because they don’t undergo vigorous testing or require enterprise compliance, inferior “bargain” labels often leave behind a trail of dust and debris with every run, slowly -but surely- damaging printheads and leading to reduced printer lifespan, surprise interruptions, and frequent inconvenient IT visits.   
  • Inefficient Tracking System: crinkling at the edges, smudging after printing, and ripping in harsh weather, the wrong label impairs your tracking system by distorting or erasing crucial information. In the long run, a small financial saving may contribute to increased confusion and stress in the warehouse. 
  • Unsatisfied Customers: from overdue deliveries to inaccurate prices, subpar labels hinder the customer’s experience, impacting profitability and brand awareness, consequences that could have detrimental long-term effects.

Because label usage is unique, these problems may not all affect one company, which is why customized supplies still stand as the wisest choice. Instead of replacing printers and tracking systems, replace bad labels before they affect irreplaceable assets, such as your employees and clients.

You already have the best of everything, so why not get the best of label technology? Protect your business from bad labels with the Free Ship Program, and get all the functionality of premium labels when you start your order with Avalon Integration.

Everyone Loves Free Ship with Avalon Integration

Download the Flyer and Learn More About Our Free Ship Program

Download flyer for more program details and qualifications

The saying goes “for everything, there is a price”, but we know better than to define quality with one set price. In our mission to improve efficiency through premium supplies and affordable solutions, Avalon Integration embraces a diverse definition of quality now through its Free Ship Program, because when it comes to quality, companies should be allowed to define their success with customized tools.

Serve a Vast Array of Clients for Free Ship

Avalon Integration Serves a Vast Array of Clients

As we serve a vast array of clients -ranging from the U.S. Department of Defense to small local businesses- we understand the importance a little label holds, which is why from now till December 31st, Avalon Integration will cover shipping costs on Zebra certified custom labels shipping in the U.S. and Canada. Get more out of your labels along with a committed team of experts and 20 years’ worth of expertise, without freight charges.

The Age of Labels is Here

Age of Labels for Ship

Age of Labels

Outlining every system of operation, labels carry important information that optimizes your workforce while enhancing customer satisfaction. Reinvent productivity with labels built around your company’s brand.

  • Combine over 100 pretested materials to develop weather-proof reliable labels
  • Ensure brand identity with up to 12 water-based colors, 8 UV colors, and PMS color-matching. 
  • Discover new standards with UL/cUL and CSA approved solutions
  • Reduce downtime from misprints, reprints, and damaged printers

Sourced from four different label converting facilities, customized Zebra labels bring more than data to your workforce. With the proper supplies, you can maximize the functionality of your workforce while cutting down extra time spent ordering, shipping, applying (and reapplying) essential labels.

As barcode technology continues to develop, stay ahead of the learning curve with the latest advancements now provided by Avalon Integration. Speak with us today about our Free Ship Program to start your order and discover a new and inexpensive way to improve the efficiency of your team.

From its first moments at the receiving dock to its final day in a delivery truck traveling across the country, your inventory faces several potential dangers that may ultimately impact your business. For example, product shrinkage cost the retail industry $46.8 billion in 2018 alone as unmonitored stock became prey to administrative errors, employee theft, and shoplifting.

As technology continues to advance, protecting inventory visibility has become increasingly difficult, especially when it comes to large quantities of unmanaged stock. To counter the rising costs of lost/damaged/stolen inventory, Avalon Integration explores new locationing solutions with Zebra’s RFID technology, developing innovative solutions that minimize misplaced profits with enhanced visibility managed by the next-generation of data capture technology.

Woman Scanning Warehouse Inventory with MC3390R

Woman Scanning Warehouse Inventory with MC3390R

Change Your Inventory’s Fate

Providing real-time visibility in all your tagged assets, RFID technology arms your team with actionable intelligence to simplify operations, increasing worker accountability, stock availability, and efficient productivity from beginning to end.

  • Design RFID labels to fit unique application requirements using pretested materials to ensure consistent quality and long-lasting performance. 
  • Equip incoming inventory with easy-to-apply adhesive tags capable of storing 100 times more data than conventional SKU-labels. 
  • Trust your RFID’s extended functionality through the harshest environments and surfaces as inlays follow stringent testing and ISO 9001 compliance for greater successful encoding. 
  • Capture RFID tags up to 60ft/18.2m with Zebra’s long-range handheld MC3390R RFID reader to increase reader accuracy by 40% or…   
  • Streamline complete visibility through Zebra’s ATR7000 RTLS reader and track on-the-move assets throughout the warehouse, including employees. 
  • Prevent administrative and counting errors with RFID technology compatible with your Android devices, reducing surprise stock shortages. 
  • Re-route shipments to ensure timely deliveries using wide-range tags and readers.
  • Easily deactivate or remove RFID tags as needed without injuring inventory to guarantee customer privacy.

Ready to ship in less than 24 hours, RFID labels further decrease replenishment wait-times since labels are sourced from one out of the four labeling-converting facilities located across the nation.

Scanning with RFD8500 in a Retail Store Safeguard Inventory

Scanning with RFD8500 in a Retail Store Safeguard Inventory

Avalon Integration Is Here to Help with Your Inventory

Catching your inventory’s complete story is one of the many steps Avalon Integration takes in innovating warehousing operations. Meet a complete line of RFID devices when you contact us for a unique visibility solution that leverages the best locationing technology to your benefit, giving your stock and your budget a much happier ending.