The production line is working efficiently to meet production demands. Things are progressing on schedule. Then the print on the barcode labels shows streaking. You throw out a batch and check the printer. You need a new ribbon. But there isn’t one. Production halts and someone is sent scurrying to get a replacement. Avalon Integration has been on the receiving end of these urgent calls. You can prevent downtime and rush charges with proactive supplies management.

Proactive supplies management keeps your operation running smoothly

Proactive supplies management keeps your operation running smoothly

Is it a problem? It might not seem like a big one until it happens. Then you can add up the cost of lost productivity—work that must be made up to stay on track. Calculate the expense of getting the supplies delivered in a rush, too.

Let’s rewind and look at a solution that prevents the unwelcome surprise of running out of barcode printer supplies.

Find a Managed Service Supplier for Proactive Supplies Management

Find Managed Service for Proactive Supplies Management

The right resource does more than fulfill orders. You need a provider who pays attention to the way you use your supplies (type, volume, order frequency) and adjusts accordingly. The right supplier will advise you of improvements you can make to your ordering, like consolidating labels to save money, using pre-printed barcode label media, or revising your quantities. Your barcode printer supplier should get to know you and your business to understand your processes and become a partner, not a salesperson.

It starts with a supplies assessment. Guide the provider through your operation, explaining how your labeling is done—the applications, printer types, and media. In many cases, when we’ve conducted these assessments, we’ve found significant potential for improving the processes and also saving money. So, it’s a smart investment of your time!

Take Adventure of Deeper Volume Discounts

Deeper Volume Discounts with Managed Supplies

We’ve discovered that by slightly changing the size of some labels, our customers gain efficiencies. They can reduce the number of label sizes in inventory and take advantage of deeper volume discounts.

One of the other valuable solutions is more efficient color-coding. For printing like quality assurance labels, having “pass” and “fail” labels easily visible by color is a distinct advantage, but it can get costly to print color. Zebra IQ Color labels are perfect for this type of application. These labels have invisible color zones. The color is activated, not printed when it goes through your direct thermal printer. With one label, you can print your color-coded labels in up to three different colors (plus black).

We’d like to see how we can use our expertise to your benefit. Contact Avalon Integration to schedule a free assessment.

How much time and money does it cost you when you run out of barcode printer supplies? First, a worker goes looking for ribbons, labels, and media, only to discover that “someone” forgot to reorder. So, you have a printer that can’t print. More downtime. Then you place a rush order, with the rush charges attached. By making the effort to proactively manage your consumables, you can avoid downtime and rush orders (the reactive alternative).

Avalon Helps to Avoid Downtime

Don’t Rely on Someone to Remember Let Us Help

Avalon Will Stop Anything From Causing You Downtime

Avalon Integration can help you take control of your thermal printer supplies. Don’t rely on that “someone” to remember. Leave the job to us. We’ll monitor your usage and ship sufficient supply inventory so you don’t run out, but aren’t overstocked. We’ll also take the time to understand your barcode printing uses. In some cases, we can offer suggestions that can not only improve the quality and efficiency of your printing but also save money.

See Some Downtime Examples

  • Some thermal printer ribbons are designed for high-speed printing. If you’re not using the right ribbons, you could be getting subpar results.
  • You could color-code your barcode labels without the expense of color printing. Zebra IQ Colour creates up to four color zones (including black) that are activated by your printer. These thermal printer labels can be customized to place the zones in the colors and areas where you need them.
  • Inferior media can cause printer jams and damage from the build-up of dust, debris, and ooze adhesive. When you use quality, you get quality. In fact, with the Printhead Protection Program, we’ll provide free printhead replacements when you commit to using only genuine Zebra supplies. Decrease sensor errors.
  • A curved surface is best served by a flexible label, like polypropylene and polyolefin.
  • A resin thermal printer ribbon produces better quality on gloss stock, while a wax ribbon is more suitable for matte surfaces.
  • A resin ribbon provides a more durable image than either wax or wax-resin, with excellent protection against scratching, smudging, and exposure to harsh and extreme chemicals.
  • Depending on your use cases, preprinted labels could be cost-effective; however, with free custom dies from Avalon Integration and Zebra, custom labels are fast and affordable, and might be the better option.

To make sure you’re getting the best value from your thermal printing supplies, schedule a free assessment with Avalon Integration. We can determine opportunities for improved productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.