Happily Ever Afters: How to Safeguard Inventory from Picking to Shipping

From its first moments at the receiving dock to its final day in a delivery truck traveling across the country, your inventory faces several potential dangers that may ultimately impact your business. For example, product shrinkage cost the retail industry $46.8 billion in 2018 alone as unmonitored stock became prey to administrative errors, employee theft, and shoplifting.

As technology continues to advance, protecting inventory visibility has become increasingly difficult, especially when it comes to large quantities of unmanaged stock. To counter the rising costs of lost/damaged/stolen inventory, Avalon Integration explores new locationing solutions with Zebra’s RFID technology, developing innovative solutions that minimize misplaced profits with enhanced visibility managed by the next-generation of data capture technology.

Woman Scanning Warehouse Inventory with MC3390R

Woman Scanning Warehouse Inventory with MC3390R

Change Your Inventory’s Fate

Providing real-time visibility in all your tagged assets, RFID technology arms your team with actionable intelligence to simplify operations, increasing worker accountability, stock availability, and efficient productivity from beginning to end.

  • Design RFID labels to fit unique application requirements using pretested materials to ensure consistent quality and long-lasting performance. 
  • Equip incoming inventory with easy-to-apply adhesive tags capable of storing 100 times more data than conventional SKU-labels. 
  • Trust your RFID’s extended functionality through the harshest environments and surfaces as inlays follow stringent testing and ISO 9001 compliance for greater successful encoding. 
  • Capture RFID tags up to 60ft/18.2m with Zebra’s long-range handheld MC3390R RFID reader to increase reader accuracy by 40% or…   
  • Streamline complete visibility through Zebra’s ATR7000 RTLS reader and track on-the-move assets throughout the warehouse, including employees. 
  • Prevent administrative and counting errors with RFID technology compatible with your Android devices, reducing surprise stock shortages. 
  • Re-route shipments to ensure timely deliveries using wide-range tags and readers.
  • Easily deactivate or remove RFID tags as needed without injuring inventory to guarantee customer privacy.

Ready to ship in less than 24 hours, RFID labels further decrease replenishment wait-times since labels are sourced from one out of the four labeling-converting facilities located across the nation.

Scanning with RFD8500 in a Retail Store Safeguard Inventory

Scanning with RFD8500 in a Retail Store Safeguard Inventory

Avalon Integration Is Here to Help with Your Inventory

Catching your inventory’s complete story is one of the many steps Avalon Integration takes in innovating warehousing operations. Meet a complete line of RFID devices when you contact us for a unique visibility solution that leverages the best locationing technology to your benefit, giving your stock and your budget a much happier ending.