You have the best team. You have the best technology. You have the best clients, and we trust you have the best supply provider, but even the most efficient companies can suffer the monumental losses at the hands of the smallest team-players: inadequate labels.

To ensure our clients maximize their profits without compromising inventory tracking, Avalon Integration has partnered up with Zebra Technologies to bring you choice custom labels without shipping charges until December 31st, 2019. With our Free Ship Program, get Zebra certified labels designed by you for you and learn how to avoid bad labels that only damage your workforce.

Are You in Danger?

Zebra Certified Labels Compared to Third Party Labels

Zebra Certified Supplies Compared to Third Party Supplies

There are many signs that may suggest improper label supplies. By quickly recognizing them, you can pinpoint where to make upgrades and eliminate additional costs that usually follow bad labels.

  • Worn-out Printheads: because they don’t undergo vigorous testing or require enterprise compliance, inferior “bargain” labels often leave behind a trail of dust and debris with every run, slowly -but surely- damaging printheads and leading to reduced printer lifespan, surprise interruptions, and frequent inconvenient IT visits.   
  • Inefficient Tracking System: crinkling at the edges, smudging after printing, and ripping in harsh weather, the wrong label impairs your tracking system by distorting or erasing crucial information. In the long run, a small financial saving may contribute to increased confusion and stress in the warehouse. 
  • Unsatisfied Customers: from overdue deliveries to inaccurate prices, subpar labels hinder the customer’s experience, impacting profitability and brand awareness, consequences that could have detrimental long-term effects.

Because label usage is unique, these problems may not all affect one company, which is why customized supplies still stand as the wisest choice. Instead of replacing printers and tracking systems, replace bad labels before they affect irreplaceable assets, such as your employees and clients.

You already have the best of everything, so why not get the best of label technology? Protect your business from bad labels with the Free Ship Program, and get all the functionality of premium labels when you start your order with Avalon Integration.

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