In less than a week, from March 9th through 12th, Avalon Integration will join over 900 technology experts in navigating through the modernized landscape of efficient supply chain systems at the Modex 2020 Tradeshow. While there are countless different technologies redefining operations, our innovation specialists explore RFID locationing in-depth as it enhances inventory management. Expanding visibility from door to dock, RFID improves order accuracy, a goal no operation can afford to overlook. 

With e-commerce complicating warehouse operations, achieving transparent inventory management has become complex yet necessary in order to remain competitive. Committed to optimizing operations, Avalon Integration investigates the unceasing importance of inventory accuracy and how RFID can help maximize transparency within the digital age.

Oversight that Leads to Insight

RFID Locationing Improves Accuracy

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Out of the many solutions taking the warehousing industry by storm, RFID locationing has risen as a key strategy in improving accuracy. Precise and efficient, RFID can be used to:

  • Mitigate risks – Maximizing visibility, RFID allows you to pinpoint moving assets and purchase patterns, giving you insight into possible influxes, bottlenecks, and lulls within operations. 
  • Enhance customer experience – As one of the newest prime differentiators between online stores, customer service is closely tied to proper inventory management since customers cannot expect to purchase products that are unaccounted for or unavailable. RFID antennas and readers can track incoming inventory, allowing you to better manage in-stock items. 
  • Reduce product shrinkage – Whether due to theft or misplacement, product shrinkage drained over $50 billion in 2018.  Increased product visibility and tracking can minimize lost items while preventing shoplifting.
  • Manage storage space – Just as problematic as out-of-tocks, over-stocks can devalue your products while also occupying valuable storage space. By tracking how fast products are purchased/moved, you can avoid overstocking and better distribute warehousing space.

When considering RFID, Avalon recommends Zebra’s RFID technology for its durability, extended accuracy, and versatility. From long-range readers to rugged handheld scanners to pretested tags, Zebra’s RFID technology is engineered for dependable functionality in any environment.

How to Start?

As with any optimization strategy, RFID requires careful planning before outright deployment. Consider the following steps when beginning your RFID strategy:

  • Establish measurable goals using key performance indicators
  • Identify specific pain points to be addressed by your new solution
  • Certify all solution participants (operators, administrators, store associates, etc.) are on board with change
  • Verify tag and application requirements

See these steps in action in Zebra’s RFID Pilot Guide.

Get a closer look into the best RFID solutions on the market when you join us at booth #3607 at Modex 2020 or start building your solution today with our knowledgeable team of automation experts.

While still revolutionary in nature, automation may not strike as new since it’s been discussed at great lengths for the past years. However, automation isn’t the only trend redefining efficient warehousing. Adaptive to change, efficient warehousing is set to be influenced by trends such as:

  • Rise of Machine Learning and A.I.
  • Modernized RFID Solutions
  • Push for Sustainable Practices
  • Blockchain Connectivity
  • Demand for Same-Day Delivery
  • Fluctuating International Tariffs
  • Big Data
  • Wearable Technologies
  • Cloud Computing
  • Real-time Locationing
  • Digital Twins

From the first generation of mobile computing to the latest OS migration wave, Avalon Integration has specialized in maximizing operational efficiency with the best resources available. That’s why we’re facing these trends confidently with brand-new solutions and technologies to be introduced at the Modex 2020 Tradeshow.

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Leveraging Industry Changes for Modex

Leveraging Industry Changes for Modex

For four days, Avalon Integration invites you to join over 900 leading technology providers and manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies in leveraging the latest industry changes for maximized operational efficiency that leads to:

  • Increased supply chain visibility – New connectivity options and security measures have paved the way for transparent supply chain operations where every member can participate.
  • Efficient picking and fulfillment strategies – Breakthroughs in labeling technology such as RFID, Bluetooth beacons, and automated data capture have maximized order accuracy by eliminating the errors normally associated with manual data entry. Now, newly digitized processes and wearable technologies such as the WT6000 and ring scanners can further maximize accuracy while expediting order processing.
  • Streamlined returns management operations – Cloud-based software and increased inventory visibility can lead to simplified return management systems. Real-time locationing and productivity applications such as Zebra’s Mobility DNA can expand warehouse visibility, equipping you with better insights into where and how your returned inventory is processed.


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From meaningful networking to in-depth knowledgeable seminars, get a close look into the key industry changes set to reshape the future within the coming years. Meet us at booth #3607 at the Modex 2020 Tradeshow and refine efficiency with the leaders in effective innovation.

However, you don’t need to wait two weeks to experience a new standard in productivity. Speak to our warehousing specialists today to discover new customized solutions designed to maximize your competitive edge, so you can stay ahead of today’s challenges and tomorrow’s trends.