At the crux of enterprise, success is an efficient labeling system. Controlling inventory movement from door to dock, labels hold the potential to maximize accuracy and productivity, two indispensable factors for today’s operations. Studies estimate return costs may reach well over $550 billion in 2020 alone, with wrongly-picked orders comprising almost a fifth of returned orders.  In other words, the time to establish labeling efficiency is now. 

Zebra Labels Improve Overall Productivity

Zebra Labels Improve Overall Productivity

While they only account for 5% of your operations’ expense, labels can be enhanced to improve overall productivity. Testing innovative technology for over two decades, Avalon Integration partners with Zebra Technologies to safeguard operations from inefficiency with quality labels and printing supplies. Engineered to maximize productivity and visibility, Zebra’s RFID labels give you the leading edge on today’s market changes by facing the top four labeling dangers with unprecedented ease.

  1. Made survive any environment – Designed with pretested materials, all Zebra Certified Consumables endure rigorous testing and inspection to make sure they remain functional beyond the moment of application.  
  2. Customizable to fit the desired size – Because no two businesses are the same, Zebra’s RFID labels can be customized with your choice of material, size, antenna, and inlay. Plus, with ZipShip, labels are ready to ship within 24 hours, reducing sudden label shortages.
  3. Customizable to function on metal applications – Create a metal-friendly RFID application with Zebra’s ZT411 industrial printer to bring the benefits of RFID locationing into previously uncharted applications.  
  4. Compatible with secured enterprise-devices – In addition to rugged labels, an efficient labeling solution requires enterprise-grade technology that protects data. Fortified by Mobility Extensions (Mx), Zebra handhelds such as the MC9300, TC7X, and TC5X preserve data security with government-grade encryption and reliable security patches provided through LifeGuard.

Not Like the Rest

Zebra Labels Not Like the Rest

Zebra Labels are Not Like the Rest

  • Regulatory fines
  • Lost customer loyalty
  • Missed compliance standards
  • Product shrinkage
  • Wasted warehouse space
  • Increased product returns

Eliminate the dangers of faulty labels with Zebra Certified Consumables. Plus, get free printhead replacements when you make Zebra your exclusive consumables supplier through the Printhead Protection Program.

Discover how Zebra’s RFID technology can help protect your operations when you contact us for a free labeling assessment with our industry experts and implement efficiency down to the smallest details.

Since its inception in 1948, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has revolutionized tracking operations across multiple industries. Developed to identify ally and enemy aircrafts during World War II, RFID technology has no permeated in several industries. Tracking pharmaceutical specimens, warehouse stock deliveries, maintenance records, and everything else in between, today’s RFID labels have been optimized through the years to adapt to new application requirements, yet this insightful solution seems to constantly run into one nemesis: metal. 

Supplies ZT410 Labels RFID on Metal

Tackling on-metal applications with ease, Zebra’s new ZT400 RFID printers set a new standard in asset tracking with on-demand metal-friendly tags

From costly scanning equipment to manufactured inventory, warehouses face a challenge when it comes to labeling metal assets. Acting as a conductor, metal reflects RFID signals, hindering read performance. While regular paper-based barcodes may serve as a viable solution, Avalon Integration is proud to work alongside Zebra Technologies in implementing the next level of RFID efficiency. Tackling on-metal applications with ease, Zebra’s new ZT400 RFID printers set a new standard in asset tracking with on-demand metal-friendly tags. 

On-Demand Solutions for the On-Demand Market

RFID experts aim at extending these benefits to metal assets with the ZT411

RFID experts aim at extending these benefits with the ZT411

Integrated into retail, RFID tags have been reported to lower inventory shrinkage by nearly 55%. Equipping warehouses with the correct printer, reader, and scanner, our RFID experts aim at extending these benefits to metal assets with the ZT411. See how Zebra’s latest RFID printer maximizes visibility while lowering operational costs.

  • Tag crucial devices throughout the supply chain: Instead of only tagging inventory, metal-friendly RFID tags can track mobile computers, tablets, and other enterprise devices to prevent shortage and downtime.
  • Secure reliable identification in harsh environments: Thicker than typical RFID tags, metal-friendly labels are still strengthened to survive the harsher conditions metal encounters, such as extreme temperatures, water, and rust.
  • Amplify printer functionality with compliant labels: Whether it be national or global requirements, Avalon makes sure your entire solution meets standards with an easy-to-adjust solution.
  • Create crisp tags at faster printing speed: This plug-and-play solution redefines agility with 14ips printing speeds, delivering up to 300 dpi to create resistant yet flexible tracking tags.

To learn more about Zebra’s newest industrial printer, download our brochure here.

Maximize uptime with the most versatile and durable RFID printer on the market, made the demanding environment of today’s warehouses. Start optimizing warehouse visibility when you contact us for an assessment of your inventory tracking system and schedule a free demonstration of the ZT411.