It’s that time of year again where we’re encouraged to look to the past and envision the future. Within the past months, Avalon Integration has been investigating the various purposes custom labels bring to multiple businesses, and as the year comes to a close, we are glad to remind you of the top ten ways Zebra’s certified custom labels enhance productivity. Forget smeared and torn labels and start optimizing your workforce with Zebra custom labels.

Zebra Custom Labels Reliable from Start to Finish

MC3300 Scanning Zebra Custom Labels on Pallet

MC3300 Scanning Zebra Custom Labels on Pallet

Meticulously crafted with a 23-point inspection, all Zebra consumables begin their journey with one goal: maximizing efficiency. As your provider of quality supplies and solutions, Avalon Integration equips your future with a variety of benefits, including:

  1. Consistent printing quality using unsubstituted inks and varnishes
  2. 2,000 hours saved in the packaging when you switch to read-to-stick adhesives
  3. Customized quality crafted from over 300 pretested materials
  4. Surpassed standards achieved with UL/cUL and CSA approved labels
  5. Customized texts, shapes, and sizes
  6. Heightened brand awareness created with up to 12 water-based colors, 8 UV colors, and PMS color matching
  7. Optimized tracking systems backed by smear-resistant labels
  8. Maximized label longevity, retaining longevity up to 3 years after the initial print
  9. Increased printer lifespan thanks to premier labels that minimize residual pileup
  10. Free printhead replacements ensured through Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program

We invite you to see the final results for yourself and implement your production line with Avalon’s Free Ship Program. Complete your order of Zebra’s custom labels by December 31st and get free fast ground shipping anywhere within the continental U.S. and Canada.

Zebra Custom Labels on Electronics in a Warehouse

Zebra Custom Labels on Electronics

Don’t get stuck repeating the past. Explore the many uses of Zebra’s rugged line of consumables designed to implement your warehouse productivity down to the smallest assets. Replace inefficient consumables for superior supplies when you choose Avalon Integration as your provider for quality label solutions.

Much like keeping up with car maintenance, preserving a functional printer is essential for your workflow and requires careful attention to small details issues before they become irreversible damage. Replacing a car filter is better than replacing a whole cooling system. Similarly, replacing low-quality consumables is easier (and better) than replacing a $900 printhead.

Unlike a broken car, damaged printheads cost an absurd amount of money in lost productivity, extended downtime, and constant reprints. If you want a happy functional printer, the answer is simple. Keep your printheads clean with quality consumables, now easily accessible with Avalon Integration’s Free Ship Program, and get free shipping for your label order from now till December 31st

Optimal Printer + Zebra Consumables = Perfect Marriage

Replacing Printer Printhead

Replacing Printer Printhead

Mitigate printhead failure when you feed your printers Zebra certified custom supplies, designed to keep printheads cleaner and operational with every run as they leave less adhesive and debris pile up. Plus, maximize printer value with guaranteed consistent quality designed by you, for you.

  • Create custom consumables from over 300 pretested materials
  • Set a standard of excellence with unsubstituted inks and varnishes
  • Enhance client engagement with labels designed specifically for your brand
  • Reduce printhead wear with thoroughly inspected supplies engineered for thermal printing
  • Enjoy free ground freight anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada*

Undergoing a 23-point inspection, Zebra labels optimize your workflow from printer to shelving as they remain functional in extreme conditions, whether it be a hot printer or a freezing cold warehouse without smears or tears. That means fewer reprints, which ultimately extends your printer’s lifespan while giving you maximum return of investment.

Optimal Printer Zebra Consumables

Optimal Printer Zebra Consumables

Further your printer’s longevity with Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program when you choose Zebra as your exclusive consumables supplier. Ensure high-quality prints while getting free printhead replacements when the time ultimately comes for an exchange. 

Nobody has time for a faltering printer. A happy printer means happy employees, which really means happy profits for you and your workforce. Specialized inefficient solutions, Avalon Integration can help boost your printer’s performance when contacting a consumables specialist today.

*See program details for further qualifications.

You have the best team. You have the best technology. You have the best clients, and we trust you have the best supply provider, but even the most efficient companies can suffer the monumental losses at the hands of the smallest team-players: inadequate labels.

To ensure our clients maximize their profits without compromising inventory tracking, Avalon Integration has partnered up with Zebra Technologies to bring you choice custom labels without shipping charges until December 31st, 2019. With our Free Ship Program, get Zebra certified labels designed by you for you and learn how to avoid bad labels that only damage your workforce.

Are You in Danger?

Zebra Certified Labels Compared to Third Party Labels

Zebra Certified Supplies Compared to Third Party Supplies

There are many signs that may suggest improper label supplies. By quickly recognizing them, you can pinpoint where to make upgrades and eliminate additional costs that usually follow bad labels.

  • Worn-out Printheads: because they don’t undergo vigorous testing or require enterprise compliance, inferior “bargain” labels often leave behind a trail of dust and debris with every run, slowly -but surely- damaging printheads and leading to reduced printer lifespan, surprise interruptions, and frequent inconvenient IT visits.   
  • Inefficient Tracking System: crinkling at the edges, smudging after printing, and ripping in harsh weather, the wrong label impairs your tracking system by distorting or erasing crucial information. In the long run, a small financial saving may contribute to increased confusion and stress in the warehouse. 
  • Unsatisfied Customers: from overdue deliveries to inaccurate prices, subpar labels hinder the customer’s experience, impacting profitability and brand awareness, consequences that could have detrimental long-term effects.

Because label usage is unique, these problems may not all affect one company, which is why customized supplies still stand as the wisest choice. Instead of replacing printers and tracking systems, replace bad labels before they affect irreplaceable assets, such as your employees and clients.

You already have the best of everything, so why not get the best of label technology? Protect your business from bad labels with the Free Ship Program, and get all the functionality of premium labels when you start your order with Avalon Integration.

Everyone Loves Free Ship with Avalon Integration

Download the Flyer and Learn More About Our Free Ship Program

Download flyer for more program details and qualifications

The saying goes “for everything, there is a price”, but we know better than to define quality with one set price. In our mission to improve efficiency through premium supplies and affordable solutions, Avalon Integration embraces a diverse definition of quality now through its Free Ship Program, because when it comes to quality, companies should be allowed to define their success with customized tools.

Serve a Vast Array of Clients for Free Ship

Avalon Integration Serves a Vast Array of Clients

As we serve a vast array of clients -ranging from the U.S. Department of Defense to small local businesses- we understand the importance a little label holds, which is why from now till December 31st, Avalon Integration will cover shipping costs on Zebra certified custom labels shipping in the U.S. and Canada. Get more out of your labels along with a committed team of experts and 20 years’ worth of expertise, without freight charges.

The Age of Labels is Here

Age of Labels for Ship

Age of Labels

Outlining every system of operation, labels carry important information that optimizes your workforce while enhancing customer satisfaction. Reinvent productivity with labels built around your company’s brand.

  • Combine over 100 pretested materials to develop weather-proof reliable labels
  • Ensure brand identity with up to 12 water-based colors, 8 UV colors, and PMS color-matching. 
  • Discover new standards with UL/cUL and CSA approved solutions
  • Reduce downtime from misprints, reprints, and damaged printers

Sourced from four different label converting facilities, customized Zebra labels bring more than data to your workforce. With the proper supplies, you can maximize the functionality of your workforce while cutting down extra time spent ordering, shipping, applying (and reapplying) essential labels.

As barcode technology continues to develop, stay ahead of the learning curve with the latest advancements now provided by Avalon Integration. Speak with us today about our Free Ship Program to start your order and discover a new and inexpensive way to improve the efficiency of your team.

You spend a lot of time selecting the perfect “golden” color for your brand, but not all color mixers come out the same, impacting your prints and consequently your brand’s identity. Colors greatly influence client engagement and cannot be easily switched; therefore, replicating your correct color in every run is extremely vital. From banners to labels, color is your first visual contact with clients and must be consistent.

Excitement is red. Tranquility is blue. When you print the wrong colors, what do you do? With Avalon Integration’s Free Ship Program, the answer is clear: get quality custom labels without freight charges. From misprints to faded colors, eliminate printing guesswork with Zebra certified consumables and customize labels to match your brand’s colors from run-to-run.

Print the Rainbow Your Way with PMS Color Matching

Print PMS Color Matching Ribbons for any label

Using 12 water-based and 8UV colors, guarantee consistent results with PMS color matching. Specify the desired color in your order to minimize reprints and inaccurate coloring and get consistent pigments with every order. Plus, rest assured your labels will maintain optimal performance by selecting:

  • Heat, cold, and chemical resistance for harsh application environments
  • Water-proof and tear-proof features that expand label lifespan
  • Smear-resistance and security inks to minimize fading colors and data loss
  • Customized shapes, sizes, and text
  • Over 300 pre-tested materials to ensure consistent quality

And because every label is meticulously tested and ISO 9001:2008 certified, you can also increase the lifespan of your industrial printer by reducing adhesive and debris pile up with superior consumables. Plus, get free printhead replacements when you make Zebra your exclusive consumables supplier.

When it comes to printing color, you don’t have time for gray areas and guesswork. Guarantee accurate results with Avalon Integration, and find affordable and reliable options to your labeling system. Start your order with us to get free shipping on your Zebra custom labels from now till December 31st. Enjoy fast shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada.

Check out our flyer for more details.

Made from a selection of 300 pretested materials, Zebra Certified labels hold more than just inks and glues. From shipping instructions to barcodes, your labels contain crucial information that dictates the efficiency of your workforce. 

We understand the damage inferior labels bring to a company, which is why we provide companies with only the best consumables, now through Avalon Integration Free Ship Program

The Numbers Speak for Themselves When It Comes to a Label

Printer Printing a Label

Cheap labels may save you money at first, but the cost of reprints, printer damage, IT services, and misprints are basically incalculable. However using the proper label, they are avoidable, and the solution may save you more than money in the future. 

With custom labels, you can save

  • Up to 2,000 hours a year in packaging lines with ready-to-stick adhesives
  • Worry that comes from environmental factors as custom labels can withstand up to 500 degrees F
  • Time replacing outdoor labels as most survive up to 3 years outdoor
  • Printhead replacement costs that come with grainy cheap labels
  • Shipping costs when you buy with Avalon Integration

Unique Labels for Unique Jobs

A Unique Label being printed by a printer

Even though all certified labels endure our 23-point inspection process, we know there is no such thing as one all-purpose label type. Your business is unique, so why should your labels be any different? Expand your labels’ functionality while lowering your TCO without the frustration of shipping costs. 

Check out a program flyer to learn more about how you can get free freight on your consumable orders anywhere in the U.S and Canada from now till December 31st, and contact us to get a free estimate on your consumable order.