As we continue to consider the impact inefficient warehousing has on our environment, our experts turn to the smallest member of your operations – your labels. Consuming less than 5% of your operations’ total costs, labels have always played a vital role in identifying and moving inventory and assets through the supply chain. However, these little barcodes can also be the source of costly bottlenecks and downtime, especially when dealing with reusable containers and crates. To comply with government standards, operators must take time to manually peel labels from reusable containers before applying new ones. Moreover, failure to remove labels can impact the environment and your budget as they fill -and clog- your drain.

8000D Labels Dissolvable Water Test

8000D Labels Dissolvable Water Test

Committed to both efficiency and sustainability, Avalon Integration is always excited to explore the latest breakthroughs in warehousing technology. Consequently, we were ecstatic to hear about Zebra Technologies’ newest advancement inefficient labeling – the 8000D Label.

Made with direct thermal dispersible paper and specialty adhesive, Zebra’s 8000D Label removes the complications of manually peeling off labels. See how in our video:

Why it Works

Much like the rest of Zebra’s Certified Consumables, the 8000D label is thoroughly tested to retain legibility for as long as you need it. Made to order, the dissolvable label enhances your competitive edge by:

  • Reducing wait timesLabels wash off without manual interference, letting your workers focus on more important tasks.
  • Increasing sustainability efforts – Adhesive dissolves under warm water, eliminating clogged drains, and unnecessary waste. 
  • Complying with health standards – Practically perfected for Quick Service operations, dissolvable labels help your team meet compliance standards while monitoring shelf-life and prioritizing inventory as products arrive.

Take a closer at Zebra’s dissolvable label here.

ZD620 8000D Linerless Labels

ZD620 8000D Linerless Labels

As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Avalon Integration is always ready to bring you the next generation in efficient warehousing technology. Contact our labeling specialists today for a free assessment of your current operations and streamline your workflow with the latest in labeling technology.

Sizing specifications, heat endurance, and pricing are some of the factors warehouses tend to first consider when selecting a new labeling solution; however, with so many application differences available today, it may be complicated to truly find a “perfect” fit. Nevertheless, just as technology continues to yield breakthroughs in mobile computing and data capture, labeling technology has also taken great strides in creating application-specific alternatives that fit your budget, benefit operations, and maybe even a little more.

As leaders in efficient innovation, Avalon Integration explores several unique labels that show how Zebra’s Certified Consumables still stand as your most adaptable option when it comes to individualized labeling solutions.

Your Applications are Intricate and Unique – Your Labels Should be the Same.

Intricate and Unique Labels

Intricate and Unique Labels from Zebra and Avalon Integration

Before choosing a one-size-fits-all label, consider the following application-specific options to boost data capture accuracy, operation visibility, and affordable sustainability.

  • Zebra’s New 8000D Label – Perfected for reusable crates and containers, Zebra’s dissolvable labels reduce time spent peeling off labels while remaining sticky during your application process.
  • Freezer-Grade Labels – To protect inventory identification and storage instructions, your cold-storage labels must be fit for temperatures as low as 32°F without losing malleability. Zebra’s pretested labels undergo stringent 23-point testing to endure both heat and cold as well as drastic temperature swings without compromising adhesive strength.
  • RFID On-Metal Labels – Designed to retain performance on metal, Zebra’s RFID labels enhance metal tracking within your operations to maximize production and distribution visibility. 
  • Color Labels – Further empowering your identification system, Zebra’s color labels create an easy-to-spot sorting system as colors can be quickly categorized at a glance, accelerating the order fulfillment process.
  • Custom Labels – For your most unique applications, Avalon recommends customizing your label’s composition and design. Choose from over 300 pretested materials to develop a label that survives even the toughest environments. Plus, with Avalon’s Free Ship Program, get free ground shipping on custom labels delivered in the continental U.S and Canada.
Few of the Many Unique Label Options

Many Unique Label Options

These are just a few of the many options today’s labeling technology offers. To explore more opportunities, contact our warehouse specialists today for a free assessment of your labeling needs.

Working with supply chain optimization since 1994, I can safely say that there is no such thing as a problem “too new” that can’t be addressed. However, I also understand where this concern comes from.

In the past two decades or so, technology has taken enormous leaps previously unimaginable. Phones became smart. Cars can be driverless, and the list goes on, yet most people would agree that not every technological innovation is necessary, which is why businesses may be uneasy at first to jump on board with new technology. Indeed, even in warehousing, most decision-makers don’t see automation replacing human efforts. It’s all about finding a balance. While seemingly new issues such as complex e-commerce transactions, drop shipping, and high labor turnover rates may seem unsolvable at face-value, there are generally deeper issues at the root of your main concerns which can be resolved by a combination of intelligent technology and human expertise. A few common supply chain issues include:

  • Reduced Productivity – From bulky devices that weigh down your workers to costly bottlenecks that halt workflows, reduced productivity is always costly and affects the whole supply chain. Sometimes it comes in the shape of a broken printer or lost connectivity across state lines.
  • Inefficient Inventory Management – Dynamic supply chains have increased the complexity of inventory/asset movement. From production to shipping, to receiving, to packing, and so forth, your inventory passes through a lot of hands before reaching its final destination, which means there is a lot of room for costly errors if done inadequately. Also, repetitive tasks such as labeling parcels or manual data entry can lead to employee disengagement which exacerbates error risks and contributes to labor turnover as employees may feel undervalued. 
  • Traceability Issues – Evolving safety standards have increased the need for better traceability. From the food industry to auto production, batch numbers must be tracked and traced accurately even beyond the point-of-sale. Cradle-to-crate traceability can be the differentiator between a chaotic polemic recall and safe, government-compliant operations.

What are my options?

QLN420 Supply Chain Warehouse

When it comes to optimizing your supply chain there is a lot of options.

  • Highly ergonomic devices – These devices can boost productivity while preserving worker comfort. Instead of choosing between bulky industrial devices or breakable consumer-grade technology, you can streamline productivity with rugged yet lightweight enterprise hardware, built for strain and success.
  • Automated data entry – Even a 1% error rate can impact your workflow. Luckily, mobile computers can help increase data entry accuracy by eliminating human error. This also frees up your workforce to concentrate on other more crucial tasks instead of repetitive labeling.
  • RFID and Real-Time Locationing – From better inventory management to visible traceability, RFID technology gathers the intelligent insight you need to optimize your operations. Scalable to grow alongside your company, real-time locationing solutions can track inventory, assets, and resources in practically any industry.  

How difficult are these technologies to deploy?

MT2090 Scanning in a Warehouse

Deploying warehouse optimizations is easy with Avalon Integration

With the correct technology provider, implementing durable enterprise-grade solutions is simple. Working with leading manufacturers (like Zebra Technologies, Newcastle Systems, etc.), we closely assist you in planning, piloting, deploying, maintaining, and upgrading your technology for streamlined supply chain management.

Message Mike Kula today to see how you can start optimizing your operations with the best tools available. 

Watch Mike Kula on the Summer of 50 PGH Tech Stories Podcast.

Listen to Mike Kula on the Summer of 50 PGH Tech Stories Podcast.

At the crux of enterprise, success is an efficient labeling system. Controlling inventory movement from door to dock, labels hold the potential to maximize accuracy and productivity, two indispensable factors for today’s operations. Studies estimate return costs may reach well over $550 billion in 2020 alone, with wrongly-picked orders comprising almost a fifth of returned orders.  In other words, the time to establish labeling efficiency is now. 

Zebra Labels Improve Overall Productivity

Zebra Labels Improve Overall Productivity

While they only account for 5% of your operations’ expense, labels can be enhanced to improve overall productivity. Testing innovative technology for over two decades, Avalon Integration partners with Zebra Technologies to safeguard operations from inefficiency with quality labels and printing supplies. Engineered to maximize productivity and visibility, Zebra’s RFID labels give you the leading edge on today’s market changes by facing the top four labeling dangers with unprecedented ease.

  1. Made survive any environment – Designed with pretested materials, all Zebra Certified Consumables endure rigorous testing and inspection to make sure they remain functional beyond the moment of application.  
  2. Customizable to fit the desired size – Because no two businesses are the same, Zebra’s RFID labels can be customized with your choice of material, size, antenna, and inlay. Plus, with ZipShip, labels are ready to ship within 24 hours, reducing sudden label shortages.
  3. Customizable to function on metal applications – Create a metal-friendly RFID application with Zebra’s ZT411 industrial printer to bring the benefits of RFID locationing into previously uncharted applications.  
  4. Compatible with secured enterprise-devices – In addition to rugged labels, an efficient labeling solution requires enterprise-grade technology that protects data. Fortified by Mobility Extensions (Mx), Zebra handhelds such as the MC9300, TC7X, and TC5X preserve data security with government-grade encryption and reliable security patches provided through LifeGuard.

Not Like the Rest

Zebra Labels Not Like the Rest

Zebra Labels are Not Like the Rest

  • Regulatory fines
  • Lost customer loyalty
  • Missed compliance standards
  • Product shrinkage
  • Wasted warehouse space
  • Increased product returns

Eliminate the dangers of faulty labels with Zebra Certified Consumables. Plus, get free printhead replacements when you make Zebra your exclusive consumables supplier through the Printhead Protection Program.

Discover how Zebra’s RFID technology can help protect your operations when you contact us for a free labeling assessment with our industry experts and implement efficiency down to the smallest details.

Avalon Integration has a wide variety of technology solutions that establish clients’ competitive edge, which is why I am overjoyed to introduce you to the latest and best tracking solution in the new digital age – RFID Locationing.

Tracking assets, personnel, inventory, and more RFID Locationing can maximize your return of investment by monitoring your most precious resources as they move through complex supply chains and workflows. Moreover, unlike legacy systems, RFID is adaptable to fit a multitude of unique industries such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Healthcare Asset Tracking
  • Public Safety
  • Retail and Storefronts
  • Sports Analytics
  • And many more

As your guide to maximized ROI, I’d like to take you deeper into the countless opportunities enhanced visibility brings to your business. Shall we get started?

Assess Your Gains

MC3390R and RFID to Assess Your Gains

MC3390R and RFID to Assess Your Gains

Lack of visibility contributes to numerous operational inefficiencies. For example, manual data entry -which relies heavily on human effort for accuracy- can misdirect order fulfillment, leading a customer to receive the wrong product, impacting brand identity, and resulting in return fees. When it comes to public safety, unclear visibility can contribute to longer response times and impaired dispatch accountability. In other words, maximized visibility results in maximized efficiency, satisfaction, and safety. However, don’t just take my word for it. See how RFID is changing industries worldwide.

  • Manufacturing — RFID tags can be used to store multiple codes identifying particular parts and easing traceability down a production line. Furthermore, with Zebra’s RFID on-metal solution, tags can now identify metal components throughout production.
  • Warehousing and Distribution — Long-range scanners minimize worker strain while capturing codes as far as 60ft away with ease. Plus, Zebra Technologies’ RFID scanners are built to thrive in harsh conditions, retaining optimal functionality in extreme temperatures, falls, and scratches.
  • Transportation and Logistics — Increasing order accuracy by nearly 100%, RFID automates order verification with just a scan when implemented on the shipping dock.
  • Healthcare Asset Tracking — In healthcare, misplaced items can hinder patient care as medical staff must pause to search for their tools. Studies suggest that only 42% of medical assets are used efficiently. Real-time locationing empowers staff to find their crucial assets in a timely fashion to deliver better care to their patients.
  • Public Safety — When it comes to protecting our communities, visibility is key. By incorporating RFID tracking in daily operations, officers can better assess dispatch needs and set higher accountability standards for deployed teams.
  • Retail and Storefronts – Product shrinkage can drain over $40 billion dollars from the retail economy. To prevent product shrinkage near points of sales, RFID antennas and tags work together to monitor inventory as they come and go into the store, giving managers a clear view of their stock’s movement.

From tracking thrown footballs in real-time, to preventing lost pets, to assisting in utility operations, RFID has many uses, each with their unique benefits. Come explore your next locationing solution with me, and enhance your operations with a new standard of efficient visibility.