There are several locationing systems available on the market today. Depending on your application requirements, certain solutions work better than others. As leaders in warehouse innovation, Avalon Integration provides real-time visibility solutions that match an array of workforce specifications. With efficiency in mind, we’re proud to present the leading advancements in locationing technology – RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  

Partnering with Portable Technology Solutions, we construct new tracking systems that fit both workplace and budget requirements without sacrificing functionality. Using Zebra certified tags and hardware, our warehousing experts are ready to answer all your locationing questions.

Understanding the Difference from Tag to Tag

While similar in function, passive RFID and BLE tags bring different sets of benefits to your inventory management system. Before designing your locationing strategy, it is crucial to understand the difference between both.

MC3390R Tag Lifecycle

MC3390R Scanning RFID

Tag Lifecycle with RFID and Bluetooth

  • Because RFID tags have become more cost-effective, they are ideal for large quantities of diverse inventory since they are disposable. However, while tags are relatively inexpensive, RFID readers cost more to install.
  • Although BLE tags are more expensive compared to RFID, Bluetooth technology is still a cost-effective solution when it comes to scaling your new management system. Integrate your solution at your own pace, growing coverage as needed.
MC3390R IT Involvement

MC3390R Scanning with IT Involvement

IT Involvement

  • In addition to tags, RFID locationing systems will require readers and scanners. Therefore, greater IT participation is expected. Nevertheless, Zebra’s intuitive technology and Avalon’s support team create a seamless implementation process that eliminates stress and long wait-times.
  • Depending on the size of your tracking space, BLE deployment requires little to no IT integration. Plus, since Bluetooth technology has been installed in over 10 billion devices worldwide, your workforce may likely already be familiar with your new system.
MC3330R Bluetooth Power and Connectivity

MC3330R Uses Bluetooth for Power and Connectivity

Power and Connectivity

  • Sustained by WiFi networking, RFID systems run as long as you’re connected. With Zebra’s long-range connectivity and WorryFree WiFi, transmissions remain uninterrupted and secure. Furthermore, reduce end-of-life issues since tags do not need batteries to function.
  • Operating within a multi-channel spectrum, BLE systems can run despite connectivity issues as long as there is a two-way connection between tags and beacons.

See the RFID and Bluetooth Differences First-Hand

Helping you navigate the locationing landscape, Avalon Integration now works with Portable Technology Solution’s ClearStream service. Using the best benefits of both RFID and BLE, we create the visibility solutions your business needs. For more information, contact Avalon Integration for an in-depth assessment of your current management strategy.

For the past ten years, the MC3000 Series has reigned as a popular choice in mobile computing. Equipped with a square screen, advanced scanning capabilities, and Asset Tracker Lite, the MC3200 has long stood as the light-weight and cost-effective solution for enhanced warehouse mobility. Despite its success, Zebra Technologies has continued in its tradition of innovating efficiency. As a proud Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Avalon Integration had thoroughly examined Zebra’s newest addition to the MC3000 Series – the MC3300

Testifying to its legacy of rugged functionality, the MC3300 builds upon the strength of its predecessors, creating one fully ergonomic device that goes beyond expectations in terms of warehouse data capture technology.

Small Differences that Make a Big Impact for Efficient Computing

  • Simplified Battery Swap: Unlike past models, the MC3300 comes with fast battery replacement features, decreasing time spent changing batteries. Paired with Zebra’s PowerPrecision Console, the device ensures continuous uptime for a whole shift. 
  • Migration Ready: Equipped with Android, the MC3300 delivers a familiar touchscreen interface while also running green-screen apps right out of the box. Use the All-Touch TE app to convert TE apps at your own pace without any backend modifications. 
  • Fortified Security: Adding a deeper layer of protection for your operating system, Zebra fortifies Android with Mobility Extensions, securing the MC3300 with government-grade encryption and reliable 90-day security patches.  
  • Long-Range Data Capture: Empowering workers with lighter computing, the MC3300 delivers long-range scanning, previously reserved for the MC9000 Series. Capture barcodes up to 70ft away with omnidirectional scanning for maximized performance.
  • Enhanced Connectivity:  Strengthen workforce collaboration with the MC3000’s Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk Express, functional right out of the box. Further telephony capabilities with Workforce Connect Voice to add PBX abilities to your device.
  • Higher Ruggedness: Protected by a Gorilla Glass touch panel and a 5ft drop specification, the MC3300 is built to handle the warehouse’s harshest conditions.
MC3300 Redefines Efficient Computing

The MC3300 from Zebra Redefines Efficient Computing

Committed to our client’s success, Avalon Integration assists in upgrading your technology with the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. Experience the next generation of simplified mobile computing and get a $200 cash rebate towards your upgrade.

Want a closer look? Contact us for a free demonstration of the MC3300 and other groundbreaking devices. Bring efficiency to your warehouse operations with the leaders in innovative solutions.

The saying goes “for everything, there is a price”, but we know better than to define quality with one set price. In our mission to improve efficiency through premium supplies and affordable solutions, Avalon Integration embraces a diverse definition of quality now through its Free Ship Program, because when it comes to quality, companies should be allowed to define their success with customized tools.

Serve a Vast Array of Clients for Free Ship

Avalon Integration Serves a Vast Array of Clients

As we serve a vast array of clients -ranging from the U.S. Department of Defense to small local businesses- we understand the importance a little label holds, which is why from now till December 31st, Avalon Integration will cover shipping costs on Zebra certified custom labels shipping in the U.S. and Canada. Get more out of your labels along with a committed team of experts and 20 years’ worth of expertise, without freight charges.

The Age of Labels is Here

Age of Labels for Ship

Age of Labels

Outlining every system of operation, labels carry important information that optimizes your workforce while enhancing customer satisfaction. Reinvent productivity with labels built around your company’s brand.

  • Combine over 100 pretested materials to develop weather-proof reliable labels
  • Ensure brand identity with up to 12 water-based colors, 8 UV colors, and PMS color-matching. 
  • Discover new standards with UL/cUL and CSA approved solutions
  • Reduce downtime from misprints, reprints, and damaged printers

Sourced from four different label converting facilities, customized Zebra labels bring more than data to your workforce. With the proper supplies, you can maximize the functionality of your workforce while cutting down extra time spent ordering, shipping, applying (and reapplying) essential labels.

As barcode technology continues to develop, stay ahead of the learning curve with the latest advancements now provided by Avalon Integration. Speak with us today about our Free Ship Program to start your order and discover a new and inexpensive way to improve the efficiency of your team.

Standards were made to be raised. Serving warehouses and distribution centers for over twenty years, Avalon Integration has specialized in high standards. As a proud Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, we have the privilege of raising your standards again with Zebra Technologies’ newest breakthrough in mobile computing – the EC30

Increasing productivity using the latest form factor, the EC30 serves as the newest and most cost-effective solution when it comes to connectivity, data capture, and inventory management. As the smallest mobile computer on the market, the EC30 fits virtually in any use, which has left manufacturers wondering where exactly to properly integrate it.

The EC30 Allows You to Take Help on the Go, Anywhere You Go

EC30 and Avalon Integration

EC30 and Avalon Integration

With new market demands such as same-day shipping and the e-commerce boom, mobility solutions have become crucial to maintaining efficient continuous operations. From picking to shipping, your digital workforce should facilitate tasks with minimal interruptions. Therefore, devices should be lightweight, fast, and durable to match the new work environment. Fortunately, the EC30 fits all these requirements, making it the first multi-purpose computer, functional in any part of your supply chain.

  • Strengthen your teamwork with the EC30’s voice communication features, sustained by WorryFree WiFi. Keep communication channels open throughout your workforce for better decision-making and real-time insights inside all four walls. 
  • Expedite scanning rate with accurate data capture technology. Whether in the warehouse or the storefront, equip your employees with fast-processing technology that ultimately elevates customer satisfaction with rapid price-lookups. 
  • Improve inventory management with better visibility conducted through Zebra’s Mobility DNA, installed in a lightweight device. Smaller than Zebra’s current touch-computers, the EC30 lets your workers bring all your necessary applications without the hassle of carrying a larger device.
Zebras EC30 on Table

EC30 on Table

A picture worth a thousand words, so check out our video and meet the next generation of mobile computing for yourself. See all these benefits and more when you contact our warehousing experts to schedule a free demonstration and choose your preferred integration strategy to optimize your workforce with the latest solutions.

It can happen on any ordinary day. On a slow morning shift in late December or on the first day of the fiscal quarter, your prints become smeared, fading as your printer falls ill. Unlike human employees who may still power through a cold to efficiently contribute to operations, a malfunctioning sick printer is never harmless to your efficient supply chain as it will most likely stop working, affecting productivity while ushering in expensive downtime.

Servicing countless labeling systems for over twenty years, Avalon Integration is ready to share tips and hints to treat your sick printer with tested strategies while also exploring some common cleaning suggestions that -like expired medicine- should never be used.

Get the Right Prescription for Your Printer

Cleaning the Zebra ZT230 Printer

Cleaning the Zebra ZT230 Printer

Much like real illnesses, a printing issue can be contagious, infecting your operations with bottlenecks, inefficient practices, and employee strain. Fortunately, most issues may be resolved by a simple cleaning. While most industrial printers can be quite durable, even the best printers may crumble if the wrong cleaning technique is used, which is why we are highlighting a few common misconceptions surrounding printhead maintenance.

  • Put Down the Dry Towel: Although some leftover printing debris may be easily wiped away, a lightly damp towel should be used instead of a dry one. Removing printheads with a dry towel can scratch and damage your printer indefinitely.  
  • Avoid Ammonia/Glass Cleaners: Ammonia-based cleaners may leave a behind harmful residue that skews prints, ultimately adding to debris pile up over time.
  • Be Careful with Rubbing Alcohol: While rubbing alcohol may successfully pick up debris and the old adhesive stuck on your printhead, alcohol is also quite corrosive and may damage the printer’s inner mechanisms if splattered or used excessively. 
  • Beat the Clock: Even though cleaning a printer requires extreme care, leaving a printer open for extended periods of time can allow dust and other harmful outside debris to fall right back into your printer.

Minimizing all the risks mentioned above, Zebra’s Cleaning Cards serve as the best solution for a dirty printer. Non-invasive and cost-effective, Cleaning Card’s tackle printing debris quickly and efficiently, preventing future malfunctions and jams. Simply follow the instructions in the video to maximize your printer’s lifespan.

Further, elevate your investment by signing up for Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program and get free printhead replacements along with quality printing supplies when you make Zebra your exclusive consumables supplier.  

Or See the Doctor

Raymond Scipioni Cleaning a Printhead

Raymond Scipioni Cleaning a Printhead

As a Zebra Premier Solution Partner, Avalon Integration develops multiple in-depth solutions and strategies to optimize printing performance with the best tools available. Explore a new road to printing health when you contact us for a free demonstration of Cleaning Cards and other printer maintenance technology. Looking for reliable customer service, checkout Avalons technical support blog post by clicking here.