Over three million American workers have become unexpected first responders within the Coronavirus crisis. They are the store clerks, cashiers, associates, grocers, and retail workers that keep supermarkets operational during one of the most demanding times society has faced within recent years. However, unlike our healthcare professionals, grocery and retail workers lack proper protective gear to mitigate the spread of disease. Furthermore, in the midst of attempting to provide fast and accurate service, grocery operations currently face an extraordinary labor shortage as job postings have risen by 60% in the past three weeks, further impacting crucial sanitation practices and schedules. Although many 24h stores have shortened open hours to restock and clean, eradicating germ spread efficiently from all high-touch surfaces is no simple task.

Tackling High Touch Areas with No-Touch UV Technology

UV-Clean Power of Light from Proximity Systems

UV-Clean from Proximity Systems

Although water and soap work effectively on human hands, certain high touch surfaces such as your workforce’s shared mobile devices may be sensitive to cleaning materials and water.  However, mobile devices also carry thousands of bacteria from hand to hand between usage. As your associates share devices such as handheld scanners, mobile computers, and keyboards, pathogens can spread from surface to surface. To eliminate cross-contamination risks, Avalon Integration has partnered with Proximity in equipping your operations with UV-Clean, the touch-free sanitation solution crafted for reliable performance in any space.

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  • Adaptable mounting options to fit your workspace
  • Automated disinfection cycles 
  • Customizable sanitation schedules
  • Built-in audit trail for sanitation management
  • Scalable to your business’ needs
  • 24” active cleaning area

Destroying bacteria DNA at a microscopic level, UV-Clean eliminates 99.99% of pathogens with one short cycle, boosting device availability without spreading germs throughout your workspace, empowering your workforce to:

  • Access crucial devices during peak hours
  • Process more orders with the technology they need
  • Share enterprise-grade devices with peace of mind

Catch a closer look at the power of UV light with Avalon Integration when you contact us for a free assessment of your current disinfection plan and integrate the next evolution in sanitation efficiency.