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Avalon Integration Promotions

Avalon Integration is committed to providing our customers access to the best promotions and deals in the market at any present time. We are delighted to share programs and rebates with you from our various vendors.

Zebra Trade-in Trade-up Program

The GO Zebra Trade-in Program offers cash back on the purchase of new Zebra printers, mobile computers, and batteries when you trade in qualifying retired products, whether they are Zebra models or from a different manufacturer.

Free Custom Zebra Media Dies Promotion

Through the Free Zebra Custom Media Dies Promotion, you receive free dies from Zebra when you purchase Zebra custom label and tag.

Zebra Printhead Protection Program

Zebra Technologies offers the Zebra Printhead Protection Program to customers who use only genuine Zebra supplies. Zebra will replace worn printheads free of charge for users enrolled in this program.