It’s no secret that customer demands have radically shifted within the past year. While product quality and brand continue to play key roles in purchase patterns, new demands such as delivery times and pick-up convenience have risen, further enhancing the competitive landscape. To keep up with demands and expenses, Avalon Integration turns to maximized visibility in order to provide you with the greatest overview of opportunities within your operations, ultimately unlocking:

  • Faster order processing
  • Diminished operating costs
  • Increased worker connectivity
  • Affordable locationing
  • Actionable intelligence that gives you a competitive advantage

Maximized Visibility Leads to Maximized ROI

Maximize Visibility in the Warehouse with the L10, ZD620 and DS3678

Maximize Visibility in the Warehouse with the L10, ZD620, and the DS3678

The saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t see. Providing reliable visibility into your operations, Zebra’s L10 Rugged Tablets can help connect your supply chain and facilitate inventory management, all while providing knowledgeable insight into your workflow through your choice of:

  • Android-Powered Mobility DNA – From device management apps to long-range WorryFree WiFi, Zebra’s productivity applications can help you reduce unnecessary deployed devices by tracking technology usage and demands. Furthermore, applications such as DataWedge can capture and integrate data from any source, further expanding efficient oversight into every aspect of your inventory.
  • RFID Technology – Surpassing the standards of conventional locationing systems, RFID solutions give you real-time insights into your assets while integrating into your warehouse management system. Tracking both inventory and assets, RFID can help optimize your storage layout, minimizing inefficient travel patterns, and wasted energy. Moreover, because they can carry multiple codes in one tag, RFID also minimizes paper and printing supplies, further contributing to a lower expense and carbon footprint.
  • Visibility IQ – Converting gathered data into valuable predictions, Zebra’s Visibility IQ equips you with purchase and/or shipping trends, giving you better insight into demand influx to minimize overstocking. This results in streamlined space management and better preparation for high-demand seasons.
L10 Rugged Tablet in a Warehouse that Manufacturers Oil Parts

The L10 Rugged Tablet being used in a Warehouse Manufacturing Oil Parts

Whichever visibility aid you choose, count on the L10’s long battery cycles and ultra-rugged design to maintain unbroken productivity no matter what conditions your workforce faces. Eliminate costly data entry errors along with breakable hardware when you integrate a mobility solution that prioritizes visibility and affordability. Visit our ROI calculator today to get a closer look at how much-rugged visibility can start saving your operations.

Get a free demonstration of the L10 Rugged tablet today to see how you can maximize visibility with a solution built to exceed customer expectations.