Wash Away Inefficiency with Zebra’s New 8000D Label

Wash Away Inefficiency With Zebras New 8000D Label

As we continue to consider the impact inefficient warehousing has on our environment, our experts turn to the smallest member of your operations – your labels. Consuming less than 5% of your operations’ total costs, labels have always played a vital role in identifying and moving inventory and assets through the supply chain. However, these little barcodes can also be the source of costly bottlenecks and downtime, especially when dealing with reusable containers and crates. To comply with government standards, operators must take time to manually peel labels from reusable containers before applying new ones. Moreover, failure to remove labels can impact the environment and your budget as they fill -and clog- your drain.

8000D Labels Dissolvable Water Test

8000D Labels Dissolvable Water Test

Committed to both efficiency and sustainability, Avalon Integration is always excited to explore the latest breakthroughs in warehousing technology. Consequently, we were ecstatic to hear about Zebra Technologies’ newest advancement inefficient labeling – the 8000D Label.

Made with direct thermal dispersible paper and specialty adhesive, Zebra’s 8000D Label removes the complications of manually peeling off labels. See how in our video:

Why it Works

Much like the rest of Zebra’s Certified Consumables, the 8000D label is thoroughly tested to retain legibility for as long as you need it. Made to order, the dissolvable label enhances your competitive edge by:

  • Reducing wait timesLabels wash off without manual interference, letting your workers focus on more important tasks.
  • Increasing sustainability efforts – Adhesive dissolves under warm water, eliminating clogged drains, and unnecessary waste. 
  • Complying with health standards – Practically perfected for Quick Service operations, dissolvable labels help your team meet compliance standards while monitoring shelf-life and prioritizing inventory as products arrive.

Take a closer at Zebra’s dissolvable label here.

ZD620 8000D Linerless Labels

ZD620 8000D Linerless Labels

As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Avalon Integration is always ready to bring you the next generation in efficient warehousing technology. Contact our labeling specialists today for a free assessment of your current operations and streamline your workflow with the latest in labeling technology.

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