Currently, there are over 1.4 million warehouse workers across the U.S., serving over 200 million online shoppers nationwide. Simple mathematics emphasizes the strain manufacturers and production lines face when striving to meet rising customer demands. With the spread of COVID-19, shelter-in-place mandates have contributed to a spike in online purchases, further adding to the stress. As essential workers provide crucial goods to our communities, pharma and manufacturing workers often face a new wave of risks as they must share devices across operations, increasing exposure to cross-contamination from high-touch surfaces.

While a simple sanitation schedule can help curb exposure, Avalon Integration partners with Proximity to eliminate higher cross-contamination risks with UV-Clean, ultraviolet disinfection technology designed to protect your workforce and your workflow.

What’s really in the palm of your hand?

Paramedic Using a Zebra Device with Purple Gloves on

What’s Really in the Palm of your Hand

Mobile devices are crucial to moving inventory seamlessly through your operations while keeping your supply chain connected. Unfortunately, your workforce shares more than vital information when working with them.

  • Nearly 3000 bacteria reside in one square inch of your keyboard.
  • An average of 25,000 bacteria reside on mobile phone touch screens 
  • Studies suggest that 40% of Americans don’t properly wash their hands as prescribed by the CDC.
  • 80% of pathogens are transmitted by touch

In light of these staggering numbers, Avalon sought to provide a disinfection solution that eliminates bottlenecks and missed crucial sanitation schedules. That’s when we turned to Proximity’s UV-Clean disinfection systems, which eliminates 99.99% of germs with a controlled ray of ultraviolet light in five minutes or less.

Why UV?

UV-Clean Scrambles Bacteria DNA

The UV-Clean Scrambles Bacteria DNA

Unlike conventional rubbing alcohol and soapy wipes, UV-Clean runs on an automated cycle, creating a reliable cleaning cycle between device usage. Simply place your device under UV-Clean’s hands-free cleaning station to eradicate harmful pathogens before your device reaches new hands.  Furthermore, ultraviolet technology captures more pathogens as it scrambles bacteria DNA found on high-touch surfaces instead of merely wiping them away.

See how UV-Clean raises the standards of inefficient sanitation in our infographic.

As we continue to navigate through higher demands, Avalon Integration continues to strengthen your operations with the next generation of warehousing efficiency. Contact us today to see how you can integrate UV-Clean’s adaptable performance into your workflow.