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How will you avoid the next recall?

In a span of a decade, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) along with the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) have reported a 125% increase in food recalls. In 2020, the FSIS recorded a total of 1,394,585 pounds of recalled products, pulled from markets due to pathogens, allergens, presence of extraneous materials, and import […]

Keep an Eye on These 5 Warehouse Trends in 2022

The new year brings with it both the excitement of new possibilities and hidden challenges yet to surface. Navigating through several pandemic-induced challenges, last year’s warehouse technologies showcased agile adaptability to accelerate order picking with less touchpoints and manual data capture. Faster and safer picking mechanisms continued to affirm customer demands for quick and accurate […]


Sole Source Capital Portfolio Company Peak Technologies Acquires Avalon Integration

PRESS RELEASE DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sole Source Capital LLC, an industrial-focused private equity firm, today announced that its portfolio company, Peak Technologies, a leading full life-cycle system integrator and provider of digital supply chain, retail and mobile workforce solutions, acquired Avalon Integration Inc (“Avalon”). Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The acquisition of Avalon marks Sole […]

What is the Barcode Printing Program, and why should you enroll for the new year?

Current supply chain challenges have solidified the consistent need for intelligent automation. However, solution integration can increase operational expenses beyond hardware purchases. Between software integration, employee training, and eventual maintenance and tech support, warehouses expecting to deploy automated solutions expect to pay thousands of dollars in deployment alone. Consequently, there remains a fourth of warehouses […]


What to Look for in Your RFID Tag

A little over a third of warehouses are investing in technology plans to integrate RFID as a foundational part of their automation plans. From increased inventory control to real-time asset visibility, RFID tracking is known for facilitating instant locationing and 99.99% accuracy. However, several steps are crucial to ensure seamless and scalable RFID tracking. One […]


Avalon enters Zebra Technologies’ New Fetch Robotics Referral Program

LIBERTY CORNER. N.J. – Keeping up with its tradition as an innovator, Avalon is among the first partners to join Zebra’s Fetch Robotics Referral Program, facilitating next-generation automation solutions.  As AMRs continue to reshape modern warehousing, Zebra’s acquisition of Fetch Robotics is set to empower resellers in the referral program to best identify, deploy, and […]


3 Ways to Implement Sustainable Labeling in the Warehouse

The rise in consumer demands for sustainable and environmentally conscious warehousing has skyrocketed within the past years as more consumers grow concerned with the environmental impact of their preferred brands. While recycling and trade-in programs can reduce e-waste in the warehouse, there are other efficient small-scale solutions to reduce environmental impacts. Despite accounting for less […]


What does your warehouse need to meet that 3-day delivery window?

As more omnichannel businesses compete to surpass customer demands, an expectation for faster and cheaper shipping has risen in today’s online shoppers. Over half of consumers expect both fast and trackable shipping from the warehouse to their doorstep. Evolving warehouses and distribution centers have now cited the following four top issues they face when attempting […]