In the modernized supply chain, value should outweigh cost. Although cheaper modernization routes can initially diminish expenses, inadequate solutions usually end up being more costly than their expensive counterparts. In no place is this more accurate than inventory labeling. Cheaper enterprise labels can save operations a great deal of money at face value, yet they also impact:

  • Scan speed – If operators take more than 5 seconds per order, they can spend over 3 hours per day scanning barcodes. Fading and peeling labels increase scan time since employees must rescan, increasing wait time and risks of delays.
  • Printing speed – Quality labels with smooth surfaces tend to leave less build-up on the printhead, mitigating future jams and slow printing speeds. On the flipside, poorly made labels often sport a sandpaper-like surface and tightly wound rolls that slow down printing speeds with more leftover debris.
  • Printer performance – Not only do sandpaper-like printers slow production, they can also directly contribute to premature printhead failure, resulting in downtime averaging $10,000 lost per hour.
  • Media loading time – Labels rolled outwardly create slack, which impacts printer performance if not installed correctly. As labels require more time to be properly installed, they take away from assembly time, further contributing to inefficient workflows.
  • Order accuracy – Incorrect shipments are the second most cited reason customers return products, adding to the increasing return costs that already surpass $350 billion since 2017 in the U.S. alone.
  • Inventory tracking – When inventory isn’t accurately accounted for, warehouses risk out-of-stocks, which drive customers to seek services elsewhere. Inaccurate inventory counts also lead to overstocking, which has led many retailers to markdown over 70% of their products.

Whether in the warehouse or in the storefront, inferior printing supplies dramatically impact productivity and profitability. To prevent these issues and more, Avalon recommends feeding your printer quality consumables such as Zebra’s Certified Printing Supplies.

How Zebra’s Certified Supplies Eliminate the Costs of Inferior Enterprise Labels

Developed to secure maximum uptime, Zebra’s certified consumables are subjected to a stringent 23-point inspection to certify dependable performance in a myriad of application and storage environments. As a result, every label is built to…

  • Secure printhead performance with smooth surface that prevents printhead scratches and adhesive build-up.
  • Survive in extreme environments such as high heat, condensation, and cold storage without peeling or fading, ultimately reducing the need for rescans.
  • Easily fit into your printer with loading complications for minimized wait times.
  • Meet compliance requirements to ensure your inventory moves smoothly from the warehouse to the retail shelf to the checkout lane.

Contact Avalon’s labeling experts today to discover a Zebra label that best matches your application and storage requirements to see how you can integrate the best value into your operations for the best return of investment.



There are several locationing systems available on the market today. Depending on your application requirements, certain solutions work better than others. As leaders in warehouse innovation, Avalon Integration provides real-time visibility solutions that match an array of workforce specifications. With efficiency in mind, we’re proud to present the leading advancements in locationing technology – RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  

Partnering with Portable Technology Solutions, we construct new tracking systems that fit both workplace and budget requirements without sacrificing functionality. Using Zebra certified tags and hardware, our warehousing experts are ready to answer all your locationing questions.

Understanding the Difference from Tag to Tag

While similar in function, passive RFID and BLE tags bring different sets of benefits to your inventory management system. Before designing your locationing strategy, it is crucial to understand the difference between both.

MC3390R Tag Lifecycle

MC3390R Scanning RFID

Tag Lifecycle with RFID and Bluetooth

  • Because RFID tags have become more cost-effective, they are ideal for large quantities of diverse inventory since they are disposable. However, while tags are relatively inexpensive, RFID readers cost more to install.
  • Although BLE tags are more expensive compared to RFID, Bluetooth technology is still a cost-effective solution when it comes to scaling your new management system. Integrate your solution at your own pace, growing coverage as needed.
MC3390R IT Involvement

MC3390R Scanning with IT Involvement

IT Involvement

  • In addition to tags, RFID locationing systems will require readers and scanners. Therefore, greater IT participation is expected. Nevertheless, Zebra’s intuitive technology and Avalon’s support team create a seamless implementation process that eliminates stress and long wait-times.
  • Depending on the size of your tracking space, BLE deployment requires little to no IT integration. Plus, since Bluetooth technology has been installed in over 10 billion devices worldwide, your workforce may likely already be familiar with your new system.
MC3330R Bluetooth Power and Connectivity

MC3330R Uses Bluetooth for Power and Connectivity

Power and Connectivity

  • Sustained by WiFi networking, RFID systems run as long as you’re connected. With Zebra’s long-range connectivity and WorryFree WiFi, transmissions remain uninterrupted and secure. Furthermore, reduce end-of-life issues since tags do not need batteries to function.
  • Operating within a multi-channel spectrum, BLE systems can run despite connectivity issues as long as there is a two-way connection between tags and beacons.

See the RFID and Bluetooth Differences First-Hand

Helping you navigate the locationing landscape, Avalon Integration now works with Portable Technology Solution’s ClearStream service. Using the best benefits of both RFID and BLE, we create the visibility solutions your business needs. For more information, contact Avalon Integration for an in-depth assessment of your current management strategy.