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Experience the Power of Light with Avalon Integration and Proximity

Hassle-Free. Touch-Free. This is the Power of UV.

UV-Clean Avalon and Proximity

To continue protecting our clients and partners, Avalon Integration works alongside Proximity to equip you with the next generation of efficient disinfection technology. Discover a new level of clean with UV-Clean, fit for any industry.

  • 0 chemical toxins needed

  • 99.99% germ reduction

  • 5-minute disinfection cycles

Avalon Integration and Accent Systems Infographic

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Avalon-UV Clean Animated Infographic

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Wipe Away Germs without a Single Touch

From touch screens to handheld scanners, run your high-touch devices under a carefully controlled UV lightstream to destroy bacteria between usage. Get peace of mind when you automate your disinfection system with UV-Clean.

  • Adaptable to your workspace

  • Customized automated cleaning cycles

  • 24” active cleaning area

  • Motion-activated light sensors for safe UV-light usage

Safe. Fast. Affordable.

Efficient Disinfection the Way You Need It.

Protect your team with the latest disinfection technology when you
contact us to see how you can integrate UV-Clean into your workflow.

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