If you ever wonder how much value something has to your life, consider what happens when you lose it. The power goes out and suddenly you can’t get your Internet connection, use the microwave, television, or—oh no!—charge up your electronics. What do you do when you can’t find your phone? Stop everything! So, with the importance of all the gadgets, gizmos, and connections that keep your business running, how do you choose a technology partner company? Is it a provider, problem-solver, or partner? Avalon Integration has some suggestions. You have a lot of choices for a technology provider, so before you jump onto one—because it’s familiar or has great prices—stop and think about the role that this company is going to play.

The Provider

A Technology Partner providing help with various resources to clients

We hear this term used a lot, and there’s value to having a solid provider. This company is readily available to get you the products you need. They have a wide range of items to choose from and can fill your order promptly and accurately.

The Provider offers quick turnaround, maybe same-day shipping. That’s definitely valuable for those emergencies when you’re faced with downtime. The clock keeps ticking until you have the devices, supplies, or get things up and running.

This role also requires someone with in-depth product knowledge. You should be able to rely on them to find the specific thing you need, even if you don’t quite know it yourself. You can describe the features and functions you’re looking for, and the Provider’s knowledge of their inventory will quickly match you to the right selection.

Before choosing a Provider, learn the products they carry and the level of partnerships they maintain with the manufacturers because these connections impact the products you can access and the programs that your Provider can offer. Also, find out about policies for delivery, returns, special orders, and warranties.

The Problem-Solver

A Problem Solver helping a client with code

When you’re faced with a challenge and don’t have a palatable answer, you rely on a Problem-solver. Like a SWAT team, this company is called in to assess the issue and efficiently deliver a solution. You need a company that responds quickly and has the technical support in place to deal with your situation, both on-site and remotely.

A problem can be as simple as identifying why certain barcode labels aren’t printing correctly to deploying RFID to improve asset tracking or upgrading a network for better connections in a dynamic environment, like a warehouse, plant, or distribution center.

The Problem-solver is well-schooled in technology and agile enough to respond quickly when you call for help. A reliable Problem-solver has a diverse network of reliable resources to call on, like a well-stocked toolkit.

When choosing a Problem-solver, you need to know about that network. What can this company provide you to support the services you need? Learn how quickly you can expect a response and guarantees for the work provided.

The Partner

Technology Partner talking to clients in a meeting

A true Partner fulfills the roles of Provider and Problem-solver and more. While those are reactive sources, a Partner is proactive. Your technology partnership is built on trust in the company’s ability to understand your business as an individual, getting to know the processes and the people. The Partner invests in gaining this knowledge in order to offer suggestions, prevent problems, and guide you to achieve goals. A Partner opens your eyes to opportunities that you might not otherwise see.

For example, a Partner would have advised you of the importance of OS Migration and presented a strategy before you had to ask.

A Partner would visit your facility to explore how things are running, talk to the workers to gauge their productivity, and then give you suggestions for improvements that would deliver a rapid return on investment.

Take Your Pick for the Right Technology Partner!

At Avalon Integration, we focus on building lasting partnerships. We might start because you need a provider to get your products or services. But we hope you’ll soon discover that we are much more. Our team of experienced pros is committed to the company vision of proactively supporting our clients. We ask questions to make sure your technology is serving you to the best ability. We try to look ahead so that we can circumvent a problem before it escalates.

With Avalon Integration as your technology partner, you don’t have to ask if your devices come fully configured or with the latest version of the OS. You don’t need to wonder whether or not we can handle your wireless network growth or process challenges. That’s what we do. Pick up the phone and you’ll talk to a person—your partner.

We’re here for the long haul, an extension of your project team. Let’s get started now and talk about the partner that provides what you need, solves your problems, and proactively supports your goals.