From its first moments at the receiving dock to its final day in a delivery truck traveling across the country, your inventory faces several potential dangers that may ultimately impact your business. For example, product shrinkage cost the retail industry $46.8 billion in 2018 alone as unmonitored stock became prey to administrative errors, employee theft, and shoplifting.

As technology continues to advance, protecting inventory visibility has become increasingly difficult, especially when it comes to large quantities of unmanaged stock. To counter the rising costs of lost/damaged/stolen inventory, Avalon Integration explores new locationing solutions with Zebra’s RFID technology, developing innovative solutions that minimize misplaced profits with enhanced visibility managed by the next-generation of data capture technology.

Woman Scanning Warehouse Inventory with MC3390R

Woman Scanning Warehouse Inventory with MC3390R

Change Your Inventory’s Fate

Providing real-time visibility in all your tagged assets, RFID technology arms your team with actionable intelligence to simplify operations, increasing worker accountability, stock availability, and efficient productivity from beginning to end.

  • Design RFID labels to fit unique application requirements using pretested materials to ensure consistent quality and long-lasting performance. 
  • Equip incoming inventory with easy-to-apply adhesive tags capable of storing 100 times more data than conventional SKU-labels. 
  • Trust your RFID’s extended functionality through the harshest environments and surfaces as inlays follow stringent testing and ISO 9001 compliance for greater successful encoding. 
  • Capture RFID tags up to 60ft/18.2m with Zebra’s long-range handheld MC3390R RFID reader to increase reader accuracy by 40% or…   
  • Streamline complete visibility through Zebra’s ATR7000 RTLS reader and track on-the-move assets throughout the warehouse, including employees. 
  • Prevent administrative and counting errors with RFID technology compatible with your Android devices, reducing surprise stock shortages. 
  • Re-route shipments to ensure timely deliveries using wide-range tags and readers.
  • Easily deactivate or remove RFID tags as needed without injuring inventory to guarantee customer privacy.

Ready to ship in less than 24 hours, RFID labels further decrease replenishment wait-times since labels are sourced from one out of the four labeling-converting facilities located across the nation.

Scanning with RFD8500 in a Retail Store Safeguard Inventory

Scanning with RFD8500 in a Retail Store Safeguard Inventory

Avalon Integration Is Here to Help with Your Inventory

Catching your inventory’s complete story is one of the many steps Avalon Integration takes in innovating warehousing operations. Meet a complete line of RFID devices when you contact us for a unique visibility solution that leverages the best locationing technology to your benefit, giving your stock and your budget a much happier ending.

From expanding brand identity outside your workforce to complying with safety requirements within the warehouse, labels impact every facet of your operations as they bring versatility wherever they go. With so many uses, labels may also impact your budget as they must be sized to fit your printing needs. There is no such thing as a literally one-size-fits-all label.

Until now.

Sharing first-hand tips and hints in maximizing efficient operations, Avalon Integration has investigated new cost-effective labeling solutions, and now we are excited to present Zebra’s Continuous Label – the never-ending sticker that will always fit your changing needs.

When we say “Always”, We Mean Always with Our Labels

Raymond Scipioni Explaining the Difference Between Continuous vs. Fixed Length Labels

Raymond Scipioni Explaining the Difference Between a Continuous vs. Fixed Length Label

Instead of standard three to six-inch adhesives, continuous labels have no break, allowing you to print different sized labels without switching your media roll as you can tear correctly-sized labels right off your industrial printer. Saving over 50 percent in label costs, the Continuous Label packs all the benefits you expect from Zebra certified consumables along with extra perks that ultimately deliver a higher return of investment. 

  • Built Rugged: Following Zebra’s long-held tradition of stringent testing, Continuous Labels are meticulously crafted to resist heat, ice, and chemicals without smears or unwanted tears even after application.
  • Eco-Friendly System: Reducing your carbon footprint can be difficult, but as less paper, inks, and toners are used, the Continuous Label minimizes waste. Moreover, built with quality materials, Continual Labels reduce printhead wear, expanding the life of your printing hardware.
  • Perfected Budget: Because you can choose where your label ends, the Continuous Label eliminates misused labels as each size is fit to accommodate your print. The result? Less unused paper. Less replenishing costs. More efficient printing system.

Further, expand your investment by getting free printhead replacements for your Zebra printers when you make Zebra your exclusive label supplier through the Printhead Protection Program.

Zebra Labels That Are Built Rugged and Are Perfectly Budgeted

Zebra Labels Are Built Rugged and Are Perfectly Budgeted

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch our video to see the ease of seamless printing, or do one better and
contact us for a free demonstration to experience the next evolution of labeling technology at your convenience.

As a leader in innovative technology solutions, Avalon Integration has racked up over 20 years of experience in resolving costly bottlenecks, such as the ones that often follow receiving operations. After careful analysis, we’ve created IT-friendly affordable tips and hints, that boost productivity exponentially. Streamline operations smoothly with Avalon’s very own Power Cart.

Meet the On-the-Move Solution for Stagnant Profits

Dan Mccabe showing off Avalon integrations Power Cart

Dan Mccabe showing off Avalon integrations Power Cart

Conventional receiving operations often face long wait-times as inventory must be moved to a usually-crowded PC station before stocking. Since downtime can cost up to $260,000 an hour, reducing wait-times is imperative for overall enterprise success.

To optimize receiving operations with minimal IT interference and errors, we’re introducing Power Cart, the moving PC station that travels to your needs instead of the other way around. Eliminate costly bottlenecks and downtime while driving up productivity by 40% with four new digital assets all provided by Avalon Integration:

  • Laptop 
  • Additional Keyboard
  • Zebra Industrial Printer
  • Newcastle Moving Cart

Bring the functionality of your printing solution wherever you go throughout the warehouse without the stress of stagnant productivity. Plus, add a mountable arm to your cart along with a rugged tablet to further enhance your cart with free space for writing or counting inventory.

Steer Efficiency Efficiently

Avalon Integration Power Cart Display

Avalon Integration Power Cart Display

With Zebra’s exceptional rugged technology, expect consistent quality with every operation, whether it be data capture or a print run. Plus, Zebra ruggedness reaches a new extreme when paired with Newcastle’s moving cart.

  • Printing Mobility: Give your industrial printer unforeseen mobility without sacrificing functionality as each cart comes with a slide-out tray that facilitates media reloading.
  • Reliable Security: Protect your investment with security features such as rugged castors and sturdy mounting arms that eliminate downtime due to broken hardware. 
  • Sustainable Productivity: Power your devices with mobile batteries located at the bottom of the cart for continuous functionality throughout shifts. At the end of each shift, simply slide and replace removable batteries in less than a second, minimizing workflow disruptions.

But why just read the Power Cart when you could see it in action in our video?

Don’t settle for curiosity. Contact Avalon Integration for an up-close demonstration of the newest solutions designed for warehouse modernization. Looking for reliable customer service, checkout Avalons technical support blog post by clicking here.

Dramatically cutting down wait-times for faster outputs, direct thermal printing is often a favorite when it comes to optimizing productivity. Without using inks and toner, direct thermal printers stand as both a fast and cost-effective solution to most industries’ printing needs. However, even this innovative solution may deteriorate over time if the proper supplies aren’t used. 

GK420D Showing Media Being Removed After Using Direct Thermal Printing

GK420D Showing Media Being Removed After Using Direct Thermal Printing

Enhancing efficiency from the inside out, Avalon Integration understands the inner workings of thermal printers and the need for quality consumables, which is why we encourage companies to ask their labels three basic questions before committing to direct thermal printing.

  • Can You Handle Heat? – Unlike transfer thermal printing, direct thermal printing creates copies by printing directly on the media through heated plates pressing against heat-sensitive paper. Heat-resistance is a key element in selecting quality printing supplies for your thermal printer since weaker supplies may damage printheads, leading to premature printhead failure.
  • Can You Handle Light? – Although direct thermal printing requires fewer supplies to operate, printed media may darken over time if continuously exposed to light. To preserve data, make sure labels are stored properly and consider choosing an extra coating for longer applications.
  • Can You Handle Time? – From traffic tickets to retail receipts, data should remain legible and functional after being printed. Inadequate labels may smear, rip, or simply lose adhesiveness over time if they aren’t made with the necessary rugged materials.

If your labels answer now to any of these questions, it might be time to switch your label solution to a new dependable one.

Have it All with Zebra Printing Supplies

ZQ630 Showing Cold Storage Print Label with Direct Thermal Printing

ZQ630 Showing Cold Storage Print Label with Direct Thermal Printing

Meticulously tested to withstand the latest innovations in direct thermal printing, Zebra Printing Supplies always answer “yes” to all three questions. Maximize operational efficiency with labels engineered for success in every application.

  • Meet application requirements with ISO 9001:2008 certified materials
  • Get consistent results since we always use the same quality materials run-to-run
  • Ensure label efficiency with environment-resistance labels 
  • Increase printer lifespan with less leftover debris and glue clogging printheads
  • Design labels to match your brand identity and company needs

Printing supplies should never harm your printer. Experience the efficiency of direct thermal printing without the hassle of printhead failure when you enroll in Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program. Qualify for free printhead replacements when you make Zebra your exclusive quality supplier.

If you find yourself asking you labels too many questions, such as “did that come out right” you can download the infographic by clicking here, then start uncovering the lasting benefits of Zebra Certified Consumables with Avalon Integration. Start your order today with our label experts to maximize your consumables’ performance with the latest printing technology.

You spend a lot of time selecting the perfect “golden” color for your brand, but not all color mixers come out the same, impacting your prints and consequently your brand’s identity. Colors greatly influence client engagement and cannot be easily switched; therefore, replicating your correct color in every run is extremely vital. From banners to labels, color is your first visual contact with clients and must be consistent.

Excitement is red. Tranquility is blue. When you print the wrong colors, what do you do? With Avalon Integration’s Free Ship Program, the answer is clear: get quality custom labels without freight charges. From misprints to faded colors, eliminate printing guesswork with Zebra certified consumables and customize labels to match your brand’s colors from run-to-run.

Print the Rainbow Your Way with PMS Color Matching

Print PMS Color Matching Ribbons for any label

Using 12 water-based and 8UV colors, guarantee consistent results with PMS color matching. Specify the desired color in your order to minimize reprints and inaccurate coloring and get consistent pigments with every order. Plus, rest assured your labels will maintain optimal performance by selecting:

  • Heat, cold, and chemical resistance for harsh application environments
  • Water-proof and tear-proof features that expand label lifespan
  • Smear-resistance and security inks to minimize fading colors and data loss
  • Customized shapes, sizes, and text
  • Over 300 pre-tested materials to ensure consistent quality

And because every label is meticulously tested and ISO 9001:2008 certified, you can also increase the lifespan of your industrial printer by reducing adhesive and debris pile up with superior consumables. Plus, get free printhead replacements when you make Zebra your exclusive consumables supplier.

When it comes to printing color, you don’t have time for gray areas and guesswork. Guarantee accurate results with Avalon Integration, and find affordable and reliable options to your labeling system. Start your order with us to get free shipping on your Zebra custom labels from now till December 31st. Enjoy fast shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada.

Check out our flyer for more details.