Seize Your Edge: Meet the Device Redefining Wearable Efficiency

As warehouses and distribution centers prepare for the end-of-the-year uptick in order processing, the demand for simplistic technologies increases since it facilitates faster deployment and productivity for seasonal hires. Consequently, wearable technologies have gained traction due to their ease-of-use and maximized safety. Previous studies have cited a 15% increase in productivity without overstraining the workforce or budgets, resulting from:

  • Higher ergonomics which boosts worker comfort
  • Android’s intuitive platform that’s familiar to consumer-grade devices
  • Streamlined data capture and processing to eliminate manual data entry
  • Tap and pair connectivity with current mobile computers and WMS

Moreover, wearable technologies facilitate the integration of hands-free picking technologies, which have been shown to accelerate inventory movement and overall productivity. To truly serve as a viable option, wearable technologies should be lightweight, adaptable to individual workers, and compatible with current picking systems to avoid major disruptions.

Zebra’s HD4000 meets all the goals while enabling additional benefits.

As the first of its kind, Zebra’s head-mounted display connects to your mobile device to promote real-time visibility and hands-free directed workflows set right before your employee’s eyes. The result has consistently been…

  1. Maximized task accuracy since digitized orders no longer require manual input.
  2. Faster order fulfillment since inventory location and status information is poised right in front of workers as they navigate throughout the warehouse.
  3. Greater worker safety as employees are able to travel around the warehouse with their eyes focused directly at the task at hand.
  4. Faster adaptability to changes since displays can be remotely updated in the event of supply chain changes and sudden demands. This helps warehouses prevent out of stocks since inventory levels can be monitored in real-time.  
  5. Individualized worker flexibility backed by leading optical display technology that adjusts to pupillary distances, glasses, and differences between right and left eyes, all to minimize eye fatigue.

See how the HD4000 increases productivity in our fact sheet. Simplicity and intelligence go hand in hand when developing a modernized order picking solution. Contact Avalon to see how you can increase both with wearable technologies designed for the high-demand digital age.

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