Labeling expenses don’t account for even 10% of operational costs, but nevertheless, they are essential to your supply chain. While seemingly unimportant, your labels can dictate whether or not your products make it past the loading dock since they carry crucial information such as delivery addresses, compliance standards, safety instruction, identification, and more. By choosing poorly made cheap labels, you run the risk of setting up operations for disaster. 

Portrait of Raymond Scipioni

Portrait of Raymond Scipioni

Simply put, operations screech to a halt without labels. If labels peel easily or smudge under heat or abrasion, crucial asset information is lost creating delays, bottlenecks, and out-of-stocks. All of these can lead to heavy fines, missed delivery dates, and loss of revenue. To prevent these issues, we recommend assessing your labeling operations.

How do I know my label is poorly made?

Poorly made labels often show tale-tell signs before application. Because they are not made with quality materials, nor are they tested before application, inferior labels tend to:

  • Leave behind residual fiber pileup, which clogs printers and distorts information.
  • Overwork or distort printheads, leading to premature printhead failure.
  • Leak adhesive from inconsistently manufactured rolls.
  • Fade under extreme temperatures and humidity.

If your labels present any of these signs and more, then it is time to switch to a better alternative.

How do I spot a good label?

Zebra Quality Labels Are Designed for Your Warehouse

Zebra Quality Labels Are Designed for Your Warehouse

Quality labels such as Zebra’s Certified Consumables should be made from quality materials that withstand both application and storage environments. Moreover, proper labels should be certified to meet compliance standards of whichever industry they will serve; otherwise, your inventory runs the risk of being sent back to the warehouse. Lastly, quality labels maximize your printer lifespan, reducing bottlenecks, printer downtime, and frequent IT visits.

Can I just buy the most popular label to resolve printing issues?

There is no one-size-fits-all labeling solution because the application and budget requirements vary greatly from business to business. There are also different compliance standards certain kinds of products (like food for example) need to follow.  Non-compliant labels can prevent or delay your product from reaching the consumer, forcing them to look elsewhere. For example, suppliers can pay fines up to $500 per late order or more from major retailers. Fortunately, Avalon offers Quality Compliany Zebra labels of all types, which gives you the ability to customize label composition, size, color, and many other factors to create a system that fits into your workflow.

Where can I find better labeling alternatives?

As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, we work with a wide variety of labeling solutions. Plus, with Zebra labels, you can work with us to create a cost-effective labeling system with both quality consumables, durable printers, and enterprise-grade scanners.

To start your labeling assessment, reach out to Raymond Scipioni and maximize your label’s efficiency with our vast portfolio of quality consumables, designed to meet your application requirements while exceeding your expectations.  

It’s that time of year again where we’re encouraged to look to the past and envision the future. Within the past months, Avalon Integration has been investigating the various purposes custom labels bring to multiple businesses, and as the year comes to a close, we are glad to remind you of the top ten ways Zebra’s certified custom labels enhance productivity. Forget smeared and torn labels and start optimizing your workforce with Zebra custom labels.

Zebra Custom Labels Reliable from Start to Finish

MC3300 Scanning Zebra Custom Labels on Pallet

MC3300 Scanning Zebra Custom Labels on Pallet

Meticulously crafted with a 23-point inspection, all Zebra consumables begin their journey with one goal: maximizing efficiency. As your provider of quality supplies and solutions, Avalon Integration equips your future with a variety of benefits, including:

  1. Consistent printing quality using unsubstituted inks and varnishes
  2. 2,000 hours saved in the packaging when you switch to read-to-stick adhesives
  3. Customized quality crafted from over 300 pretested materials
  4. Surpassed standards achieved with UL/cUL and CSA approved labels
  5. Customized texts, shapes, and sizes
  6. Heightened brand awareness created with up to 12 water-based colors, 8 UV colors, and PMS color matching
  7. Optimized tracking systems backed by smear-resistant labels
  8. Maximized label longevity, retaining longevity up to 3 years after the initial print
  9. Increased printer lifespan thanks to premier labels that minimize residual pileup
  10. Free printhead replacements ensured through Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program

We invite you to see the final results for yourself and implement your production line with Avalon’s Free Ship Program. Complete your order of Zebra’s custom labels by December 31st and get free fast ground shipping anywhere within the continental U.S. and Canada.

Zebra Custom Labels on Electronics in a Warehouse

Zebra Custom Labels on Electronics

Don’t get stuck repeating the past. Explore the many uses of Zebra’s rugged line of consumables designed to implement your warehouse productivity down to the smallest assets. Replace inefficient consumables for superior supplies when you choose Avalon Integration as your provider for quality label solutions.

Much like keeping up with car maintenance, preserving a functional printer is essential for your workflow and requires careful attention to small details issues before they become irreversible damage. Replacing a car filter is better than replacing a whole cooling system. Similarly, replacing low-quality consumables is easier (and better) than replacing a $900 printhead.

Unlike a broken car, damaged printheads cost an absurd amount of money in lost productivity, extended downtime, and constant reprints. If you want a happy functional printer, the answer is simple. Keep your printheads clean with quality consumables, now easily accessible with Avalon Integration’s Free Ship Program, and get free shipping for your label order from now till December 31st

Optimal Printer + Zebra Consumables = Perfect Marriage

Replacing Printer Printhead

Replacing Printer Printhead

Mitigate printhead failure when you feed your printers Zebra certified custom supplies, designed to keep printheads cleaner and operational with every run as they leave less adhesive and debris pile up. Plus, maximize printer value with guaranteed consistent quality designed by you, for you.

  • Create custom consumables from over 300 pretested materials
  • Set a standard of excellence with unsubstituted inks and varnishes
  • Enhance client engagement with labels designed specifically for your brand
  • Reduce printhead wear with thoroughly inspected supplies engineered for thermal printing
  • Enjoy free ground freight anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada*

Undergoing a 23-point inspection, Zebra labels optimize your workflow from printer to shelving as they remain functional in extreme conditions, whether it be a hot printer or a freezing cold warehouse without smears or tears. That means fewer reprints, which ultimately extends your printer’s lifespan while giving you maximum return of investment.

Optimal Printer Zebra Consumables

Optimal Printer Zebra Consumables

Further your printer’s longevity with Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program when you choose Zebra as your exclusive consumables supplier. Ensure high-quality prints while getting free printhead replacements when the time ultimately comes for an exchange. 

Nobody has time for a faltering printer. A happy printer means happy employees, which really means happy profits for you and your workforce. Specialized inefficient solutions, Avalon Integration can help boost your printer’s performance when contacting a consumables specialist today.

*See program details for further qualifications.