Zebra Rugged Tablets from Zebra Technologies and Avalon Integration

Zebra Rugged Tablets with Avalon Integration

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Tested for Uncompromised Durability

Tested for uncompromised durability in the harshest environments

Customizable Ergonomic Accessories

Customizable ergonomic accessories for maximized comfort

Wifi Unparalleled Connectivity

Unparalleled connectivity and long-range WiFi

Simplified Workflow Icon

Simplified workflow visibility Enhanced efficiently with Zebra Mobility DNA

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On-the-Go Technology for the On-the-Go Workforce

Public Servants:

Equip officers with real-time resource visibility, and valuable emergency insights to eliminate stress.

  • Manage deployed personnel
  • Enhance dispatch accuracy with real-time tracking
  • Use protected data-pool to simplify paperwork and boost officer communication
Public Servants using Zebra Rugged Tablets
Field Service Worker using Zebra Rugged Tablets

Field Service:

Track assets and manage worker dispatches from one intuitive interface.

  • Track on-the-move assets remotely with long-range connectivity
  • Unify deployed teams through multiple networking preferences such as WiFi, Workforce Connect PTT Express, and 4G LTE.
  • Manage work orders with user-friendly productivity applications

Warehousing and T&L:

Expect complete functionality with tablets subjected to stringent testing for continued productivity.

  • MIL-STD-810G tested to handle hot, cold, and humid landscapes
  • Capture barcodes in virtually any condition
  • Further enhance performance with versatile accessories like extended battery-life, keyboard, RFID readers, and many more.
Warehouse T&L

Avalon optimizes Cold Storage with Zebra’s L10 Rugged Tablet and MC9300 mobile computers.

See how Zebra’s next-generation mobile computers are helping monitor storage temperature in real-time to prevent spoilage and product loss when developing the COVID-19 vaccine.

Zebra Rugged Icons

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