The saying goes “for everything, there is a price”, but we know better than to define quality with one set price. In our mission to improve efficiency through premium supplies and affordable solutions, Avalon Integration embraces a diverse definition of quality now through its Free Ship Program, because when it comes to quality, companies should be allowed to define their success with customized tools.

Serve a Vast Array of Clients for Free Ship

Avalon Integration Serves a Vast Array of Clients

As we serve a vast array of clients -ranging from the U.S. Department of Defense to small local businesses- we understand the importance a little label holds, which is why from now till December 31st, Avalon Integration will cover shipping costs on Zebra certified custom labels shipping in the U.S. and Canada. Get more out of your labels along with a committed team of experts and 20 years’ worth of expertise, without freight charges.

The Age of Labels is Here

Age of Labels for Ship

Age of Labels

Outlining every system of operation, labels carry important information that optimizes your workforce while enhancing customer satisfaction. Reinvent productivity with labels built around your company’s brand.

  • Combine over 100 pretested materials to develop weather-proof reliable labels
  • Ensure brand identity with up to 12 water-based colors, 8 UV colors, and PMS color-matching. 
  • Discover new standards with UL/cUL and CSA approved solutions
  • Reduce downtime from misprints, reprints, and damaged printers

Sourced from four different label converting facilities, customized Zebra labels bring more than data to your workforce. With the proper supplies, you can maximize the functionality of your workforce while cutting down extra time spent ordering, shipping, applying (and reapplying) essential labels.

As barcode technology continues to develop, stay ahead of the learning curve with the latest advancements now provided by Avalon Integration. Speak with us today about our Free Ship Program to start your order and discover a new and inexpensive way to improve the efficiency of your team.