In response to rising health concerns across the world, companies have enforced crucial hand washing policies to curb germ spread. However, when it comes to completely protecting high-touch surfaces, handwashing is only the beginning to effective infection control. While highly effective on human hands, soap and water may not be suitable for your mobile devices, which when shared, can transmit up to 80% of pathogens within a single touch. As a matter of fact, high-touch surfaces -like keyboards, scanner handles, and touchscreens – can carry up to 10 times more bacteria than a public restroom, yet consistent sanitation schedules are still scarce in most operations.

It's time to Upgrade Your Infection Control System

It’s time to upgrade your Disinfection Solutions with Avalon Integration, Proximity and Zebra Technologies

To protect your operation’s most valuable assets -that is, your workforce- Avalon Integration works alongside leading automation developers such as Zebra Technologies and Proximity Systems to bring you three easy ways to enhance your infection control system while augmenting productivity and staff safety.

Proximity's UV-Clean delivers automated cleaning cycles

Proximity’s UV-Clean delivers automated cleaning cycles

  1. Automated Cleaning Cycles – Just as with many other pencil-to-paper systems, manual sanitation schedules leave room for error, which in this case, increases workforce exposure to harmful pathogens. To mitigate germ spread, disinfection technology, such as Proximity’s UV-Clean, provides a no-touch automated sanitation schedule, where cycles are automatically recorded for future auditing. Simply place your mobile device under its controlled ultraviolet beam to kill 99.99% germs in less than 5 minutes, and track cycles in your operation’s high-density areas. 
  2. Chemical-Resistant Hardware – To complement automated disinfection cycles, Avalon also recommends strengthening your infection control system by applying the correct cleaning procedures to all your Zebra devices. Built with the toughest materials available, Zebra hardware is virtually waterproof and chemical resistant, ensuring continuous performance throughout your stringent disinfection strategies.
  3. Minimized Device Sharing – While we understand it may be difficult to equip every team member with their own device, Avalon works with Zebra to minimize needless device sharing through versatile technology that streamlines multiple functions through one device. Combine data capture, connectivity, and inventory tracking all through one of Zebra’s next-generation mobile computers, available through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. Upgrade devices from any manufacturer to integrate durable and multi-purpose technology that boosts mobility while lowering device swapping.

Take a closer look at how to elevate your infection control system in our video.

Integrate all or one of these methods today to raise the standards of inefficient disinfection when you contact us for a free demonstration of these devices.