From mounting options to data capture range, today’s modernized scanning systems can be customized to fit in the smallest spaces and work through the longest shifts without compromising scan accuracy. That’s why researchers expect a 19% growth in scanner upgrades by 2022, as more operations strive to meet demands with automation. Consequently, modernizing data capture technologies may seem overwhelming at first due to the many differentiators now available through leading manufacturers. To facilitate optimization, Avalon Integration and Zebra Technologies investigate the major differentiators one should consider when upgrading scanners.

  • Indoor or Outdoor?
    Although all of our enterprise scanners are built to last, outdoor-purposed devices are equipped with longer scanning ranges, higher drop specs, and light-
    resistant aimers to maximize scanning efficiency on the go. In a similar vein, indoor scanners have also come a long way by remaining durable despite their smaller size. Moreover, scanning engines have adapted in order to fit into mobile computers, eliminating the need for an additional handheld device that could add to worker discomfort.
  • Handheld or Hands-free?
    As “contactless” becomes the standard in workflows across multiple industries, hands-free scanning options such as fixed mounted scanners and ring scanners have become popular. These options empower workers to capture data without additional movement or touch points, accelerating workflows while preserving worker safety.
  • Long Range or Short Range?
    Certain use cases such as inventory management may be well performed with a standard range scanner (under 50ft) to avoid capturing the wrong code. On the other hand, shelf auditing and cross-docking can benefit greatly from long range data capture as barcodes are often located further away or on high shelves. Long range data capture such as the MC9300’s 70ft scanning range enable fast accurate scans without the need to move inventory for a closer line of sight.
  • High-Volume or Low-Volume
    While most scanners are designed to capture over 1,000 scans per charge, modernized scanning applications like Zebra’s SimulScan accommodate high-volume demand by capturing multiple codes at once. For both high-volume and high-demand, scanners like the DS3600 combine simultaneous scanning with longer and hot-swappable batteries, ensuring uptime into longer shifts.

As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Avalon is able to equip you with Zebra’s best-in-class enterprise scanners, each designed to adapt to your unique workflow while
bringing dependable accuracy, ease of use, and remote management into your operations. See how in our video:

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