What is OS Migration? Avalon Integration is here to help with the transition.

What is OS Migration?

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What Is OS Migration?

Microsoft is phasing out support for many of their Windows Operating systems. They will no longer provide security patches or updates. That means anyone who is currently using any Windows Operating System other than Windows 10 or Azure IoT for their enterprise devices will need to migrate to another operating system even if it’s to a newer Windows OS.

What Are Your Options?

Windows Icon

You can risk continuing with Windows, without security updates, exposing your network to malware and decaying productivity as devices fail.

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Rewrite your apps to fit Windows 10 and IoT. Your users will need to learn a new interface even as you invest in rewriting apps.

Android and Apple OS Migration Icon

Move to a different operating system, like Android or iOS. You rewrite apps, but you move to viable Operating Systems that users know well.

Android or iOS?

Most of your workforce is already very familiar with Android. 85% of consumer and enterprise mobile devices currently in use run on Android; 14% run iOS.

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Android offers a much larger population of software developers and rich in enterprise level features like durability and scanning capability.

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iOS is only available for consumer-grade Apple devices – popular, but very few enterprise-level features.

An Enterprise Android Solution

Zebra’s Powerful Mobility Extensions (Mx) and Mobility DNA Solutions overcome past security issues and create robust management capabilities to meet the needs of the modern enterprise user. Your data is secure. Android’s familiar interface makes it easy for almost every member of the workforce to use and it’s affordable.

Avalon Integration can help you evaluate your current situation and guide you to the strategic transition that will deliver the best results for your company. Talk to us to steer your migration along a smart route.

For an In-Depth Look at Os Migration Watch the Video

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