Chances are, you already know the vital role your labels play in your supply chain. Identifying inventory from production to point-of-sale, labels sustain operational efficiency in every aspect of your business, which is why Avalon Integration works hard to help you maximize label performance for continuous productivity. However, like most technologies, even labels may falter at times. Whether it be from sandy surfaces or weak adhesives, poor label performance can impact your operations by diminishing visibility, traceability, and data capture accuracy. To secure the best labeling practices, we investigate easy-to-deploy solutions to common labeling pain points.

Label Performance in a Warehouse

Label Performance in a Warehouse

Before switching labels, check for the following:

  • Surface Cleanliness – Because warehouses can be dusty environments, it is always best to make sure your surface is free of dust particles and oils which could disrupt the adhesive from setting. 
  • Surface Type – Quality printing supplies such as Zebra’s Certified Consumables can be designed to fit specific application requirements, including surface type. That means your label must match specifications in order to stick properly.
  • Storage environment – Much like surface specifications, your labels may also have storage requirements such as temperature and moisture levels to consider. If labels are stored in inadequate spaces (such as in high temperatures or light exposure) they may become illegible upon printing or fail to stick for the allotted time needed.
  • Temperature changes – Labels must still be cared for after the moment of application. If your label is curling on the sides or fading, that may be a sign of improper surrounding temperature. For example, not every cold storage label is necessarily freezer-grade, which means cold storage labels can be applied 35°F but may not withstand long periods of time in below 0°F temperatures.
  • Label composition – Not all labels are made with the best materials. Fortunately, as a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Avalon equips you with stringently tested labels, designed to meet unique compliance standards and the high heat of direct thermal printing.  
  • Leftover adhesive – When outdated labels are removed, they may leave behind residual adhesive, which impacts the new label’s legibility. When working with reusable containers, consider water-sensitive labels such as the 8000D Dissolvable Label to avoid this issue.
  • Printhead performance – Aging printheads will begin to harm your labels by leaving gaps in your barcodes. Although recurrent printhead replacements can drain your budget, Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program eliminates extraneous costs by providing free printhead replacements when you make Zebra your exclusive printhead supplier.
Water Performance 8000D Dissolvable Label

Water Performance 8000D Dissolvable Label

Think it’s time to switch labels? Take your labeling solution to the next level with Avalon Integration to find the label that best adapts to your workflow. 

Simply put, your inventory management solution is only as good as your labels. Enhance operational visibility when you contact our labeling specialists for a free assessment of your current labeling solution’s performance and experience the ease of maximum productivity you can trust. 

Sizing specifications, heat endurance, and pricing are some of the factors warehouses tend to first consider when selecting a new labeling solution; however, with so many application differences available today, it may be complicated to truly find a “perfect” fit. Nevertheless, just as technology continues to yield breakthroughs in mobile computing and data capture, labeling technology has also taken great strides in creating application-specific alternatives that fit your budget, benefit operations, and maybe even a little more.

As leaders in efficient innovation, Avalon Integration explores several unique labels that show how Zebra’s Certified Consumables still stand as your most adaptable option when it comes to individualized labeling solutions.

Your Applications are Intricate and Unique – Your Labels Should be the Same.

Intricate and Unique Labels

Intricate and Unique Labels from Zebra and Avalon Integration

Before choosing a one-size-fits-all label, consider the following application-specific options to boost data capture accuracy, operation visibility, and affordable sustainability.

  • Zebra’s New 8000D Label – Perfected for reusable crates and containers, Zebra’s dissolvable labels reduce time spent peeling off labels while remaining sticky during your application process.
  • Freezer-Grade Labels – To protect inventory identification and storage instructions, your cold-storage labels must be fit for temperatures as low as 32°F without losing malleability. Zebra’s pretested labels undergo stringent 23-point testing to endure both heat and cold as well as drastic temperature swings without compromising adhesive strength.
  • RFID On-Metal Labels – Designed to retain performance on metal, Zebra’s RFID labels enhance metal tracking within your operations to maximize production and distribution visibility. 
  • Color Labels – Further empowering your identification system, Zebra’s color labels create an easy-to-spot sorting system as colors can be quickly categorized at a glance, accelerating the order fulfillment process.
  • Custom Labels – For your most unique applications, Avalon recommends customizing your label’s composition and design. Choose from over 300 pretested materials to develop a label that survives even the toughest environments. Plus, with Avalon’s Free Ship Program, get free ground shipping on custom labels delivered in the continental U.S and Canada.
Few of the Many Unique Label Options

Many Unique Label Options

These are just a few of the many options today’s labeling technology offers. To explore more opportunities, contact our warehouse specialists today for a free assessment of your labeling needs.

If time is money, then it’s fair to assume no one wants to spend more time than necessary working with faulty labeling systems. From scraping misprinted labels to reprinting incorrect tags, inefficient labeling systems can drain time -and money- from your supply chain. While many factors can impact label efficiency, Avalon Integration focuses on a cost-effective and durable solution: Zebra Certified Printing Supplies

Thoroughly pre-tested for continued performance, Zebra’s quality consumables aggregate several unmatched benefits that simplify workflows. Ready to face wear and tear, Zebra labels go beyond eliminating extraneous labeling costs by reducing ownership costs in nine budget-friendly, eco-conscious, and brand-centered ways.

1. Maximize Printer Lifespan and Insure Zebra Quality Consumables

Maximize Printer Lifespan and Insure Zebra Quality Consumables

Designed with printers in mind, Zebra’s consumables are careful as they run through your printer, reducing printhead wear and premature printhead failure, which could cost productivity loss with surprise downtime. 

2. Reduce Return Charges from Inaccurate Work Orders

Reduce Return Charges from Inaccurate Work Orders

In 2016 the United States Postal Service reported 140 million returned packages, contributing to approximately $113 billion spent in returned online purchases. Inaccurate labels impact work orders since barcode information may not be readily legible. Made with resilient coating, Zebra labels remain legible throughout your supply chain.

3. Faster Replenishment

Faster Replenishment

Erase replenishment wait times since Zebra keeps over 400 synthetic labels and tags ready to ship within 24 hours. Maintain continuous uptime with rugged labels crafted for hard-to-label applications.

4. Print Only the Labels You Need

Print Only the Labels you need

The average American can use up to 650 pounds of paper per year. Though small, reducing the number of unnecessary labels printed can impact your company’s carbon footprint. Eliminate wasted paper with Zebra’s Continuous label to use up label surfaces intelligently.  

5. Create Strong Labels Without Harmful Plastics and Papers

Create Strong Labels without Harmful Plastics and Papers

Cheap plastics and threads leave behind printer-clogging debris and can result in an easily torn label. Count on long-lasting label performance when you design rugged labels. Use over 300 pretested materials and create a label suitable for your environment in and out of the warehouse.

6. Lessen Product Shrinkage with Trackable Labels

Tracking Labels

The longer labels last, the more visibility your supply chain maintains. Monitor and manage your inventory’s movement with labels that survive the industrial landscape. Plus, label shelves and aisles to further boost the visibility of your valuable assets.

7. Implement worker safety with printed visual cues and direct quality control

Implement Worker Safety with Printed Visual Cues and Direct Quality Control

Maximized visibility is not only beneficial to your customers. Create visible compliance labels and safety signs with color labels. Using Zebra’s IQ Color technology, give your labels a new level of versatility as they direct quality control, work in progress, and more.

8. Streamline workflows to lessen worker stress

Streamline Workflows to Lessen Worker Stress

Aisle, rack, and floor labels can work in conjunction to direct workers through your warehouse with minimal confusion. Furthermore, unadulterated barcodes drive down worker stress as they lead to more first-time successful scans.

9. Secure On-Time Deliveries with Shipping Labels That Last Outs

Secure on Time Deliveries with Shipping Labels that Last Outs

As e-commerce sets a new standard for delivery, your customers expect faster shipping rates. Therefore, shipping labels must be accurate and durable to withstand wherever field services take them, for missing/wrong shipment orders can stain customer satisfaction, possibly costing customer loyalty.

Don’t waste time with inferior labels. Boost your ROI with Avalon Integration’s labeling solutions. Speak to our warehousing experts for a free label assessment to find a solution that perfectly fits your needs.  

You spend a lot of time selecting the perfect “golden” color for your brand, but not all color mixers come out the same, impacting your prints and consequently your brand’s identity. Colors greatly influence client engagement and cannot be easily switched; therefore, replicating your correct color in every run is extremely vital. From banners to labels, color is your first visual contact with clients and must be consistent.

Excitement is red. Tranquility is blue. When you print the wrong colors, what do you do? With Avalon Integration’s Free Ship Program, the answer is clear: get quality custom labels without freight charges. From misprints to faded colors, eliminate printing guesswork with Zebra certified consumables and customize labels to match your brand’s colors from run-to-run.

Print the Rainbow Your Way with PMS Color Matching

Print PMS Color Matching Ribbons for any label

Using 12 water-based and 8UV colors, guarantee consistent results with PMS color matching. Specify the desired color in your order to minimize reprints and inaccurate coloring and get consistent pigments with every order. Plus, rest assured your labels will maintain optimal performance by selecting:

  • Heat, cold, and chemical resistance for harsh application environments
  • Water-proof and tear-proof features that expand label lifespan
  • Smear-resistance and security inks to minimize fading colors and data loss
  • Customized shapes, sizes, and text
  • Over 300 pre-tested materials to ensure consistent quality

And because every label is meticulously tested and ISO 9001:2008 certified, you can also increase the lifespan of your industrial printer by reducing adhesive and debris pile up with superior consumables. Plus, get free printhead replacements when you make Zebra your exclusive consumables supplier.

When it comes to printing color, you don’t have time for gray areas and guesswork. Guarantee accurate results with Avalon Integration, and find affordable and reliable options to your labeling system. Start your order with us to get free shipping on your Zebra custom labels from now till December 31st. Enjoy fast shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada.

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