With an extensively large collection of custom printing supplies, Zebra is equipped to provide support for any specific, printing requirement. Why have a barcode printer if you can’t customize it to suit your every need? Even desire. Let’s not forget the hassle of individual costs and financial headache. Figuring out if your company will benefit from custom abilities is a worry that needs to be put to rest.

Be Extra with Custom Labels and Dyes!

Be Extra with Custom Labels and Dyes

Who says extra is overrated? If it means keeping your business on track, then why wouldn’t you be? Barcodes hold information that is highly important to the company. Your productivity will slow if your barcodes aren’t crisp, clear, and concise.

There’s so much talk about if custom is really necessary. It’s not your paper towel we’re talking about, it’s your company. Though we can relate the two. Any paper towel will clean up a mess, but which paper towel will end up spending more of your money when using extra sheets? Think of your barcodes in the same aspect. Get quality, not what’s cheaper at the moment. Long-term savings are much better appreciated.

Here’s the Scoop

Here's the Scoop with Custom Labels

Avalon Integration is working with Zebra to not only promote these custom products but to supply quality where your company needs it most.

Custom tasks include:

  • Custom sizes and shapes
  • Pre-printed text, graphics, and logos
  • Flood-coated color
  • Up to 12 water-based colors & 8 UV colors
  • PMS color matching
  • Security inks
  • Perforations, face slits, and back slits
  • Front and backside printing
  • Rolls or fan-fold
  • Adhesive deadening and spot coating
  • Laminating
  • Pre-printing of UL mark

With Zebra, you can choose from over 300 pre-tested materials along with no extra charges for custom dies. Find out how reasonable this deal will be for your company when you begin a supply assessment with Avalon.

For the last 20 years, Zebra Technologies has been Avalon Integration’s Premier Solutions Partner. It has been Avalon’s mission to provide the highest quality of support while improving efficiency, providing customer service, and building solutions.  Contact us to add a little something extra to your barcode. For more information on pricing, click here.

Ever feel like your printer knows exactly when to break? No matter what printer you have, printhead wear is unavoidable. Every run leaves behind debris and adhesive that slowly reduces your printhead’s functionality until it’s too late. To help you stay one step ahead, Avalon integration is partnering up with Zebra’s printhead Protection Program, giving you back all the reliability you need from your printer. Cut down the stress and downtime with free printhead replacements when you make Zebra your exclusive choice for quality consumables and improve the longevity of your printer.

Zebra Certified Supplies keeps your Printer Longevity running smoothly compared to third party supplies

Zebra Certified Supplies keeps your Printer Longevity running smoothly compared to third party supplies

Getting it right every time, anytime

We know consistent quality is at the core of an efficient business. For that reason, we recommend Zebra Technology. Choose from five hundred customizable products, each carefully tested and designed to guarantee consistent results —which means you get consistent quality. All. The. Time.

Zebra Barcode Label on a MicroChip

Unavoidable, Unpredictable, but Totally Affordable

With Avalon integration, you can eliminate the surprising new costs that come with broken printheads, all while enjoying the perks of a one-source supplier.

  • Choice selection from over 500 Zebra products
  • Customizable labels, tags, receipts, and ribbons
  • Standardized supply quality designed to fit your individual needs
  • Consistent print quality, eliminating changes in printer settings
  • Free printhead replacements
  • Free ground shipping on custom labels till December 31st, 2019

Avalon Integration is here to help with Printer Longevity

When it comes to printer longevity, preparation for the inevitable is key. Eliminate the uncertainty with the Printhead Protection Program to get free printhead replacements when the time comes. Contact Avalon Integration to find out how you can enroll today.

Because who doesn’t like free ship

Who Doesn't Like Free Ship

Who Doesn’t Like Free Ship

In this day and age, there’s already a lot of stuff you have to compromise, but the quality of your labels isn’t one of them. That’s why Avalon Integration is extending free ground shipping till December 31st, 2019 on Zebra custom labels because when it comes to quality, we never compromise and neither should you.

Get More for What You Pay For

Get more for what you pay for with Free Ship from Avalon Integration

Get more for what you pay for with Free Ship from Avalon Integration

Your labels and barcodes provide an array of services. From color-coding to tracking, we know one there is no one-size-fits-all label. Optimizing your labels’ functionality is much easier with Zebra Certified custom labels, now sourced from four label converting facilities across the USA. Ordering with Avalon Integration is like having your personal label converter, without the hassle of estimated freight charges.

Create labels to fit your needs by selecting:

  • Practical shapes and sizes for different jobs
  • Pre-printed icons, IL marks, graphics, and logos
  • Colors that can be identically reproduced with PMS coloring  
  • Perforations to facilitate printing and extend printer longevity

Quality Made Simple

Quality Made Simple with Free Ship from Avalon Integration

Let Avalon Integration show you how to get started with our Free Ship Program

Not sure how to get started? Check out the program overview for qualifications and then get a quote today.

  • Offer applicable only to Zebra custom labels shipped to the USA and Canada
  • Unexpired quotes are still eligible for free shipping
  • Additional supplies should be placed on a separate order as they do not qualify for free shipping
  • Offer does not cover airfreight

When it comes to efficiency, there’s little room for compromise. With Avalon Integration’s free Ship Program, enhancing the functionality of your customized labels has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more about how you can save money on shipping while still getting quality consumables designed by you for you.

Click here to learn more about Free Ship!

There’s always something better on the market. It’s a continuous cycle. What is the best, the most efficient, the highest quality, or fastest technology? This never ends because technology is always improving. As humans, we strive for productivity, to install efficiency in our daily lives. Most often, helping us in larger settings, including our professional careers. Businesses utilize technology for both of these factors. Though replacing technology so often can become expensive, it doesn’t have to be that way.

E-waste Recycle? Yes, It’s a Thing

E-waste Recycle? Yes, It’s a Thing

If there was a way to recycle our current technology for the best on the market, while also earning cashback, it would be aiding, the primary factor in company success. Most commonly, recycling is centered around plastics and recyclable materials from the packaging on the food you eat to the clothes you wear on your back. It’s hard to consider a computer or mobile device as something that can decompose back into the Earth. The point of this matter is that we can eliminate electronic waste, by re-using their old parts. By E-waste Recycling, you can contribute to the conservation of natural resources, protecting the environment, creating jobs, and saving landfills.

When your company’s technological hand is upgraded to the most advanced printers, mobile computers, tablets, scanners, etc., their mission is a step closer to effectively being heard across unlimited platforms without hurting their bank account. By upgrading, your company will: solve new business challenges, increase mobility, improve access control, strengthen the supply chain, and reduce downtime. Don’t let your outdated technology “slow productivity, minimize visibility, and affect your bottom line”.

Learn How You Can Earn Cash Back

Recycle and Earn Cash Back with GoZebra Trade-In Program

The benefits of recycling are endless, and Avalon Integration is promoting the GO ZEBRA Trade-In Program to help you get rid of your electronic skeletons. In support of Zebra Technologies, Avalon aims to promote its mission, allowing its customers to swap electronics that may be falling short of exceptional for their brand-new, top-of-the-line gear. “Go from lagging legacies to leading-edge solutions with GO ZEBRA.

Based on what device or devices you’re planning to trade in and what device you’re planning to purchase, you can receive up to $650 cashback. It’s pertinent that every company has financial goals. This program keeps those in mind and helps your company save. The eligible technologies Zebra allows for trade-in ranges from batteries, mobile computers, tablets, and printers.

Avalon wants businesses to understand that this program aims to “swap setbacks for savings on smarter, harder-working technology”.

When it’s time to replace those lagging legacies, reach out to the experts at Avalon Integration, here to help your company stay advanced. Recycle, save money, and save the Earth. Make an impact financially and environmentally while earning cashback with GO ZEBRA. For further promotion information, visit the Avalon Integration’s Promotions Page!

One of the issues we frequently see with our customers is wasted time and money when it comes to printing barcode labels. Some are using labels that just don’t fit the application, but it’s “good enough”. Others are keeping such a broad variety of different types of labels that it’s not making good use of the media (and budget). At Avalon Integration, our goal is to get the right stuff with custom labels and dies for your barcode printer, so you can stop compromising.

Why Should You Use Custom Labels?

Zebra Custom Label Dies on a barcode being placed on a box for shipping

A custom label being placed on a box for shipping

With so many reasons, the real question should be, “Why shouldn’t you use custom labels?”

Think about the reason you would purchase anything customized. How many times have you ordered a meal in a restaurant and asked for a substitution? When you bought your last new car, did you choose options? And have you ever bought a suit and had it tailored? When something matters, you choose to get it right…right?

Your barcode labels are no exception. Each one contains important data—information that is critical to keeping your business on track. You need those barcodes to be crisp, clear, and stay that way.

In addition to the barcode itself, what other information does your label provider? Maybe you use color-coding or a certain shape to be able to quickly identify the status of the labeled item, like quality assurance or shipping priority. You might need a compliance label that’s also easy to identify.

Here are other features that can be customized to optimize the functionality of your labels and reduce the label management tasks.

  • Special shape or size: Fit the function to the form, rather than just get what’s available.
  • Pre-printed. Have your logo, graphics, UL mark, or any standard information pre-printed on your labels to get more imprints out of your thermal printer’s ribbon.
  • Color matching. If you have a Pantone or other ink that needs to be reproduced accurately, a custom label gives you precise color matches.
  • Perforation. Make it easier to feed and then separate your labels by getting custom labels with perforations.

Free Custom Dies, Too

Zebra Custom Dies for all your barcoding needs

Zebra Custom Dies for all your barcoding needs

Avalon Integration works with Zebra to offer our customers the same quality in supplies as in the hardware they engineer. With Zebra, we can choose from more 300 pre-tested materials—which leads to thousands of combinations. But we have the added value that there are no extra charges for custom dies. So, if you thought it was too expensive to get what you need, Zebra has the solution for that, too.

Ask yourself if “good enough” really IS good enough for your labels. Let Avalon Integration work with you, starting with a supplies assessment, to see where we can improve the processes with supplies that are better matched to your needs and equipment. You might even save money by consolidating your label inventory! Contact us to get started on getting what you really want.