Within the last few weeks, it seems as if online service has become the new normal for several states across the country. While retail sales have taken a record-breaking dip in March, e-commerce shipments have risen by 47% within the past two months, with order volumes steadily increasing by the day. However, as order quantity increases, so do shipment delays as businesses attempt to assemble and ship orders accurately without compromising worker health. With many stay-at-home orders extended through May, successful order fulfillment requires a new level of mobility that prioritizes adaptability, connectivity, and most importantly, safety.

As leaders in modernized efficiency, Avalon Integration explores new ways to streamline efficiency and productivity, so your field teams can move freely and safely. The result is accurate order fulfillment, increased customer satisfaction, and better brand identity.

How we do it

TC52 Disinfect for Field Teams

Disinfecting the TC52 for Field Teams

To create adaptable and safe mobility, Avalon partners with Zebra Technologies and Proximity’s UV-Clean to enhance:

  • Team communicationZebra’s rugged mobile devices such as the TC5X and TC7X series provide reliable long-range connectivity, high-speed internet, and communication channels so your teams can stay connected even in the most remote locations, further boosting order visibility throughout the supply chain.
  • Data Capture – Equipped with best-in-class intelligent data capture, Zebra’s Android touch-computers house several productivity applications as part of Zebra’s Mobility DNA which allows teams to scan multiple codes at once and minimize time spent on the road.
  • Reliable sanitationZebra’s disinfectant-ready devices are designed to maintain functionality through consistent sanitation cycles.
  • Scalable disinfection – Proximity’s UV-Clean accelerates sanitation efforts, killing 99.99% of harmful pathogens in less than five minutes. Moreover, this solution can fit into even the smallest workspace, sanitizing your team’s devices before and after delivery.

Witness the power of UV when you download our infographic.

As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Avalon is highly experienced in augmenting mobility efficiently with cost-effective and flexible solutions. Contact us today for a free demonstration of these solutions and equip your field teams with dependable mobility.