With over 15 million tags deployed worldwide, RFID technology continues to revolutionize multiple industries across the globe, establishing an $11 billion industry of its own. Technology researchers at IDTechEX forecast a continuous increase in RFID solutions as new implementations emerge such as:

  • Improved baggage management for airlines
  • Threshold management in healthcare facilities 
  • Automated (cashier-less) shopping
  • Enhanced athlete and sport tracking

Set with endless possibilities, RFID technology has also found its way into warehouses and distribution centers, redefining the meaning of efficient visibility.  The same technology that tracks 100mph baseballs can be seamlessly integrated into modern supply chains to eliminate 100% of human-attributed errors. From maximized customer satisfaction to diminished product shrinkage, Avalon Integration implements RFID solutions designed for optimal success.

What does Enhanced Visibility Look Like

FX9500 Warehouse RFID Scanners are best in class from Avalon as your RFID Solutions Provider

FX9500 RFID Scanner is the Enhanced Visibility Solution

No matter what solution you need, durability should always be a crucial deciding factor. That’s why we use Zebra Technologies’ RFID scanners and tags since they are built to survive and thrive in the most extreme conditions. Going beyond standard tracking systems, new RFID technology can:

  • Improve pick paths – With read ranges as accurate as 4ft, RFID readers can help optimize pick paths since asset locations are visible at a glance. Furthermore, tags can also help track moving assets and employees, providing you with real-time visibility to inefficient pathways and bottlenecks.
  • Automate restricted areas – Because RFID tags can retain more information than standard barcodes, they can be used to restrict hazardous workspaces. Simply add clearance codes to employee badges and profiles.
  • Track seasonal trends – Providing more asset details, RFID tags can offer better insight into new trends and implementations. Whether you are tracking deployed devices or holiday inventory, RFID labels store the actionable intelligence you need to strategize your workflow.
  • Uphold compliance standards – Since RFID enhances visibility, maintaining industry standards becomes easier as needed information is readily available with one scan.

Take a closer look at Zebra’s Quality RFID Labels

Don’t just take our word for it. See the benefits of efficient RFID technology when you contact us for a free demonstration at your convenience. From cost-effective tags to ruggedly ergonomic scanners, let RFID come and change your world with unmatched productivity.