With an extensively large collection of custom printing supplies, Zebra is equipped to provide support for any specific, printing requirement. Why have a barcode printer if you can’t customize it to suit your every need? Even desire. Let’s not forget the hassle of individual costs and financial headache. Figuring out if your company will benefit from custom abilities is a worry that needs to be put to rest.

Be Extra with Custom Labels and Dyes!

Be Extra with Custom Labels and Dyes

Who says extra is overrated? If it means keeping your business on track, then why wouldn’t you be? Barcodes hold information that is highly important to the company. Your productivity will slow if your barcodes aren’t crisp, clear, and concise.

There’s so much talk about if custom is really necessary. It’s not your paper towel we’re talking about, it’s your company. Though we can relate the two. Any paper towel will clean up a mess, but which paper towel will end up spending more of your money when using extra sheets? Think of your barcodes in the same aspect. Get quality, not what’s cheaper at the moment. Long-term savings are much better appreciated.

Here’s the Scoop

Here's the Scoop with Custom Labels

Avalon Integration is working with Zebra to not only promote these custom products but to supply quality where your company needs it most.

Custom tasks include:

  • Custom sizes and shapes
  • Pre-printed text, graphics, and logos
  • Flood-coated color
  • Up to 12 water-based colors & 8 UV colors
  • PMS color matching
  • Security inks
  • Perforations, face slits, and back slits
  • Front and backside printing
  • Rolls or fan-fold
  • Adhesive deadening and spot coating
  • Laminating
  • Pre-printing of UL mark

With Zebra, you can choose from over 300 pre-tested materials along with no extra charges for custom dies. Find out how reasonable this deal will be for your company when you begin a supply assessment with Avalon.

For the last 20 years, Zebra Technologies has been Avalon Integration’s Premier Solutions Partner. It has been Avalon’s mission to provide the highest quality of support while improving efficiency, providing customer service, and building solutions.  Contact us to add a little something extra to your barcode. For more information on pricing, click here.