Founded in 1983, AML has founded its company principles on improving data collection and storage through barcode technology. In today’s drastic shift towards digital storage and cloud technology, there is little that is more important to advancing your business’ productivity, and raising your production numbers, than staying on trend and up to date with the most efficient products on the market. AML’s handheld terminal, the Triton, is helping warehouse and retail businesses alike truly become mobile workforces.


The Triton is a rugged, cost-effective handheld terminal, created specifically for terminal emulation applications. This makes it the perfect device for warehouse, distribution, and other harsh work environments.

TE Applications Include:
· Inventory Control
· Asset Tracking
· Shipping/Receiving
· Check-In/ Check out
· Order Picking
· Auditing

The Triton stands above all other devices in its class with numerous additions. A highly visible white backlit LCD guarantees clear picture in all lighting conditions, 35 numeric and 55 alphanumeric keypad options are available, and a built-in enterprise-class Summit radio with 802.11 bgn connectivity. Each Triton device includes pre-loaded TE clients for VT100/220 and 5250, a battery, and AML’s standard 1-year warranty guarantee.

With the help of Avalon Integration’s expertise and market knowledge, finding the right product to develop your business and capitalize on your current consumer base has never been easier!

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