Ten years ago, the modern warehouse looked a lot different than it does today. Manual data-entry predominated most operations, and smart technologies, such as versatile tablets and RFID locationing seemed more like science-fiction than reality. Needless to say, today’s modern warehouse has shattered previous standards with unparalleled mobility, greater visibility, and designed ergonomics. 

However, change does not stop.

According to Zebra’s 2019 Warehousing Vision Study, over three-quarters of surveyed warehouses are increasing their competitiveness by equipping workers with intelligent technology. RFID, blockchain, and virtual reality have been coined as disruptive technologies set to shape field operations, along with 5G technology when it finally arrives with full force in 2023. Other notable modernization drivers include the prevalence of social media shopping –which will account for a fifth of returned shipments in the coming decade–  and drop shipping, which is already the preferred fulfillment method of 33% of online stores. At face value, modernization may seem overwhelming and confusing, yet as experts in innovative efficiency, Avalon Integration is ready to share tips and hints on how to navigate the wonderful world of warehouse modernization. 

Data Entry Modernization to improve your warehouse

Go Where Manual Data-Entry Has Never Been Before

From bottlenecks to missed deliveries, manual data entry can impact workflows throughout your supply chain. On the other hand, modernization elevates productivity with greater accuracy, visibility, and affordability. Before beginning any modernization strategy, we recommend keeping three considerations in mind:

  • Different levels of automation may be required – Although intelligent, automated systems can’t do everything independently, which is why different levels of automation can enhance your current workforce without eliminating necessary labor. As a result, your modernization strategy should include user-friendly devices that collaborate with your workforce.
  • Scalability is crucial – In 2010, e-commerce accounted for 7.2% of total retail sales. Nine years later, it has contributed over $3 trillion worldwide, with several online stores actually opening real brick-and-mortar locations. Therefore, chosen technologies should be able to transition in and out of the warehouse with ease.
  • Enterprise-grade devices make a difference – With more demand for expedited shipping, both your employees and their devices will face new environments, some more rigorous than others. Consequently, new mobile solutions should be durable from the inside out to endure tough conditions with unbroken functionality.

In line with our commitment to innovative productivity, Avalon is proud to introduce Zebra Technologies’ newest generation of enterprise-grade technology, intelligently rugged and adaptable to your growing workforce.

With the right tools, the modernization journey is made simple. Start your optimization process with the leaders in integrated efficiency, and face change confidently with the best resources available.

There’s no doubt we rely on smartphones for a variety of computing tasks. The phone is likely one of the lesser used functions. As smartphones became more convenient and functional, they drifted into the workplace. Then came tablets, and workers appreciated the increased landscape of the larger screen, without the unwieldy size of a laptop. With enterprise-grade tablets, workers could access enterprise systems for updates and communicate across the network with more ease than ever before.

Yet, in demanding conditions, like a warehouse or manufacturing facility, consumer devices just don’t last. Drop that tablet on the concrete floor and it’s either headed for repair or replacement—which means downtime and cost. You might also be compromising your data security by using a consumer-grade tablet or limiting the computing power.

Zebra ET50 and ET55 Enterprise-Grade Tablets
Zebra ET50 and ET55 Enterprise-Grade Tablets

Avalon Integration is focused on serving the technology needs of today’s warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturers. We recognized that consumer devices just don’t deliver value in a tough, enterprise environment. So, we looked toward Zebra, a leader in this space, and found the answer.

The Zebra ET50 and ET55 enterprise tablets are purpose-built for the workplace. These enterprise-grade tablets make the grade—with a higher level of security, data capture, connectivity, and durability. Use these powerful mobile computing devices to:

  • Access real-time reports
  • Transmit work orders
  • Check equipment status
  • Track orders
  • Review and adjust workflows
  • Trigger replenishment
  • Place supply orders
  • Locate people and inventory
  • Capture and send high-quality photos or videos
  • View schematics
  • Record inspections with the date and time stamps
  • Use voice and messaging functions to communicate with the workforce

The Zebra ET50/ET55 enterprise tablet is designed to handle all of these functions with ease and reliability. With the sleek design of a consumer tablet, the ET50/ET55 is unquestionably rugged. Drop the tablet from three feet without worry. Add the rugged frame and the device will handle a drop from more than six feet. The ET50/ET55 will also withstand rain, snow, and dust. The IP65 sealing protects it from even a heavy spray from a hose.

This high-powered, intuitive, and rugged tablet also comes pre-installed with Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx), a suite of features that elevate your operating system to enterprise-class Android. The result is more streamlined and effective device management, security, Wi-Fi performance, and application access. You can do more, better.

Zebra ET50 and ET55 Tablets Are Built to Work for You
Zebra ET50 and ET55 Tablets Are Built to Work for You

Data capture is also enhanced with the enterprise-level ET50/ET55 tablet. Scan 1D and 2D barcodes easily and quickly from a printed paper or electronic screen. Even damaged barcodes can be read. The tablet is also equipped with an integrated 8MP rear camera for image capture and a 2MP front camera for video conferencing.

You can add a hot-swappable battery to keep working without missing a beat. Or keep your ET50/ET55 powered up on the mobile-powered cart.

The ET50 is configured for robust connectivity within your facility’s existing WLAN infrastructure. If you need an enterprise tablet that hits the road with you, the ET55 supports 4G LTE.

Avalon Integration proudly partners with Zebra to provide our customers with the most advanced technology solutions for their business. Ask us about the ET50/ET55 enterprise tablets and other enterprise-grade mobile devices that increase operational efficiency.