Made from a selection of 300 pretested materials, Zebra Certified labels hold more than just inks and glues. From shipping instructions to barcodes, your labels contain crucial information that dictates the efficiency of your workforce. 

We understand the damage inferior labels bring to a company, which is why we provide companies with only the best consumables, now through Avalon Integration Free Ship Program

The Numbers Speak for Themselves When It Comes to a Label

Printer Printing a Label

Cheap labels may save you money at first, but the cost of reprints, printer damage, IT services, and misprints are basically incalculable. However using the proper label, they are avoidable, and the solution may save you more than money in the future. 

With custom labels, you can save

  • Up to 2,000 hours a year in packaging lines with ready-to-stick adhesives
  • Worry that comes from environmental factors as custom labels can withstand up to 500 degrees F
  • Time replacing outdoor labels as most survive up to 3 years outdoor
  • Printhead replacement costs that come with grainy cheap labels
  • Shipping costs when you buy with Avalon Integration

Unique Labels for Unique Jobs

A Unique Label being printed by a printer

Even though all certified labels endure our 23-point inspection process, we know there is no such thing as one all-purpose label type. Your business is unique, so why should your labels be any different? Expand your labels’ functionality while lowering your TCO without the frustration of shipping costs. 

Check out a program flyer to learn more about how you can get free freight on your consumable orders anywhere in the U.S and Canada from now till December 31st, and contact us to get a free estimate on your consumable order.