From expanding brand identity outside your workforce to complying with safety requirements within the warehouse, labels impact every facet of your operations as they bring versatility wherever they go. With so many uses, labels may also impact your budget as they must be sized to fit your printing needs. There is no such thing as a literally one-size-fits-all label.

Until now.

Sharing first-hand tips and hints in maximizing efficient operations, Avalon Integration has investigated new cost-effective labeling solutions, and now we are excited to present Zebra’s Continuous Label – the never-ending sticker that will always fit your changing needs.

When we say “Always”, We Mean Always with Our Labels

Raymond Scipioni Explaining the Difference Between Continuous vs. Fixed Length Labels

Raymond Scipioni Explaining the Difference Between a Continuous vs. Fixed Length Label

Instead of standard three to six-inch adhesives, continuous labels have no break, allowing you to print different sized labels without switching your media roll as you can tear correctly-sized labels right off your industrial printer. Saving over 50 percent in label costs, the Continuous Label packs all the benefits you expect from Zebra certified consumables along with extra perks that ultimately deliver a higher return of investment. 

  • Built Rugged: Following Zebra’s long-held tradition of stringent testing, Continuous Labels are meticulously crafted to resist heat, ice, and chemicals without smears or unwanted tears even after application.
  • Eco-Friendly System: Reducing your carbon footprint can be difficult, but as less paper, inks, and toners are used, the Continuous Label minimizes waste. Moreover, built with quality materials, Continual Labels reduce printhead wear, expanding the life of your printing hardware.
  • Perfected Budget: Because you can choose where your label ends, the Continuous Label eliminates misused labels as each size is fit to accommodate your print. The result? Less unused paper. Less replenishing costs. More efficient printing system.

Further, expand your investment by getting free printhead replacements for your Zebra printers when you make Zebra your exclusive label supplier through the Printhead Protection Program.

Zebra Labels That Are Built Rugged and Are Perfectly Budgeted

Zebra Labels Are Built Rugged and Are Perfectly Budgeted

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