Drivers are the heart of Direct Store Delivery (DSD). Avalon Integration understands the challenges they face. We know how to provide them with the best tools for the job, so they can deliver superior customer satisfaction.

DSD Knowledge and Experience

Direct Store Delivery Worker Wearing Zebra Printer

Avalon Integration has put in the time to learn the needs of Direct Store Delivery. We’ve spent over 20 years improving efficiency, productivity, and profit across numerous industries.

  • Your Retailers and what their demands look like fast turn, order volume, flexible reorder/ delivery, returns, and refills.
  • Optimizing Routes for each day’s delivery schedule by factoring in variables like traffic patterns, speed limits, distance, and time calculations.
  • Capturing Proof of Delivery with the latest handheld technologies, you can reduce the Order-to-Cash cycle time to a matter of hours.
  • Continuous Improvement by using information captured to set a baseline for performance, so you can measure the effectiveness of incremental and ongoing improvements.

Helping You Improve Productivity

Mobile Computer about to be signed

Avalon Integration works as an extension of your project team, providing every service you need to create the most effective solution for your operation. From designing systems to selecting end-user devices, we’ll help you build DSD solutions that meet your needs and most importantly put you ahead of your competition.

Find Devices That Are Right for You

We work with the DSD Mobile industry leader, Zebra Technologies on device selection, configuration, pilot testing, provisioning, deployment and offer ongoing support to fit your needs with products like:

Policeman holding a TC25 in a parking lot

Zebra TC25

Rugged Smartphones offer reliable, remote access to real-time data, so your drivers are always ready to meet customer needs.

Woman on TC51 Zebra Handheld Computer looking at groceries


Makes your team faster and smarter and better able to satisfy customers.

Man using a ZQ500 to print a label for a worker

ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

Print receipts, invoices, and labels where your customers are.

Delivery Driver Using Zebra Tablet in loading dock

Zebra ET50/ 55

Flexible enterprise-class features, durability, battery power in your choice of Android™ or Windows®.

DX30 can increase DSD in super markets


Reconcile invoices at the time of delivery – wirelessly. DX30 enables DEX connection via blue tooth to customers’ DEX system.

Wireless Networking

Avalon Integration can provide predictive, physical surveys, installation, and certification as well as full future support.

System Design & Implementation

Avalon Integration brings their 20 years of experience to process design and ERP, WMS interface. We also provide user interface design and construction as well as developer training. 

Complete Software Packages and Customized Solutions to Fit Your Needs

The right software can reduce costs, streamline workflows, and increase accuracy. We have everything from standalone software packages to completely customizable systems, and the industry expertise to help you tailor the right software to maximize efficiency across your DSD operation.

Working Together can increase you DSD Operation

Contact Avalon’s experts today to help you optimize your DSD operation. We analyze your business and data management needs and tailor a system to fit the specific needs of your company.

In Direct Store Delivery (DSD) your drivers are the face of your brand. Any misstep dings that carefully built a brand. And to deliver excellent customer service your brand ambassadors need to have the right mobile support.

Great Customer Service Begins with Great Information

Handheld Scanner Scanning a boxes barcode

Meeting customer needs in the challenging world of Direct to Store requires the agility that only comes with a complete set of mobile tools. Tools that travel wherever your delivery brand ambassador does and do whatever they need them to do. So your drivers can:

  • Fit deliveries into specific time-critical windows
  • Establish rapport with customers through accurate, timely information
  • Make adjustments and updates at the moment to provide superior customer service
  • Communicate with customers and HQ in real-time and make customer pleasing  adjustments on the fly
  • Meet the productivity and reporting needs of the organization to improve the overall process for the customer

That’s why Avalon creates front-to-back solutions that combine the right hardware and software to help your people drive success and deliver great customer service while they’re on the go. Tools that give you a real edge. Tools that help you create a competitive advantage.

Zebra gives your people access to technical specifications, inventory information, and direct customer communication on the go, to improve customer satisfaction. 

Rugged Smartphones
TC25 Printing a Label for Direct Store Delivery

Zebra TC25

Reliable, remote access to real-time data. Personal devices don’t have the durability or functionality for a day in day out business use. Rugged Smartphones offer smarter, faster tools so your brand ambassadors are always on the road to meeting customer needs.

Handheld Computers

Tablet Scanner scanning products


They may look like popular smartphones but they’re powerful handheld computers that make your workers faster, smarter and help them to satisfy more customers more completely.

Mobile Printers

Worker using Zebra Handheld Mobile Computer and a Printer

IMZ Series

Rugged wireless mobile printers tailored to what you do and how you work. Rugged machines that feature a range of the latest connectivity options and robust functionality that helps your Direct Store Delivery workers print receipts, invoice, and labels where and when your customers need them.

Software That Works as Hard as Your People with Direct Store Delivery

Added value to customers often arrives at the same time as your driver. If your driver has better access to account and product information, insights that reflect a better understanding of their business you’re in a better position to win. That’s why Avalon offers the most complete mobile productivity solution on the market.

MobiWork® is built from the ground up to be a comprehensive and seamless resource that fits the needs of Direct Store Delivery operations perfectly. It includes GPS tracking, inventory management, billing and invoicing, work order management, electronic forms, scheduling and dispatch, contact management, and more. It offers cloud-based deployment options and native mobile compatibility with Android devices.

Your delivery ambassadors complete all activity reports on their handheld devices: delivery tickets, orders, payments, and signatures received and archived. Operational efficiency drives real productivity. Real-time customer response builds loyalty.

Manage Customer Activity with Direct Store Delivery

Mobile workers can manage customer activity from anywhere, in real time: schedule, location, routing, work orders, invoicing, entry forms, online payment. Capture signatures, audio, and images.

Critical Business Information for the Entire Team

  • Complete visibility into worker location and activities  
  • Manage work orders in real-time
  • Instant alerts for schedule, route or delivery changes
  • Perform on-site transactions
  • Customers can check status or create new work orders on a branded portal
  • TRUSTe Privacy Certification Seal®

Your edge in Direct Store Delivery

Avalon’s experts are ready to help you optimize your Direct Store Delivery operation. We analyze your business and data management needs and tailor a system to fit the specific needs of your company.

Ask us how to keep you moving forward with expert implementation.