When you’re not feeling well, do you go to the doctor and tell him what tests and medications you want? Unless you have medical training, probably not. You seek out a professional when you need advice and an informed “diagnosis”. Problem-solving starts with an assessment. At the fast pace of technology’s advances, you should use the same approach with identifying your business needs.

Quite often, you see offers for a “free consultation” or “free assessment”. Do you ignore them? This is your chance to get valuable insight and to learn about your options. Think of it as a second opinion that either confirms what you suspect (or have been told) or gives you a different viewpoint. Either way, isn’t it a valuable use of your time?

When Avalon Integration offers a free technology assessment, it’s because we know that your business is different than anyone else’s. Your people, processes, and goals are unique to you and your operation. We can’t solve your problem the way we’d address another business’s issues. Sure, we can use our experience and knowledge as a basis for formulating an opinion, but the assessment allows us to dig deeper into how you work, and better understand your challenges and opportunities.

Order-Taker or Problem-Solver

Order Taker and Problem Solver

A (good) doctor wouldn’t necessarily prescribe the exact same treatment to a teenage boy as a mature woman, and the same goes for customizing a solution for a business. The technology that works for your competitor, for example, might be totally wrong for you. They have their own goals, workforce, network, facilities, location, and budget. As a competitor, you work on distinguishing your company from others, and the systems you choose should support that mission.

Consider These Three Scenarios.

Three Scenarios to look out for in your warehouse

You’ve been using Microsoft Windows Mobile for your enterprise operating system, and you know the support is ending, so you reach out to a couple of “technology providers” to figure out what to do.

One tells you that they can provide support for Windows so you don’t have to go through OS migration. They tell you, “We’ve done this for lots of people.” Another company says they can handle the migration and will get you everything you need.

A third one doesn’t offer a solution, but instead starts the conversation with a lot of questions. What are you using for primary apps? What legacy devices do you have and how old are they? Are you paying licensing fees for your software? What functions do you rely on most? Does your wireless network currently support your users, apps, and hardware?

The first company is an order-taker. You tell them what you want and they comply. The second one uses a cookie-cutter approach.

Avalon Integration Is Here to Give You an Assessment

Avalon integration is here to give you a free assessment

The last one—let’s call them “Avalon Integration”—is assessing the situation.

When a business offers you a free assessment, take it. You have no obligation to give them your business. They need to earn it. And the action of letting them show you how they approach problem-solving will provide useful insight into their value as a lasting partner.

So, Avalon Integration is offering a free assessment. We might be able to help you improve your operational efficiency or address your other goals. And we might tell you with all honesty that you’re already in great shape. We’re not going to sell you what you don’t need. When you’re ready for an honest evaluation, contact us to schedule it.