As companies constantly search for technology to give them an edge, mobile computing has advanced throughout the organization, connecting workforce members with each other and with their precious data. Valued for their computing ability, connectivity, and portability, Enterprise Tablets are being adopted more and more by modern workforces. Easing this adoption: tablets enjoy a high level of acceptance and familiarity by workers – from field sales to warehouse workers, to office personnel.

There is a huge upside for operations if familiarity and acceptance can be leveraged into efficiency gains. But, until recently, the business has had to wrestle with a trade-off – Beauty or the Beast.

Zebra Tablet Front Screen

Elegant, user-friendly, and accessible, consumer-grade devices that are a favorite among workers are natural to help drive productivity gains. But consumer-grade devices have a poor track record standing up to commercial/ industrial demands. Everything from drops to battery life issues, to extreme environments, erode the productivity gains.

Zebra Tablet Falling to the Ground with no damage

On the other hand, armoring all that computing and communication capability in a rugged (and heavy) military-grade shell creates a cumbersome and fatiguing experience that throughout a standard workday is a liability to worker wellbeing and a drag on productivity.

BEST OF BOTH with Enterprise Tablets
Best of Both Enterprise Tablets

Happily, the new generation of rugged tablets gives businesses the best of both worlds. Bringing high-level computing, enterprise reliability, toughness, and security together in a lighter weight package that’s easy to use and less fatiguing. The new devices are at home in any environment – warehouse, manufacturing, field, and office.

Modern, rugged tablets check a lot of boxes for the enterprise. They offer the computing power of laptops, communications and data capture, rugged versatility, military-level resistance to shock, and other hazards like dust or moisture – all while going anywhere workers go.

They can be mounted on forklifts, trucks, cars, or taken in hand. They’re accurate up close and at long range, in varied and variable light conditions.

Workers can instantly decode scanned data or retrieve information from a centralized database, a desktop or other source. Anyone, anywhere, can obtain real-time information, any time, to keep things going and make well-informed decisions. Business realizes improved communication and streamlined operations.

What to Consider When Evaluating Enterprise Tablets

  • Ruggedness
  • Product reliability, maximum uptime
  • User acceptance,
  • Communications capabilities,
  • Systems compatibility with ERP, WMS, SCM
  • Scanning functionality accuracy
  • Available features
  • TCO

Easy to Use Enterprise-Class Features
Zebra ET50/ ET55 tablet computers
ET50 Enterprise Tablet Scanning Products

Zebra offers a flexible business tablet that can be customized for just about any job and any environment — from retail associates and warehouse workers inside the four walls to salespeople, delivery drivers and service technicians out in the field. The Zebra ET50/ ET55 tablet computers deliver the best of both worlds — consumer ease of use for workers teamed with all the enterprise-class features and options business needs: durability, constant battery power, choice of Android™ or Windows®, rugged durability and two display sizes. Advanced data capture boasts two integrated cameras, barcode scanning, and video calls optionally advanced scan engines and innovative Bluetooth scanners for comfortable intensive barcode capture and three methods of data entry that work even if the screen is wet – with or without a glove.

A Truly Enterprise-Ready Tablet
Zebra ET1
Zebra ER1 Enterprise Tablet Scanning Green Products

The new class of tablet from Zebra that’s ready for business inside the four walls and out in the field. Zebra ET1 features the consumer-style design that workers find easy to use, combined with enterprise durability. It’s built to take drops, spills, cold winter temps, and extreme heat. The enhanced Android operating system delivers enterprise-class security, flexibility, and manageability over wireless LAN and wireless WAN networks.

Talk to us, Avalon Integration, about how to empower your mobile workforce with today’s modern Enterprise Tablets to get big gains in productivity and customer service.

Get More Production and Empower Your Workforce

In today’s mobile world it’s more important than ever to track, manage, and get the most from your workforce resources. Avalon Integration offers the most complete mobile productivity solution on the market. MobiWork® is a suite of field service solutions built from the ground up to be a comprehensive and seamless resource to empower any business with employees in the field.

Any Field Service Operation

  • Field Service
  • Field Sales
  • Field Marketing
  • Logistics
  • And Many Others

MobiWork® leverages advanced native applications on smartphones, tablets, or rugged devices and pairs well with enterprise-grade hardware from leading technology makers like Zebra. It increases productivity, improves information exchange, and builds customer satisfaction. Reflecting best business practices MobiWork® is cost-effective, highly customizable, easily integrated with existing software, and deploys in minutes.

Unlike traditional mobile workforce management software, MobiWork® is not limited to simply tracking vehicles. It empowers and unifies both mobile and office-based workforces as well as customers with a powerful, fully integrated smartphone and SaaS/cloud-based solution.

MobiWork® offers a suite of field service solutions that features GPS tracking, inventory management, billing and invoicing, work order management, electronic forms, scheduling and dispatch, contact management, and more. It offers cloud-based deployment options and native mobile compatibility with Android devices.

MobiWork®  can be used by companies of any size, in any vertical, and can be used by one user or thousands – managing global operations in multiple countries around the globe on multiple smartphones and tablets, with multiple carriers, in multiple languages and integrated with existing CRM/ ERP.

Manage Productivity to New Heights
Being your Productivity to New Heights

Dramatically increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide real-time information exchange and visibility into every aspect of your business. Capture users’ locations when they log in with a smartphone, tablet, or rugged device. Track individual users, gather and analyze data related to GPS tracking, optimize movement, create timesheets.

Manage Customer Activity

Manage Customer Activity in any environment

Manage Customer Activity in any environment


Mobile workers can manage customer activity from anywhere, in real time: schedule, location, routing, work orders, invoicing, entry forms, online payment. Capture signatures, audio, and images.

Critical Business Information for the Entire Team to Empower

  • Gain complete visibility into worker location and activities  
  • Manage work orders in real-time
  • Instant alerts for schedule, route or delivery changes
  • Perform on-site transactions
  • Customers can check status or create new work orders on a branded portal
  • TRUSTe Privacy Certification Seal®

MobiWork® Key Benefits
Avalon Integration and MobiWork Logos

Grow your Business
MobiWork - Grow Your Business Icon

Dramatically increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide real-time information exchange and visibility into every aspect of your business.

Empower Your Team
MobiWork - Empower Your Team Icon

Simplify the day-to-day life of every member of your organization allowing them to perform at their best anywhere, anytime, on any device creating greater customer service while enhancing your bottom line.

Built for You
MobiWork - Built For Your Business Icon

Easily configure to fit your unique business, no matter how specific your requirement and industry.

Key Features

Rich feature set – Everything you need for the day-to-day operations of your team.
Empower Your Warehouse with a Rich Feature Set

Built-in frameworks – Easily configure (no coding required) your data, workflows, and analytics to fit your business.
Built In Frameworks for any Warehouse Setup

Connect to existing software – MobiWork® integrates with your existing software to provide an end-to-end solution that is truly built for the field and for smartphones.
Empower Existing Software within your Warehouse

Talk to us, Avalon Integration, about how to empower your mobile workforce with MobiWork® to get big gains in productivity and customer service.