The spread of COVID-19 has changed much of the economic landscape across the world, disrupting supply chains and creating novel demands in virtually every industry. From manufacturing to retail, companies now face unprecedented challenges in creating a safe work environment that can still deliver quality service. Serving a wide range of clients, Avalon integration has gathered several adaptable resources to address today’s obstacles in navigating through the “New Normal”. Working alongside several technology and health solution specialists, we’re exploring the top three challenges companies expect to face.

1. How to secure health practices with shared devices

Warehouse worker in a red shirt scanning a barcode while wearing a mask

Create a safe work environment for your employees

While several health organizations have given ample lists of preferable health practices to add to your operations, some may be harder than others to implement. In the warehouse, sanitation practices should still be extended to mobile devices since they can house and share bacteria. A few ways to do this include:

  • Create sanitation cycles before and after devices are in use.
  • Refer to your device’s user guide for the best sanitation practice. All Zebra user guides can be found here.
  • Automate sanitation reporting to certify schedules are maintained. For example, Proximity’s UV-Clean helps record sanitation times, killing both bacteria and guesswork between devices.

2. How to reintroduce larger workforces without risking exposure

As operations begin to restart, it may be hard to manage high-density areas and shared spaces (such as loading docks and/or bathrooms). To maximize visibility without requiring a new infrastructure, Zebra’s MotionWorks Proximity integrates proximity alerts to enforce social distancing without creating bottlenecks, all while using your current Zebra mobile computers and Bluetooth technology.

3. How to maintain productivity in the event of exposure

Despite these initiatives, the risk of exposure still persists. That’s why it is crucial to develop an easy-to-follow response plan that encompasses your whole workforce, including those that do not work with enterprise technology. As a result, Avalon has also partnered with Accent to develop seamless exposure awareness solutions that do not require personal data or the use of personal technologies. Both Accent’s bracelet and Bluetooth connectivity partner together to create a strategy that:

  • Pinpoints exposure risk to help deploy partial quarantines within a timely manner
  • Helps you track possible points of contact without infringing privacy rights
  • Alerts workers when social distancing measures aren’t upheld

Learn more about our Exposure Awareness Solution in our infographic.

Warehouse worker in a red shirt scanning a barcode while wearing a mask

Download the stop germ spread with exposure awareness infographic and get started today!

While there is no concrete way to predict what supply chains will look like within the months to come, Avalon Integration works hard to equip you with proactive health strategies that protect your greatest assets – your employees. Contact us today for a free remote assessment of your reopening plan and stay ahead of challenges with solutions that fit into your operations.

Within the last few weeks, it seems as if online service has become the new normal for several states across the country. While retail sales have taken a record-breaking dip in March, e-commerce shipments have risen by 47% within the past two months, with order volumes steadily increasing by the day. However, as order quantity increases, so do shipment delays as businesses attempt to assemble and ship orders accurately without compromising worker health. With many stay-at-home orders extended through May, successful order fulfillment requires a new level of mobility that prioritizes adaptability, connectivity, and most importantly, safety.

As leaders in modernized efficiency, Avalon Integration explores new ways to streamline efficiency and productivity, so your field teams can move freely and safely. The result is accurate order fulfillment, increased customer satisfaction, and better brand identity.

How we do it

TC52 Disinfect for Field Teams

Disinfecting the TC52 for Field Teams

To create adaptable and safe mobility, Avalon partners with Zebra Technologies and Proximity’s UV-Clean to enhance:

  • Team communicationZebra’s rugged mobile devices such as the TC5X and TC7X series provide reliable long-range connectivity, high-speed internet, and communication channels so your teams can stay connected even in the most remote locations, further boosting order visibility throughout the supply chain.
  • Data Capture – Equipped with best-in-class intelligent data capture, Zebra’s Android touch-computers house several productivity applications as part of Zebra’s Mobility DNA which allows teams to scan multiple codes at once and minimize time spent on the road.
  • Reliable sanitationZebra’s disinfectant-ready devices are designed to maintain functionality through consistent sanitation cycles.
  • Scalable disinfection – Proximity’s UV-Clean accelerates sanitation efforts, killing 99.99% of harmful pathogens in less than five minutes. Moreover, this solution can fit into even the smallest workspace, sanitizing your team’s devices before and after delivery.

Witness the power of UV when you download our infographic.

As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Avalon is highly experienced in augmenting mobility efficiently with cost-effective and flexible solutions. Contact us today for a free demonstration of these solutions and equip your field teams with dependable mobility.

In years past, infection control systems seemed to be reserved mostly for the healthcare field. Nevertheless, as more COVID-19 cases are reported amongst warehouses and distribution centers, the need for trustworthy and infallible infection control systems has become higher than ever. The question is no longer “if” but “how” you should develop a recurrent infection control system. In our commitment to enhancing operations, Avalon Integration continues in its investigation as to how we can halt germ spread without hindering your workforce’s overall productivity.

Clean. Sanitized. Disinfected. Understand the Difference.

Clean Sanitized Disinfect Control System

From automated cleaning to disinfectant-ready surfaces, there are many options when it comes to creating a thorough cleaning solution. However, before any of these resources are selected, Avalon recommends understanding the crucial difference between your solution’s key aspects since these differences can do more than curb germ spread.

  • Cleaning – As the first step of your infection control process, manual cleaning serves as the front line to germ mitigation, yet it is only a starting point. This step involves wiping down high-touch equipment from any visible grime and dust particles. This should be done whenever devices are utilized in dusty/dirty areas to avoid bringing foreign contaminants into the workplace.
  • Disinfecting – Studies suggest there may be well over 3000 bacteria colonies residing on your handheld devices. Going beyond visible contaminants, proper disinfection strategies eliminate pathogenic microorganisms which are usually the perpetrators behind disease spread. A common disinfection solution can involve liquid chemicals, which if used inadequately can harm your mobile device. As a result, Avalon has worked with Zebra Technologies to provide disinfectant-ready hardware and specified cleaning guides that protect your device while accommodating your preferred disinfection strategy.
  • Sterilizing – Last but not least, the Center of Disease Control and Prevention cites sterilization as the eradication of all microbial life, including bacterial spores which can survive thorough disinfection. Although complete eradication is not likely, experts still encourage facilities to strive towards 100% sterilization when possible. While this procedure may seem more demanding, it can be vital when dealing with shared devices since most pathogens are transmitted via touch. Because today’s warehouses are generally fast-paced environments, Avalon partners with Proximity to accelerate sterilization with UV-Clean, killing 99.99% of bacteria in less than five minutes by scrambling bacterial DNA with controlled UV-C rays. In doing so, you minimize potential illnesses as devices are shared across your workforce.

When implemented correctly, these steps can also stop cross-contamination and other traceability issues in addition to germ spread. Take a closer look into any of these steps when you contact our automation experts today for your free demonstration.

As one of the most demanding and customer-centric sectors of business, retail often involves a great deal of direct-contact services, potentially exposing both customers and employees to harmful pathogens in high-density areas. Furthermore, because most shoppers still prefer to touch products before purchase, pathogens may also be spread via high-touch surfaces. Lastly, as businesses begin to regrow, device sharing may also become ever more common, further contributing to germ spread. While there may still be weeks before most retail stores officially welcome shoppers, it’s not too early to start planning and developing a reliably thorough infection control system. 

Generating over one trillion dollars in 2017, the retail sector has become a crucial contributor to the U.S. economy, yet after facing one of the biggest health challenges of our time, it’s only natural that customers will expect more from the retail business. Valuing both the employee and customer experience, Avalon Integration is already working with leading manufacturers and innovators in gathering the best resources to help you get ready for opening day.

Open for Business – Not Germs

Open for Business with Disinfection

Open for Business Not for Germs

When creating an infection control system that adapts into the customer-focused retail landscape, combine the power of human intelligence with automated reliability by:

  • Setting time aside for proper disinfection – Just like grocery stores have separated large amounts of time to clean and restock, retail stores can implement similar procedures. Moreover, cleaning procedures should be implemented within workflows as devices are shared between associates.
  • Dedicating labor efforts to oversight – With multiple touch-points spread throughout retail stores, close oversight may be necessary to prevent missed sanitation and cleaning cycles. Further secure sanitation cycles with automated disinfection technologies such as Proximity’s UV-Clean which kills bacteria and records sanitation cycles for future auditing.
  • Choosing committed flexibility – Adaptable to your workspace, UV-Clean’s different mounting options bring the power of ultraviolet disinfection to even the smallest space, eradicating 99.99% of bacteria in under 5 minutes, restoring devices into your workforce’s hands as quick as possible to maximize uptime.

See how UV light stands against germs when you download our infographic.

Not sure where to start? Contact Avalon Integration for a free assessment of your infection control technology and safeguard your employees and customers with solutions built for maximum productivity and safety. 

In response to rising health concerns across the world, companies have enforced crucial hand washing policies to curb germ spread. However, when it comes to completely protecting high-touch surfaces, handwashing is only the beginning to effective infection control. While highly effective on human hands, soap and water may not be suitable for your mobile devices, which when shared, can transmit up to 80% of pathogens within a single touch. As a matter of fact, high-touch surfaces -like keyboards, scanner handles, and touchscreens – can carry up to 10 times more bacteria than a public restroom, yet consistent sanitation schedules are still scarce in most operations.

It's time to Upgrade Your Infection Control System

It’s time to upgrade your Disinfection Solutions with Avalon Integration, Proximity and Zebra Technologies

To protect your operation’s most valuable assets -that is, your workforce- Avalon Integration works alongside leading automation developers such as Zebra Technologies and Proximity Systems to bring you three easy ways to enhance your infection control system while augmenting productivity and staff safety.

Proximity's UV-Clean delivers automated cleaning cycles

Proximity’s UV-Clean delivers automated cleaning cycles

  1. Automated Cleaning Cycles – Just as with many other pencil-to-paper systems, manual sanitation schedules leave room for error, which in this case, increases workforce exposure to harmful pathogens. To mitigate germ spread, disinfection technology, such as Proximity’s UV-Clean, provides a no-touch automated sanitation schedule, where cycles are automatically recorded for future auditing. Simply place your mobile device under its controlled ultraviolet beam to kill 99.99% germs in less than 5 minutes, and track cycles in your operation’s high-density areas. 
  2. Chemical-Resistant Hardware – To complement automated disinfection cycles, Avalon also recommends strengthening your infection control system by applying the correct cleaning procedures to all your Zebra devices. Built with the toughest materials available, Zebra hardware is virtually waterproof and chemical resistant, ensuring continuous performance throughout your stringent disinfection strategies.
  3. Minimized Device Sharing – While we understand it may be difficult to equip every team member with their own device, Avalon works with Zebra to minimize needless device sharing through versatile technology that streamlines multiple functions through one device. Combine data capture, connectivity, and inventory tracking all through one of Zebra’s next-generation mobile computers, available through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. Upgrade devices from any manufacturer to integrate durable and multi-purpose technology that boosts mobility while lowering device swapping.

Take a closer look at how to elevate your infection control system in our video.

Integrate all or one of these methods today to raise the standards of inefficient disinfection when you contact us for a free demonstration of these devices.

Over three million American workers have become unexpected first responders within the Coronavirus crisis. They are the store clerks, cashiers, associates, grocers, and retail workers that keep supermarkets operational during one of the most demanding times society has faced within recent years. However, unlike our healthcare professionals, grocery and retail workers lack proper protective gear to mitigate the spread of disease. Furthermore, in the midst of attempting to provide fast and accurate service, grocery operations currently face an extraordinary labor shortage as job postings have risen by 60% in the past three weeks, further impacting crucial sanitation practices and schedules. Although many 24h stores have shortened open hours to restock and clean, eradicating germ spread efficiently from all high-touch surfaces is no simple task.

Tackling High Touch Areas with No-Touch UV Technology

UV-Clean Power of Light from Proximity Systems

UV-Clean from Proximity Systems

Although water and soap work effectively on human hands, certain high touch surfaces such as your workforce’s shared mobile devices may be sensitive to cleaning materials and water.  However, mobile devices also carry thousands of bacteria from hand to hand between usage. As your associates share devices such as handheld scanners, mobile computers, and keyboards, pathogens can spread from surface to surface. To eliminate cross-contamination risks, Avalon Integration has partnered with Proximity in equipping your operations with UV-Clean, the touch-free sanitation solution crafted for reliable performance in any space.

Watch the video from Proximity to learn more!

  • Adaptable mounting options to fit your workspace
  • Automated disinfection cycles 
  • Customizable sanitation schedules
  • Built-in audit trail for sanitation management
  • Scalable to your business’ needs
  • 24” active cleaning area

Destroying bacteria DNA at a microscopic level, UV-Clean eliminates 99.99% of pathogens with one short cycle, boosting device availability without spreading germs throughout your workspace, empowering your workforce to:

  • Access crucial devices during peak hours
  • Process more orders with the technology they need
  • Share enterprise-grade devices with peace of mind

Catch a closer look at the power of UV light with Avalon Integration when you contact us for a free assessment of your current disinfection plan and integrate the next evolution in sanitation efficiency.

Currently, there are over 1.4 million warehouse workers across the U.S., serving over 200 million online shoppers nationwide. Simple mathematics emphasizes the strain manufacturers and production lines face when striving to meet rising customer demands. With the spread of COVID-19, shelter-in-place mandates have contributed to a spike in online purchases, further adding to the stress. As essential workers provide crucial goods to our communities, pharma and manufacturing workers often face a new wave of risks as they must share devices across operations, increasing exposure to cross-contamination from high-touch surfaces.

While a simple sanitation schedule can help curb exposure, Avalon Integration partners with Proximity to eliminate higher cross-contamination risks with UV-Clean, ultraviolet disinfection technology designed to protect your workforce and your workflow.

What’s really in the palm of your hand?

Paramedic Using a Zebra Device with Purple Gloves on

What’s Really in the Palm of your Hand

Mobile devices are crucial to moving inventory seamlessly through your operations while keeping your supply chain connected. Unfortunately, your workforce shares more than vital information when working with them.

  • Nearly 3000 bacteria reside in one square inch of your keyboard.
  • An average of 25,000 bacteria reside on mobile phone touch screens 
  • Studies suggest that 40% of Americans don’t properly wash their hands as prescribed by the CDC.
  • 80% of pathogens are transmitted by touch

In light of these staggering numbers, Avalon sought to provide a disinfection solution that eliminates bottlenecks and missed crucial sanitation schedules. That’s when we turned to Proximity’s UV-Clean disinfection systems, which eliminates 99.99% of germs with a controlled ray of ultraviolet light in five minutes or less.

Why UV?

UV-Clean Scrambles Bacteria DNA

The UV-Clean Scrambles Bacteria DNA

Unlike conventional rubbing alcohol and soapy wipes, UV-Clean runs on an automated cycle, creating a reliable cleaning cycle between device usage. Simply place your device under UV-Clean’s hands-free cleaning station to eradicate harmful pathogens before your device reaches new hands.  Furthermore, ultraviolet technology captures more pathogens as it scrambles bacteria DNA found on high-touch surfaces instead of merely wiping them away.

See how UV-Clean raises the standards of inefficient sanitation in our infographic.

As we continue to navigate through higher demands, Avalon Integration continues to strengthen your operations with the next generation of warehousing efficiency. Contact us today to see how you can integrate UV-Clean’s adaptable performance into your workflow.