How much time and money does it cost you when you run out of barcode printer supplies? First, a worker goes looking for ribbons, labels, and media, only to discover that “someone” forgot to reorder. So, you have a printer that can’t print. More downtime. Then you place a rush order, with the rush charges attached. By making the effort to proactively manage your consumables, you can avoid downtime and rush orders (the reactive alternative).

Avalon Helps to Avoid Downtime

Don’t Rely on Someone to Remember Let Us Help

Avalon Will Stop Anything From Causing You Downtime

Avalon Integration can help you take control of your thermal printer supplies. Don’t rely on that “someone” to remember. Leave the job to us. We’ll monitor your usage and ship sufficient supply inventory so you don’t run out, but aren’t overstocked. We’ll also take the time to understand your barcode printing uses. In some cases, we can offer suggestions that can not only improve the quality and efficiency of your printing but also save money.

See Some Downtime Examples

  • Some thermal printer ribbons are designed for high-speed printing. If you’re not using the right ribbons, you could be getting subpar results.
  • You could color-code your barcode labels without the expense of color printing. Zebra IQ Colour creates up to four color zones (including black) that are activated by your printer. These thermal printer labels can be customized to place the zones in the colors and areas where you need them.
  • Inferior media can cause printer jams and damage from the build-up of dust, debris, and ooze adhesive. When you use quality, you get quality. In fact, with the Printhead Protection Program, we’ll provide free printhead replacements when you commit to using only genuine Zebra supplies. Decrease sensor errors.
  • A curved surface is best served by a flexible label, like polypropylene and polyolefin.
  • A resin thermal printer ribbon produces better quality on gloss stock, while a wax ribbon is more suitable for matte surfaces.
  • A resin ribbon provides a more durable image than either wax or wax-resin, with excellent protection against scratching, smudging, and exposure to harsh and extreme chemicals.
  • Depending on your use cases, preprinted labels could be cost-effective; however, with free custom dies from Avalon Integration and Zebra, custom labels are fast and affordable, and might be the better option.

To make sure you’re getting the best value from your thermal printing supplies, schedule a free assessment with Avalon Integration. We can determine opportunities for improved productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

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MWS Asset Management

Do you follow the routine maintenance schedule on your car? Do you go to the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and check-up? With everything going on in your life, it’s easy to overlook recommended care. If your car is running fine and your teeth don’t hurt, there’s no urgency for those check-ups, right? The downside is that, by ignoring preventive care, you risk the damage that can occur from this negligence. The same holds true for your barcode printer. Proper printer maintenance will extend the life of your printer and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Printer printing a barcode in a warehouse

When dirt, debris, dust, and oozing adhesive build up inside your thermal printer, you’ll see the result: poor quality printing and printer jams. When this happens, your printer might already be damaged. The printhead—the most expensive part of a thermal printer—is very sensitive and easily damaged.

Get Proactive with Your Printer Care Maintenance

Proactive Printhead Cleaning Maintenance with a Thermal Printhead Cleaning Pen

Take a proactive approach to printer maintenance. Schedule a printer cleaning every time you change the ribbon on a thermal transfer printer or every other time you change the roll on a direct thermal printer. Gain the rewards for conducting this routine maintenance on a regular schedule.

  • Eliminate repair costs that result from a dirty printer.
  • Extend the printhead’s life and reduce the printhead replacement frequency and cost
  • Reduce the cost of downtime and media for reprinting
  • Decrease sensor errors.
  • Minimize media jams
  • Avoid the damage caused by workers who try to fix the jammed or dirty printer.

Tips for Routine Printer Cleaning and Maintenance

Tips to keep a Printer clean in the Warehouse

You can clean your thermal printer quickly and easily. The process removes build-up from the printhead, label path, and ribbon path. Before you clean the printer, select “Diagnostic Mode” and print a test label to see if the printhead is printing properly. Use this as a gauge to measure the print quality after the cleaning.

Then, follow these routine printer cleaning tips:

  • Turn off the power before attempting to clean the printer or open the printhead.
  • Remove any jewelry that could scratch the printhead or fall inside the printer (e.g., ring, watch, bracelet).
  • Never touch the printhead or sensors. Use a small, soft, clean brush to remove the dust.
  • Use only a cleaning solution that is approved by the manufacturer.

Purchase a Printer Cleaning Kit from Avalon Integration Today!

Printer Cleaning Kit from Zebra and Avalon Integration

You can purchase a printer cleaning kit from Avalon Integration. Keep a supply on hand so it’s always available when the maintenance is due. Proactive care prevents reactive repair!

If you need repair or service for your data collection hardware, talk to us at Avalon Integration. We partner with industry leaders, like Zebra, and support the products and solutions we sell with expert knowledge and technical expertise.

You expect your thermal printer to keep working reliably, with little or no effort, other than reloading the media and replacing the ribbon as needed.  But if you want to gain the best return on investment and the lowest total cost of ownership for your barcode printer, you’ve got to put more into it—more thought and more quality. When you do, you earn free Zebra printheads with the Printhead Protection Program from Avalon Integration.

Yes, free. And for as long as you own your Zebra printer.

Maintain and Save Money with the Printhead Protection Program

Do The Right Thing with Zebra Supplies by utilizing the Printhead Protection Program

Avalon Integration and Zebra want to encourage you to “do the right thing” when it comes to maintaining your thermal printer. That means regular cleaning and using only quality supplies. Inferior printer supplies—like ribbons, cards, and labels—can damage your printer. The media leaves behind dust, dirt, and debris that builds up. The result is poor print quality and a ruined printhead. Then, you pay for repairs, replacement, and the time and cost of downtime and reprinting. So, your “savings” on these bargain printer supplies are actually costing you more money.

Genuine Zebra Supplies for Consistent Quality

Genuine Zebra Supplies offered through the Printhead Protection Program

Genuine Zebra supplies are manufactured according to very stringent and uncompromising standards and processes. This adherence guarantees consistent quality, from one run to the next. Because Zebra designed and engineered the thermal barcode printers, they are the experts at knowing the best supplies to run them. So, when they offer to support that promise with free printhead replacements for life, Avalon Integration confidently recommends genuine Zebra supplies.

Zebra Printhead Protection Program Is Free to Enroll

Free to Enroll to the Printhead Protection Program

The Zebra Printhead Protection Program from Avalon Integration is free to enroll. There’s no membership fee. Just agree to feed your Zebra thermal printer ONLY genuine Zebra supplies and we will give you free printhead replacements when you need them—which will be less often because these quality consumables will prevent the premature wear and tear that the bargain supplies cause

Join the Printhead Protection Program and you can eliminate printhead replacement costs from your budget. You’ll also extend the life of your Zebra printer, which lowers the total cost of ownership. Contact Avalon Integration, checkout Avalons technical support blog or click here to enroll.