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Tips and Hints Cutting Paper in Warehouse Operations

Tips and Hints: Cutting Paper in Warehouse Operations

As we approach Earth Day (April 22), Avalon Integration continues in its dedication to efficiency, not only for today’s enterprises for tomorrow’s generations as well. That’s why we turn to minimize paper waste, which accounts for nearly 25% of the total generation of municipal solid waste, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Paper-based…
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Your Traceability System is no Game

Your Traceability System is No Game

$30 million dollars – That’s the average amount companies expect to lose in one single recall. As technology continues to advance and consumers become more conscientious of their decisions, safety compliance standards and guidelines continue to evolve across multiple industries, from healthcare to manufacturing to agriculture. In-depth scrutiny measures have contributed to a 10% increase…
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How to React Proactively to the Coronavirus Outbreak

How to React Proactively to the Coronavirus Outbreak

In our commitment to our clients’ and partners’ safety, Avalon Integration is closely monitoring the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as it’s estimated to disrupt nearly 75% of supply chains nationwide. As the second-largest economic power in the world, aggregating over $14 trillion in GDP, China plays a central role in most order fulfillment…
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Reach out to Raymond

Reach out to Raymond: Why Can’t I Just Buy Cheap Labels?

Labeling expenses don’t account for even 10% of operational costs, but nevertheless, they are essential to your supply chain. While seemingly unimportant, your labels can dictate whether or not your products make it past the loading dock since they carry crucial information such as delivery addresses, compliance standards, safety instruction, identification, and more. By choosing…
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Are You Working in a Dark Warehouse

Are You Working in a Dark Warehouse?

E-commerce and the drive for personalization are adding to the complexity of today’s operations. Modern-day customers expect a unique shopping experience centered on their needs as well as faster delivery anytime and anywhere they desire. As a result, warehouses and distribution centers must adapt to meet demands. According to Zebra’s 2019 Warehousing Vision Study, 79%…
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Cant Wait for Modex Explore RFID Now

Can’t Wait for Modex? Explore RFID NOW!

In less than a week, from March 9th through 12th, Avalon Integration will join over 900 technology experts in navigating through the modernized landscape of efficient supply chain systems at the Modex 2020 Tradeshow. While there are countless different technologies redefining operations, our innovation specialists explore RFID locationing in-depth as it enhances inventory management. Expanding…
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Visit Avalon at Booth #3607 for Modex 2020

Modex 2020: We’re Raising Productivity Standards in 2 Weeks

While still revolutionary in nature, automation may not strike as new since it’s been discussed at great lengths for the past years. However, automation isn’t the only trend redefining efficient warehousing. Adaptive to change, efficient warehousing is set to be influenced by trends such as: Rise of Machine Learning and A.I. Modernized RFID Solutions Push…
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How to Maximize ROI within Dynamic Supply Chains

How to Maximize ROI within Dynamic Supply Chains

New dynamic supply chains can increase the probability of errors and inefficient labor as orders have become increasingly more complex and customers more demanding. Although online shopping is set to contribute trillions of dollars into the global economy, it has also contributed to a vast array of operational concerns such as: Data security  Lack of…
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Navigate the World of Modernization

How to Navigate the World of Modernization

Ten years ago, the modern warehouse looked a lot different than it does today. Manual data-entry predominated most operations, and smart technologies, such as versatile tablets and RFID locationing seemed more like science-fiction than reality. Needless to say, today’s modern warehouse has shattered previous standards with unparalleled mobility, greater visibility, and designed ergonomics.  However, change…
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Avalon Visionary Visibility Featured Image

How to Integrate Visionary Visibility

In 1999, the term, “Internet of Things” (IoT) was merely a concept used to explain the possibilities of early RFID technology; however, today’s 26 billion internet-connected devices have turned the concept into reality. From enterprise-grade to consumer technology, studies project a 49 billion growth in internet-connected devices worldwide by 2025, averaging around 10 devices for…
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Avalon Sustainable Warehouse Featured Image

Go Green with RFID: See How RFID Technology Fits in the Sustainable Warehouse

Within the past decade, new research and manufacturing policies have brought environmental concerns to the forefront of consumers’ attention. Results from the CGS 2019 U.S. Consumer Sustainability Survey show that 68% of today’s consumers see sustainability as a deciding factor in whether or not to purchase a product. In 2019, products labeled sustainable accounted for…
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Avalon Integrates Efficiency Featured Image

This is How Avalon Integrates Efficiency

There is no limit to perfection. It took as close to 75 years for 100 million people to adopt telephones, yet only a day to get that same number of people onto a mobile app. Founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schawb, has characterized the blurred lines between technology and society as the 4th…
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Avalon Facebook Age of Android Featured Image

Good-Bye Windows: Welcome Opportunities with Android

With the close of the decade comes the close of the Microsoft era. As of January 1st, Microsoft has ended its support for Windows’ mobile operating systems which have powered enterprise technology for decades. Although support for Windows 7 will continue until 2021, Avalon Integration is already exploring several ways in which Android empowers the…
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Top Technologies 2020 Featured Image

Top Technologies to Look for in 2020

Ride-hailing apps, 4K television, interactive smart speakers, online streaming services, and self-driving cars are just a few of the ground-breaking technologies that did not exist ten years ago. As a matter of fact, access to LTE services and 4G network speed has only been popular since 2015. While the world of efficient automation has redefined…
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Cold Storage Featured Image

Chill, We Have the Solution that Handles Cold Storage

Whether in or out of the warehouse, cold temperatures can create challenging environments for people and inventory alike. However, when it comes to cold storage, low temperatures are unavoidable, and unfortunately, even enterprise-grade devices may not survive drastically low temperatures as they face: Wide temperature swings as workers move between freezer and non-freezer zones Thick…
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Avalon Mobility DNA Featured Image

Measuring Productivity with Mobility DNA

An efficient tracking system can be the only thing standing between you and complete operational chaos. For example, an enhanced asset management system can yield unparalleled benefits such as: Seamless productivity as workers know where and when to find assets Maximized profits backed by accurate stock quantities Increased customer loyalty From dock to doorway, inventory…
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Avalon Custom Labels Featured Image

Final Countdown: 10 Ways Custom Labels Optimize Your Business

It’s that time of year again where we’re encouraged to look to the past and envision the future. Within the past months, Avalon Integration has been investigating the various purposes custom labels bring to multiple businesses, and as the year comes to a close, we are glad to remind you of the top ten ways…
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RFID World Featured Image

This Is How RFID Is Changing the World

With over 15 million tags deployed worldwide, RFID technology continues to revolutionize multiple industries across the globe, establishing a $11 billion industry of its own. Technology researchers at IDTechEX forecast a continuous increase in RFID solutions as new implementations emerge such as: Improved baggage management for airlines Threshold management in healthcare facilities  Automated (cashier-less) shopping…
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Avalon RFID Metal Featured Image

RFID on Metal is Finally Here

Since its inception in 1948, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has revolutionized tracking operations across multiple industries. Developed to identify ally and enemy aircrafts during World War II, RFID technology has no permeated in several industries. Tracking pharmaceutical specimens, warehouse stock deliveries, maintenance records, and everything else in between, today’s RFID labels have been optimized through…
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Avalon Faster Featured Image

Tips and Hints: How Fast Becomes Faster

Today’s supply chains are fast, but in a world where you can have designer shoes delivered by a flying drone in less than 30 minutes, the question remains: How much faster can the modern workflow get? Between new delivery services, changing social platforms, and revolutionary technology, the on-demand market becomes increasingly more demanding as customers…
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Avalon RFID ROI Quality

9 Ways Quality Labels Maximize ROI

If time is money, then it’s fair to assume no one wants to spend more time than necessary working with faulty labeling systems. From scraping misprinted labels to reprinting incorrect tags, inefficient labeling systems can drain time -and money- from your supply chain. While many factors can impact label efficiency, Avalon Integration focuses on a…
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Avalon Printhead Featured Image

A Clean Printhead is a Happy Printhead

Much like keeping up with car maintenance, preserving a functional printer is essential for your workflow and requires careful attention to small details issues before they become irreversible damage. Replacing a car filter is better than replacing a whole cooling system. Similarly, replacing low-quality consumables is easier (and better) than replacing a $900 printhead. Unlike…
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Avalon Compliance Labels

You are What You Eat…And That’s Why You Need Compliance Labels

Labels matter. Such a small statement is constantly put to the test in supermarkets across the nation since labels serve as the deciding factor in allowing foods to fall into customers’ hands. Equipped with an extensive list of requirements and regulations, government organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) studies product labels to…
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Cyber Monday Featured Image

Tips and Hints: Is Your Warehouse Cyber Monday Ready?

The U.S. Postal Service shipped approximately 900 million packages during the 2018 holiday season. Other delivery services such as UPS reported shipping 100,000 packages a day, 1,700 packages a minute. With more purchases coming from online shopping, Cyber Monday alone brought as much as $7.9 billion in profits in 2018. This year, Adobe Analytics predicts…
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TC57 Dynamic Workflow Featured Image

The Versatile Future is Here: See How the TC57 Fits Your Dynamic Workflow

On June 19th, 2018, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued its 10 millionth patent, testifying a nation’s commitment to innovation and technological advancements. From the overarching internet to self-driving cars, technology has advanced to deliver innovation to virtually every industry worldwide — all in less than 30 years. Facing what’s been coined as…
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Tablets in the Wild Featured Image

Zebra’s Rugged Tablets – Made for the Wild

Analysts at Inc. Magazine estimate that the average delivery driver can deliver close to 200 packages in an 8-hour shift, one package per 2 minutes and 24 seconds –breaks included. As the demand for same-day shipping and online retail grows, the estimate shrinks. Modern-day field services have become ever more complex as mobile workers face…
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Avalon Fold Labels

Tips and Hints: Minimize Wasted Labor One Bottleneck at a Time

Newly collected data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showcases a steady increase in warehousing jobs across the nation, yet this follows equally increasing labor turnover rates, verified by multiple warehouses in Zebra Technology’s most recent Warehousing Vision Study. As a matter of fact, the labor shortage has been cited as one of the…
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RFID or Bluetooth? Now with PTS, Avalon does Both.

RFID or Bluetooth? Now with PTS, Avalon does Both.

There are several locationing systems available on the market today. Depending on your application requirements, certain solutions work better than others. As leaders in warehouse innovation, Avalon Integration provides real-time visibility solutions that match an array of workforce specifications. With efficiency in mind, we’re proud to present the leading advancements in locationing technology – RFID…
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MC3300 Redefines Efficient Computing Featured Image

Remembering a Legacy: How the MC3300 Redefines Efficient Computing

For the past ten years, the MC3000 Series has reigned as a popular choice in mobile computing. Equipped with a square screen, advanced scanning capabilities, and Asset Tracker Lite, the MC3200 has long stood as the light-weight and cost-effective solution for enhanced warehouse mobility. Despite its success, Zebra Technologies has continued in its tradition of…
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Avalon Introduces the EC30

Introducing the EC30: But Where Does It Go?

Standards were made to be raised. Serving warehouses and distribution centers for over twenty years, Avalon Integration has specialized in high standards. As a proud Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, we have the privilege of raising your standards again with Zebra Technologies’ newest breakthrough in mobile computing – the EC30.  Increasing productivity using the latest form…
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We Got Printer Antibiotics Tips and Hints Featured Image

Tips and Hints: We Got Printer Antibiotics

It can happen on any ordinary day. On a slow morning shift in late December or on the first day of the fiscal quarter, your prints become smeared, fading as your printer falls ill. Unlike human employees who may still power through a cold to efficiently contribute to operations, a malfunctioning sick printer is never…
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Safeguard Inventory Featured Image

Happily Ever Afters: How to Safeguard Inventory from Picking to Shipping

From its first moments at the receiving dock to its final day in a delivery truck traveling across the country, your inventory faces several potential dangers that may ultimately impact your business. For example, product shrinkage cost the retail industry $46.8 billion in 2018 alone as unmonitored stock became prey to administrative errors, employee theft,…
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Avalon Printer Labels Featured Image

Tips and Hints: Never-Ending Labels come with Never-Ending Perks

From expanding brand identity outside your workforce to complying with safety requirements within the warehouse, labels impact every facet of your operations as they bring versatility wherever they go. With so many uses, labels may also impact your budget as they must be sized to fit your printing needs. There is no such thing as…
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Avalon Power Cart Tips and Hints Featured Image

Tips and Hints: Drive Productivity with Avalon’s Power Cart

As a leader in innovative technology solutions, Avalon Integration has racked up over 20 years of experience in resolving costly bottlenecks, such as the ones that often follow receiving operations. After careful analysis, we’ve created IT-friendly affordable tips and hints, that boost productivity exponentially. Streamline operations smoothly with Avalon’s very own Power Cart. Meet the…
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Avalon Direct Thermal Printing Questions Featured Image

3 Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing Direct Thermal Printing

Dramatically cutting down wait-times for faster outputs, direct thermal printing is often a favorite when it comes to optimizing productivity. Without using inks and toner, direct thermal printers stand as both a fast and cost-effective solution to most industries’ printing needs. However, even this innovative solution may deteriorate over time if the proper supplies aren’t…
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Printing in Color Featured Image

Printing in Color: It’s a Black and White Matter

You spend a lot of time selecting the perfect “golden” color for your brand, but not all color mixers come out the same, impacting your prints and consequently your brand’s identity. Colors greatly influence client engagement and cannot be easily switched; therefore, replicating your correct color in every run is extremely vital. From banners to…
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TC8300 Two Worlds Featured Image

The TC8300 – Where Two Worlds Collide

With June falling behind, there are less than six months until Microsoft officially stops supporting current Windows Mobile operating systems. Faced with the choice of whether or not to migrate, Zebra’s TC8300 stands as one of Avalon Integration’s many smart solutions in integrating the familiarity of the past into the innovative efficiency the future demands.…
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Avalon Android Enterprise OS Featured Image

Toughen Up: Turning Android into the Enterprise OS You Need

As 2020 draws near, the talk of OS migration will only become more urgent. Without OS updates and security patches, companies currently relying on Windows Mobile may face the risk of frequent crashes and breeches. Because careful strategy is key to a successful migration, Avalon Integration advises starting now. The first step is selecting a…
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Trick Time and Get Faster Upgrades - Featured Image

Trick Time and Get the Faster Upgrades with Avalon

On average, it takes you less than a second to click a button. That means you could be one second away from getting the latest Zebra technology when you upgrade legacy devices with Avalon Integration through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. By following three simple steps, modernize with Zebra by adding innovative devices to your…
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TC57 - Break the Walls - Featured Image

Break All Four Walls with the TC57

In this digital age, technology can be either a bridge to new opportunities or an inconvenient wall of unsolved challenges. Here to break through these walls in Zebra’s new generation of handhelds, the TC57. Engineered for the future, the all-touch computer demolishes boundaries with innovative connectivity that extends well beyond the conventional warehouse.   Powered…
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Whats New with the TC57 - Featured Image

The Familiar Face with New Features: What’s New in the TC57

It may look like your everyday cellphone, but Zebra’s all-touch computer, the TC57, is built for the enterprise environment. Gathering all the innovative benefits of Mobility DNA and the rugged strength of Zebra technology, the TC57 streamlines your workforce’s functionality by hosting tomorrow’s advancements in a familiar platform.  Reshape the Future of Barcode Technology…
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TC72 - Save the Planet and Money - Featured Image

How to Save the Planet and Money with the TC72

The U.S.A. alone produces over 9 million tons of electronic waste every year, disposing of over $60 million dollars worth of precious metals such as gold, silver, and copper, every time a newly upgraded device is released. With technology set to thrive more than ever, Avalon integration is committed to providing the most innovative and…
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Avalon - TC72 Featured Image

Teamwork or Dreamwork? With the TC72, You Don’t Have to Choose.

Without the proper channels of communication, the productivity of any business can falter, leading to poor customer experience, staff dissatisfaction, and increased chances of errors. To prevent the issue, Avalon Integration is proud to introduce the TC72 as one of  Zebra’s best all-touch computers when it comes to durability and connectivity. The TC72 Offers Connection…
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Custom Labels and Dyes - Featured Image

What’s a Barcode Printer Without Custom Labels and Dyes?

With an extensively large collection of custom printing supplies, Zebra is equipped to provide support for any specific, printing requirement. Why have a barcode printer if you can’t customize it to suit your every need? Even desire. Let’s not forget the hassle of individual costs and financial headache. Figuring out if your company will benefit…
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Printer Longevity - Featured Image

No Printer Left Behind: How Avalon Can Extend Your Printer’s Longevity

Ever feel like your printer knows exactly when to break? No matter what printer you have, printhead wear is unavoidable. Every run leaves behind debris and adhesive that slowly reduces your printhead’s functionality until it’s too late. To help you stay one step ahead, Avalon integration is partnering up with Zebra’s printhead Protection Program, giving…
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GoZebra Recycle Avalon Integration Featured Image

Don’t Hang on to Your Old Equipment, Recycle It!

E-waste Recycle? Yes, It’s a Thing There’s always something better on the market. It’s a continuous cycle. What is the best, the most efficient, the highest quality, or fastest technology? This never ends because technology is always improving. As humans, we strive for productivity, to install efficiency in our daily lives. Most often, helping us…
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Custom Dies - Featured Image

Get the Right Stuff with Custom Labels and Dies for Your Barcode Printer

One of the issues we frequently see with our customers is wasted time and money when it comes to printing barcode labels. Some are using labels that just don’t fit the application, but it’s “good enough”. Others are keeping such a broad variety of different types of labels that it’s not making good use of…
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MC9300 Scanner - Featured Image

The ROI of a User-Friendly Scanner

Barcode scanning can be a labor-intensive job. From finding the barcode to reaching it with the scanner and capturing the barcode, it’s a process that seems easy but can become more complicated than necessary if the scanner itself can’t handle the challenges. As part of our ongoing quest to optimize operational efficiency for our customers,…
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Zebra MC9300 Grip - Featured Image

Productivity and Ergonomics: How the Zebra MC9300 Masters Both

Everyone is laser-focused on maximizing productivity in the warehouse, plant, and distribution center. It makes sense with the increased demand for flawless fulfillment and faster delivery. Productivity and ergonomics go hand in hand—quite literally. Avalon Integration recently discovered how the new Zebra MC9300 masters both productivity and ergonomics with an improved grip. The latest in…
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Avalon Integration Presents Zebras New MC9300 - Featured Image

Raise the Bar Again: Zebra’s New MC9300 Has 20 Improvements

The Zebra MC9200 set a new standard for rugged mobile computing when it was launched a few years ago and the device maintained that stature ever since. The reign has ended. We just got a sneak peek at the new leader. Avalon Integration is ready to crown the MC9200’s successor. Raise the bar again because…
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Proactive Supplies Management - Featured Image

Prevent Downtime and Rush Charges with Proactive Supplies Management

The production line is working efficiently to meet production demands. Things are progressing on schedule. Then the print on the barcode labels shows streaking. You throw out a batch and check the printer. You need a new ribbon. But there isn’t one. Production halts and someone is sent scurrying to get a replacement. Avalon Integration…
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Zebra Premier Solution Barcode Printer Supplies

Get ROI When You Match Your Barcode Printer to the Label Use

There are no real shortcuts to quality, just smart choices. Your barcode label printing is no exception. You could try to use the same ribbons or media for a variety of label applications, but unless they all serve the same purpose, you’re wasting time and money. Avalon Integration’s experts remind you that you get ROI…
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Zebra Thermal Printer - Featured Image

Using the Right Supplies in Your Thermal Printer Delivers Long-Term Rewards

It happens all the time. A customer calls us with a printer that isn’t working right. “The labels are smudged.” “The barcodes won’t scan.” “The printer keeps jamming.” And our first question is, “What kind of ribbon and media are you using?” Because Avalon Integration’s team has learned that the rewards for using the right…
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TC77 Mobile Workforce - Featured Image

Bridge the Gap Between Mobile Workforce and the Office

You put your field workforce out on the road to increase agility and give your customers the rapid response they expect. But to make sure every driver and field tech can do their jobs without delays, you need to keep them connected—with the office and each other. Avalon Integration is always on the lookout for…
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Avalon Assessment - Featured Image

Problem-Solving Starts with an Assessment!

When you’re not feeling well, do you go to the doctor and tell him what tests and medications you want? Unless you have medical training, probably not. You seek out a professional when you need advice and an informed “diagnosis”. Problem-solving starts with an assessment. At the fast pace of technology’s advances, you should use…
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TC77 Touch Computer - Featured Image

Zebra TC77: What Does the Next Gen TC7X Touch Computer Deliver?

There’s no question that purpose-built mobile devices are the right fit for the workplace. Not only are they tough enough to take hits without breaking, but they also include features and manageability that consumer-grade devices just don’t have. The new Zebra TC77 touch computer is a strong example of the value of upgrading to leverage…
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TC52 Built Mobility DNA - Featured Image

Zebra’s Mobility DNA Is Evident in the New Generation TC52

Mobility is a common term that is thrown about these days. From business to pleasure, we’re all looking for the technology that delivers the functions we want with the reliable connections we’ve come to expect. On the industrial side, Zebra is known for its suite of mobility functions and tools for industrial-grade computing. And Zebra’s…
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Zebra TC52 - New Class - Featured Image

Zebra TC52: A New Class in Enterprise-Class Touch Computing

The Zebra TC51 mobile computer proved valuable to many of Avalon Integration’s customers—in manufacturing, warehouses, distribution centers, and for field mobility. Looking every bit like a smartphone, the TC51 provided far more ruggedness and computing power than anything in its class. Then, Zebra upped the game and launched the TC52 which delivers a whole new…
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Technology About Us - Featured Image

Provider, Problem-Solver, or Technology Partner? How Do You Choose a Technology Company?

If you ever wonder how much value something has to your life, consider what happens when you lose it. The power goes out and suddenly you can’t get your Internet connection, use the microwave, television, or—oh no!—charge up your electronics. What do you do when you can’t find your phone? Stop everything! So, with the…
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Zebra XSLATE R12 - Featured Image

Turn the Table on Tablets: Zebra XSLATE R12 Performs to a Higher Standard

When tablets first emerged less than a decade ago, they were a consumer device, not quite ready for business use. It didn’t take too long though before BYOD expanded from smartphones to tablets. While good enough for general use in a workplace, moving into more challenging environments proved the consumer-grade tablet just couldn’t cut it.…
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L10 Zebra Avalon - Featured Image

Get tough with your tablet. Experience Zebra’s L10 Series’ choices.

A tablet provides a great mobile tool. The larger screen allows for better visibility than a smartphone. When you’re using any mobile devices in a rough workspace—like a warehouse, plant, or in the field—drops, kicks, tumbles, dirt, dust, and even water inevitably attack your devices. But it’s ok to get tough with your tablet. Avalon…
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Construction worker Zebra Partner badge.

Find your assets in the cloud.

How much time and money are wasted searching for products, parts, tools, shipping containers, and even people? Add it up and then estimate how that time could instead contribute to productivity and profitability. No matter what you’re missing, Avalon Integration has found a solution. Find your assets in the cloud.  Let the Cloud Manage…
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MWS Asset Management Mobiwork - Featured Image

Still Hunting for Lost Assets? It’s Time for a Better Tracking Solution.

Whether you run one facility or multiples, you have high-value assets, and you probably don’t know where they all are. From misplaced inventory to equipment that has just disappeared, finding or replacing it all is costing you in time and money. Are you still hunting for lost assets because you haven’t found a better way?…
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TC52 Maximum Mobility - Featured Image - New Look Avalon Integration

Maximum Mobility Takes The Zebra TC52 Outside the Four Walls

Your mobile workforce needs to be well equipped to handle the demands of working remotely. They should have rugged devices that can handle the rigors of road work, like bouncing around inside a dusty service vehicle and handling snow, ice, rain, and extreme temperatures. But rugged isn’t the only feature for efficiency. Zebra recently launched…
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Zebra TC52 - Featured Image

Replace the Consumer Smartphone with the Smarter, Faster, More Rugged Zebra TC52

Smartphones have come a long way in the past decade. They’ve gotten smaller and then bigger, with improvements in imaging, function, and voice commands. These are all great consumer-centered features. But does that make a smartphone the right choice for a demanding workplace, like a plant, distribution center, or T&L operation? At Avalon Integration, we’ve…
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MC3300 Handheld Mobile Computer - Featured Image

The Zebra MC3300 Handheld Mobile Computer Elevates User-Friendly to a New Standard

If you’re a Millennial, technology comes pretty easy to maneuver. However, it can still take time to adjust to a new device, particularly when that equipment hasn’t been designed to enhance the user experience. The Avalon Integration team recently discovered that the Zebra MC3300 Handheld Mobile Computer elevates user-friendly to a new standard that you’ll appreciate,…
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Zebra MC3300 - Featured Image

The Zebra MC3300: A Mobile Computer That Doubles as a Super Scanner

We recently took the time to examine Zebra MC3300 in our offices at Avalon Integration. This unique mobile computer doubles as a super scanner (or maybe it’s the other way around). The scanning power and intelligence alone for this rugged handheld computer will deliver rapid ROI. So many scanning features are built into it that…
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Take Your Business’ Productivity to The Next Level With The Triton Terminal

Founded in 1983, AML has founded their company principles on improving data collection and storage through barcode technology. In today’s drastic shift towards digital storage and cloud technology, there is little that is more important to advancing your business’ productivity, and raising your production numbers, than staying on trend and up to date with the…
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Zebra TC77 - Featured Image

Are your legacy devices holding you back? Upgrade to the TC77 from Zebra!

How long do you hold onto your hardware before it’s outlived its value? Yes, it’s hard to keep up with the advances that seem to come in a steady stream from the manufacturers, but you should at least be aware of your options. Avalon Integration doesn’t believe you always need to switch just because a…
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Zebra TC77 - Featured Image

Zebra’s new TC77 is here!

When you’re looking for a rugged handheld computer—something that can handle the tough stuff in a harsh environment—you look past the consumer devices, because they can’t handle it. Zebra is where you should look. As a leader in this segment, Zebra knows how to build technology that combines sleekness, intelligence, and lasting reliability. And now…
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Innovative - Featured Image

Innovative Approaches to Retiring Electronic Devices

In our last post, we talked about the growing issue of e-waste. As new technologies swiftly replace older devices, organizations are wrestling with how to reduce (or even stop) the flow of e-waste and they’re coming up with innovative solutions. New apps are being developed to help combat e-waste. The apps perform a wide range…
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Printronix's T8000 Series

Product Spotlight: Printronix T6000 And T8000 Series

With much of the warehouse industry moving into a digital and online supply space, industry leaders are realizing the importance of streamlining their shipping processes and how to keep the costs of shipping and deliveries as low and consistent as possible. Unfortunately, working with many different shipping carriers, prepping packages for mail delivery, learning the…
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Confronting the Growth of E-Waste

Confronting the Growth of E-Waste

In 2016 more than 44.7 metric tonnes (about 49 US tons) of E-Waste were generated worldwide – electronic hardware that has been replaced by newer, more productive models and is now trash. The United Nations Global Partnership on Waste Management and the EPA continually track international E-Waste generation, but as we race toward an ever…
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Cash Back - Featured Image

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Printers and Mobile Devices Now

Last post we talked about how to trade up to Zebra batteries and chargers and get cash back. Now you have more reasons than ever to upgrade ALL your track and trace equipment and systems. But hurry: time is running out. You only have until December 31, 2018! 1. Deduct Your Full Purchase in 2018!…
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Batteries - Featured Image

Are Old Batteries Leeching Your Productive Time?

As lithium-ion batteries age, their performance degrades. Productive time degrades along with them – less uptime, longer charge times and increased battery swapping erode your operational performance – stealing productivity from every day. Now is the perfect time to refresh your mobile printer batteries with GO Zebra. Just trade in your old batteries — including…
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Orbit 7190g

Honeywell Presents: The Orbit 7190g Hands-Free Barcode Scanner

Orbit 7190g The Orbit 7190g scanner continues the proven, superior 1D laser scanning performance of Orbit series scanners – but adds an area imager for seamless scanning of digital 1D, 2D and PDF codes in a single, convenient device. To speed retail checkouts, it features a unique dual-mode design that is optimized for both the cashier…
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OS Migration - Featured Image

What Is OS Migration?

Simply put, if you currently use any Windows Operating System other than Windows 10 or Azure IoT for your enterprise devices, you will need to migrate to another operating system even if it’s to a newer Windows OS to be prepped for the upcoming OS Migration.  A challenge – yes – and maybe an…
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DSD Featured Image

Choose Your DSD Partner Wisely – Why You Should Choose Avalon Integration

Drivers are the heart of Direct Store Delivery (DSD). Avalon Integration understands the challenges they face. We know how to provide them with the best tools for the job, so they can deliver superior customer satisfaction. DSD Knowledge and Experience Avalon Integration has put in the time to learn the needs of Direct Store Delivery.…
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Direct Store Delivery - Featured Image

Give Your Drivers the Tools They Need in Direct Store Delivery

In Direct Store Delivery (DSD) your drivers are the face of your brand. Any misstep dings that carefully built a brand. And to deliver excellent customer service your brand ambassadors need to have the right mobile support.  Great Customer Service Begins with Great Information Meeting customer needs in the challenging world of Direct to…
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ScanSource Mobility Conference

ScanSource Mobility Conference 2018

We enjoyed our time in Memphis last week at the ScanSource Mobility Conference! We enjoyed meeting with everyone at ScanSource.   Pictured: Robbie Cox, ScanSource Jay Steinmetz, Barcoding Inc. Doug Houser, Avalon Integration Mike Kula, Avalon Integration Bob Kroskie, ScanSource Ask us how Avalon can help you get and keep your competitive advantage.
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Smart Field Service - Featured Image

Smart Field Service Mobility

It’s not enough to achieve lower costs in field service, to be successful today you need to have a smart field service, connected team. Workers must be able to adjust in real time to meet the changing wants and needs of customers. With so many variables to log, monitor, and control, keeping assets and resources…
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Field Service - Featured Image

How to Get Great Customer Service in Field Service

Managing Your Mobile Workforce Field service is the name of the game. Mobile workers keep everything moving. When they’re productive, the enterprise is productive. Avalon Integration helps you keep productivity high by keeping you connected. Avalon Integration combines expert, industry experience with leading-edge mobile tools, superior data capture, and automation software so you keep operations nimble…
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Enterprise Tablets - Featured Image

Enterprise Tablets – Best of Both Worlds

New Enterprise Tablets – Best of Both Worlds As companies constantly search for technology to give them an edge, mobile computing has advanced throughout the organization, connecting workforce members with each other and with their precious data. Valued for their computing ability, connectivity, and portability, Enterprise Tablets are being adopted more and more by modern…
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Empower Avalon Featured Image

Empower Your Mobile Workforce to Do More and Be More

Get More Production and Empower Your Workforce  In today’s mobile world it’s more important than ever to track, manage and get the most from your workforce resources. Avalon Integration offers the most complete mobile productivity solution on the market. MobiWork® is a suite of field service solutions built from the ground up to be…
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Zebra SmartPack Trailer - Featured Image

Boost the Efficiency of Your Loading Operation with SmartPack Trailer

Accuracy and efficiency at your loading dock make a powerful impact on your bottom line. Mistakes and delays here trickle across to your entire operation. With real-time visibility of loading dock processes, you can be agile in making adjustments in a timely manner. Avalon Integration recently evaluated Zebra SmartPack Trailer and discovered a “smart” solution…
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RFID Reader - Featured Image

What to Look for in an RFID Reader

Like every technology solution, you have many choices for hardware. With radio frequency identification (RFID), you’ll need a printer that’s specifically engineered to imprint data on RFID tags, as well as an RFID reader to capture the data (similar to a barcode scanner that reads a barcode label). To zero in on the right choice…
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RFID Featured Image

Passive or active RFID: Which tagging do you need?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic technology to transmit information from an encoded tag to an antenna and then an RFID reader. With RFID, you don’t need line of sight to read a barcode, so this technology presents a valuable asset tracking solution. But once you choose this automated data collection method, you need to…
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Avalon - Avoid Downtime - Featured Image

Proactively Manage Your Consumables to Avoid Downtime and Rush Orders

How much time and money does it cost you when you run out of barcode printer supplies? First, a worker goes looking for ribbons, labels, and media, only to discover that “someone” forgot to reorder. So, you have a printer that can’t print. More downtime. Then you place a rush order, with the rush charges…
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MobiWork Collaboration Featured Image

Avalon Integration and MobiWork Announce Collaboration on MWS Asset Management

Why Avalon and MobiWork Collaboration? MobiWork and Avalon Integration will transform your entire organization and help you unleash your full potential! Register for Your Free MobiWork Trial Here! Grow Your Business MobiWork dramatically increases productivity, reduces costs and provides real-time information exchange and visibility into every aspect of your business. Empower Your Team MobiWork simplifies…
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Proper Printer Maintenance - Featured Image

Proper Printer Maintenance: Extend the Life of Your Printer, Lower the TCO

Do you follow the routine maintenance schedule on your car? Do you go to the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and check-up? With everything going on in your life, it’s easy to overlook recommended care. If your car is running fine and your teeth don’t hurt, there’s no urgency for those check-ups, right?…
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Featured Image - Printhead Protection Program

Get Free Zebra Printheads with the Printhead Protection Program

You expect your thermal printer to keep working reliably, with little or no effort, other than reloading the media and replacing the ribbon as needed.  But if you want to gain the best return on investment and the lowest total cost of ownership for your barcode printer, you’ve got to put more into it—more thought…
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Featured Image - Person Using a Forklift in a Warehouse - OS Migration

Budgeting for OS migration from Windows

We’ve been discussing enterprise operating systems, as the deadlines approach for Microsoft ending support for Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows CE. The great OS Migration started when Microsoft made the announcement in 2016 that it would no longer provide security updates for their operating systems by 2020. Businesses that have been relying on Microsoft’s OSs…
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Legacy Operating Systems

Legacy Operating Systems From Honeywell

Customers currently running applications that require a legacy Microsoft operating system (Windows CE 6 or Windows Mobile/ Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5) will soon face the end of support for their platform. Mainstream support, which includes regular updates, has ended for both legacy systems. Microsoft extended support (security fixes) will end for Windows CE 6 in…
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Featured Image 3 People With Scanners - Transition

OS Migration: The Logistics of Making the Transition

In the last post, we talked about the security issues of converting to Android from Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows CE. With Microsoft no longer offering support for these mobile operating systems, businesses are facing a difficult decision. Where to go with their enterprise OS and the logistics of making the transition.  With this…
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Honeywell Helping Enterprise with Cybersecurity

How Honeywell Helps With A Commitment To Cybersecurity

Honeywell is strongly committed to cybersecurity. Our global businesses include aerospace and process solutions that demand a very high degree of security in all aspects of operations. A corporate-level cybersecurity task force sets and maintains security policies and standards, including test procedures used during product development that specifically identify software issues that could make systems…
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Featured Image Mobility Extensions Security

OS Migration: Android Conversion and the Security Debate

Two years ago, users of Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows CE learned that Microsoft was going to pull the plug on these operating systems. No more security patches. No more updates. The end of life has already begun, with support for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 coming to a close on June 10, 2018. The remainder…
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Reverse Logistics - Featured Image - Man Working in Warehouse Safely

Are reverse logistics clogging up your supply chain?

Many businesses put more emphasis on streamlining outbound shipments than returns because they view the movement of outgoing orders as a revenue stream. The returning shipments are seen as a cost. As a result, a sluggish process for reverse logistics is a profitability drain on the company, when, in fact, it could be used as…
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MC3300 Mobile Computer Featured Image

Zebra mc3300 Mobile Computer: Just When You Thought You Couldn’t Get More from Your Rugged Handheld

There was a time when the term “rugged mobile computer” meant a heavyweight, cumbersome device. Then Zebra stepped up and changed all that. They created mobile computers that looked like smartphones and tablets but performed way above those limited standards. We’ve become accustomed to a higher grade of performance, durability, and functionality from Zebra, and…
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Women Using a long-range scanner in a Warehouse

Standard versus long-range barcode scanner: Which do you need?

The barcode scanner is designed to capture, verify, and transmit the encoded data on the barcode with near-flawless accuracy. Management relies on the real-time visibility afforded by automated data collection. So, while it’s easier to just hold onto your legacy devices, the money you think you’re saving could be offset by the comprised productivity. When…
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Efficiency Featured Image - Warehouse Loading Dock Efficiency

Mobilizing the loading dock gains critical efficiency

The loading dock is the gateway to your warehouse. Establishing a high level of operational efficiency here can reduce errors throughout the facility. Mobilizing the loading dock gains critical efficiency and accuracy that delivers strong ROI.learned”? Mobility is a must to expedite tasks like cross-docking without compromising accuracy. A trailer that’s sitting in a holding pattern…
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Migration Featured Image

OS Migration: The Cost of Procrastinating

Microsoft announced that, in 2020, it will discontinue support for Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating systems. Their decision would impact 15 million computers, about 90% of the enterprise computing market. If you’re using either of these operating systems, you have some important choices to make. With the heavy (and still growing) reliance on mobile…
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Avalon Operating Systems Featured Image

Legacy Operating Systems

As the end of support dates for legacy operating systems approach, customers need to make decisions and plans to move forward, as application development can require considerable time and effort. Customers currently running applications that require a legacy Microsoft operating system (Windows CE 6 or Windows Mobile/ Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5) will soon face the…
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Avalon 6 Header - Enterprise-Grade Tablets

Zebra et50 and et55: Enterprise-Grade Tablets That Make the Grade

There’s no doubt we rely on smartphones for a variety of computing tasks. The phone is likely one of the lesser used functions. As smartphones became more convenient and functional, they drifted into the workplace. Then came tablets, and workers appreciated the increased landscape of the larger screen, without the unwieldy size of a laptop.…
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Avalon Blog #5 - Profitability Featured Image

Find and plug the profit leaks in your warehouse

The demand for maximum efficiency and accuracy in your warehouse forces businesses to look closely at every task. Excess motion, inventory, production, and downtime can reduce an already-squeezed profit margin. If you haven’t already examined your operation, it’s time to find and plug the profitability leaks in your warehouse. Unnecessary motion presents a huge yet…
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Avalon Integration Featured Image - Accuracy

Sharpen Accuracy and Efficiency in Warehouse Picking with Better Mobility

The ever-increasing demand for more efficiency and accuracy in warehouse operations leaves no room for errors. At the same time, many warehouses are processing more orders and juggling more SKUs, adding to the challenge. Picking is one area where delays and mistakes happen. You can reduce these problems by automating the process with mobile technology.…
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Avalon Integrated Featured Preventive Maintenance

The ROI of Preventive Maintenance on Your Barcode Label Printer

Preventive maintenance is important, you know you need to take care of your car to keep it running smoothly, so you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Also, you can recognize that regular check-ups are vital to maintaining your health and catching potential issues before they become serious. You should treat your barcode label printer…
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barcode labels - Featured Image

How to Choose the Right Barcode Labels

Barcodes look simple enough, and technology has made it easy to use this process for data collection. But with so many uses for barcodes today, you need to pay attention to the label media you choose. Some are designed for specific purposes, like cold storage or affixing to a curved surface. If you don’t choose…
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Apple and Android Devices Stacked

The Business Professional’s Choice: Apple or Android?

My Device photo c/o Kristine Moser In life, sometimes you just have to pick between A and B. Chocolate or vanilla? Cat or dog? Walk or run? The list goes on indefinitely and gains new additions each year. One subject that most consumers have a hard answer to is the debate between Apple or Android…
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Avalon 500 Rebate for ZT600 Zebra Printer

Get up to $550 Cash Rebate When You Upgrade to Zebra ZT600 from Avalon

When you rely on your thermal printer to deliver heavy-duty performance, you can’t afford to hold onto an outdated printer. The cost of downtime, repairs, and replacement supplies eats into your profitability. Avalon Integration has partnered with Zebra to give you a solution to questionable barcode label printer performance.  The Zebra ZT600 industrial printer…
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Mobile Power Carts - Accuracy

Partner Spotlight: Mobile Power Carts with Newcastle Systems

To “provide innovative solutions that make equipment more mobile and information more readily available across an entire enterprise. Period.” is the philosophy of Massachusetts-based Newcastle Systems. This company expands on the idea of a mobile workplace and innovating new pieces of equipment each year to help companies simplify their day-to-day operations, without making major changes…
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CK75 side by side Windows

The shift from Windows® to Android™ for Mobile Devices

Traditionally, Windows was the leading operating system for industrial mobile devices. Windows CE and Windows Mobile Embedded Handheld offered a wide variety of developer tools, third-party plug-ins and other offerings that made the Windows platform more attractive than operating systems offered by Google and Apple. But the picture has changed in the last few years.…
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Honeywell AutoCube 8200 Front Side Angle

Making the Most of Your Time and Space with AutoCube

Most companies are faced with shipping a larger number of packages than ever before. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, e-commerce was up 3.6 percent in Q3 2017 over Q2 and 15.5 percent over the same quarter in 2016. While those numbers represent revenue, it’s safe to assume that the number of packages increased by…
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3D Printing Application Machine

Advantages of 3D Printing in the Supply Chain

With the rise of e-tailers like Amazon who are intent on making rapid delivery the new normal, consumers and even businesses are accustomed to receiving the goods they order fast. Next day shipping is considered a must-have, and Amazon even offers delivery in one hour in certain areas. Because of this shift, many manufacturers are…
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Industrie 4.0 Logo

Industrie 4.0: What is it and how can I benefit from its practices?

Industrie 4.0 is the next step in the evolution of manufacturing. While the term is just coming into widespread use, it is one that will soon achieve near-universal acceptance in manufacturing. Industrie 4.0 refers to the digital disruption of the manufacturing industry, and there are four converging factors driving the digitization in the manufacturing industry:…
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Supply Chain Related Items Concept

Value of Cloud Supply Chain Management

. Today’s supply chain bears little relationship to supply chains of the past. Where supply chain management once focused solely on improving an individual company’s performance within its own four walls, today’s more “outward” focused supply chains look to optimize the entire supply chain including all upstream and downstream nodes. This change in focus has…
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Barcode Label Printers

The Importance of Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Barcode Label Printers

You invested in barcode label printers to increase accuracy and improve productivity, so you want to do everything in your power to ensure they are operating at peak performance as much of the time as possible. But just like any other piece of operating equipment like forklifts or production machinery, your barcode label printers need…
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CN75 WorkForce - Workers

How to Improve Productivity Through a Mobile Workforce with Dedicated Workers

Today, companies need every advantage they can find to stay competitive. Rising customer expectations force companies to look for innovative ways to improve productivity, especially when dealing with a mobile workforce with dedicated workers. Here are some ways that mobile devices are helping companies like yours stay ahead. Real-time Visibility Whether in a bricks and…
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AA Enterprise - Power

Park the Power Where You Need It

ROLL OUT A BETTER MOBILITY SOLUTION and Park the Power Where you need it. ROI in 5 months Get big results with an affordable investment: Cut labor by as much as $10K per worker. Increase receipts by up to 60%. Decrease labeling errors. Improve inventory accuracy. Process goods directly at the pallet or on the…
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Zebra Partner Logo

Number of APAC manufacturers with ‘smart factories’ to triple by 2022

Originally Published By Enterprise Channel ASIA ‘Smart factories’ are destined to be a major part of the very near future after Zebra Technologies released the results of its 2017 Asia Pacific Manufacturing Vision Study. The research set out to analyze the emerging trends that are shaping the future of industrial manufacturing in the APAC region.…
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Impact 11.11 Software Release

Impact 11.11 Software Release – Advanced OCR tool for challenging applications

Article Originally Published By Datalogic Product Bulletin for Impact Software Overview for IMPACT Software Datalogic is pleased to announce the release of IMPACT Software version 11.11 enabling advanced OCR on MX-E and MX-U vision processors. As a cutting edge OCR vision tool, the advanced OCR ensures the most robust and reliable recognition of hard-to-read characters under difficult conditions…
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Humanity Vs. Hurricanes

In recent months, the United States and other islands in the Tropics have been devastated by the impacts of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria. Photos and video of sobbing families, homes left in pieces and rain and wind pouring down onto already flooded parking lots have left many people feeling helpless and wondering…
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Apple and Android Devices Stacked

Android Or Apple In The Enterprise?

My Device photo c/o Kristine Moser When one thinks of mobile management and platforms, likely the first one that comes to mind is Apple. Since debuting their signature smartphone in 2007, the market has been dominated with little competition in its’ wake. Now ten years later, Apple is not only facing a strong competitor but…
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Zebra Savanna Platform

Zebra Technologies Unveils Savanna Platform to Power Data-Driven Applications for the Digital Enterprise

Zebra Technologies Unveils Savanna Platform to Power Data-Driven Applications for the Digital Enterprise CHICAGO – Sept. 26, 2017 – Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), the market leader in rugged mobile computers, barcode scanners and barcode printers enhanced with software and services to enable real-time visibility, today announced Savanna™, a fundamental building-block platform for accelerating Enterprise Asset Intelligence and…
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Thermal Vs. Thermal Transfer Printers

Choosing a barcode label printer — thermal vs. thermal transfer

The names sound similar, so it’s easy to get confused about the differences between thermal printers and thermal transfer printers. The technologies are very different, and each one serves well in certain applications. Here’s everything you need to know about thermal and thermal transfer bar code label printers. The Difference Between Thermal and Thermal Transfer…
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RFID Technology Warehouse

RFID Technology: Where does it make sense?

There’s a lot of talk about RFID, but often times the thinking is that the cost outweighs the benefit. For high-volume, large production facilities or distribution centers, RFID can offer clear advantages over traditional barcode solutions. Here’s a look at some of the cases where RFID technology can virtually eliminate many of the challenges presented…
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Warehouse Environment with SR61 in use with Laser

Barcode Reading Technology: Laser vs. Imager

Warehouse Environment with SR61 in use Two technologies dominate in barcode scanning: laser and imaging. Each has specific strengths that make it more suitable in some applications than in others. Whether it’s an effort to make inventory management more manageable, tracking assets more streamlined, or giving your forklift operators greater flexibility on the go, the…
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CK75 Consumer Product

The Hidden Costs of Using Consumer vs. Enterprise Devices

As mobile devices become more capable, sometimes business owners think that using consumer-grade devices is a great way to save money while still increasing workforce productivity with a mobile solution. In many cases, however, using consumer-grade devices ends up costing more than an enterprise-grade device. This, in turn, leaves the business vulnerable to risks of…
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Manufacturing Automation Mobile

Can Management Be Mobile?

One of the biggest offices divides between the Millennial generation and Baby Boomers is the debate over the necessity of brick and mortar office spaces. While Millennials argue that the standard office building is a waste of company funds and lacks culture, it is often viewed by older workers as a place to zone in…
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Zebra ZQ500 Office

Ready for the Unexplored

Technology in office and mobile business settings has faced the challenge of accomplishing the needs of the business with the mobility and capability of its products. As technology as a whole advance, so do the levels of durability and capability for office equipment. Zebra Technologies is continuing to prove they are a leader in the…
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ZT600 Printer

Zebra Technologies Launches New Industrial Printer Series

Zebra is proving that 2017 will be one its most profitable years to date by kicking off quarter three with the launch of their new industrial printer series, ZT600. The launch of this new series comes with the promise to expand integration with other business platforms, increase durability, scaling production numbers and controlling expenses, that…
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honeywell dolphin ct50 for sale

Dolphin CT50 Mobile Computer

For enterprises that require anywhere, anytime, real-time connectivity to business-critical applications and data capture capabilities to maximize efficiency and serve customers more effectively, the DolphinTM CT50 is Honeywell’s most advanced enterprise-ready 4G/LTE mobile computer. With support for either Windows® or Android™ operating systems, the Dolphin CT50 mobile computer targets highly mobile frontline employees in scan-intensive…
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Honeywell AutoCube 8200 Fixed Accurate Dimensioning System

Honeywell AutoCube 8200 Fixed Accurate Dimensioning System

Accurate and Fast Dimensional Scanning The AutoCube is an important tool for accurate and fast dimensional scanning; offering you an efficient way to offer your workers a reliable method of measuring package dimensions in order to receive best rates for customer shipments. It comes part and parcel (pardon the pun) with other automated solutions in…
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Honeywell PD43 Industrial Barcode Label Printer

No-Waste, Environmentally Friendly & Efficient: Honeywell’s PD43 Industrial Barcode Label Printer

In addition to great price-performance and rugged reliability, the Honeywell PD43 has a direct thermal option, which prints directly to a label without a ribbon. It also can print linerless labels, translating to absolutely no waste or environmentally unfriendly liners that cannot be recycled. The PD43 Industrial Bar Code Label Printer from Honeywell is specifically…
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