You spend a lot of time selecting the perfect “golden” color for your brand, but not all color mixers come out the same, impacting your prints and consequently your brand’s identity. Colors greatly influence client engagement and cannot be easily switched; therefore, replicating your correct color in every run is extremely vital. From banners to labels, color is your first visual contact with clients and must be consistent.

Excitement is red. Tranquility is blue. When you print the wrong colors, what do you do? With Avalon Integration’s Free Ship Program, the answer is clear: get quality custom labels without freight charges. From misprints to faded colors, eliminate printing guesswork with Zebra certified consumables and customize labels to match your brand’s colors from run-to-run.

Print the Rainbow Your Way with PMS Color Matching

Print PMS Color Matching Ribbons for any label

Using 12 water-based and 8UV colors, guarantee consistent results with PMS color matching. Specify the desired color in your order to minimize reprints and inaccurate coloring and get consistent pigments with every order. Plus, rest assured your labels will maintain optimal performance by selecting:

  • Heat, cold, and chemical resistance for harsh application environments
  • Water-proof and tear-proof features that expand label lifespan
  • Smear-resistance and security inks to minimize fading colors and data loss
  • Customized shapes, sizes, and text
  • Over 300 pre-tested materials to ensure consistent quality

And because every label is meticulously tested and ISO 9001:2008 certified, you can also increase the lifespan of your industrial printer by reducing adhesive and debris pile up with superior consumables. Plus, get free printhead replacements when you make Zebra your exclusive consumables supplier.

When it comes to printing color, you don’t have time for gray areas and guesswork. Guarantee accurate results with Avalon Integration, and find affordable and reliable options to your labeling system. Start your order with us to get free shipping on your Zebra custom labels from now till December 31st. Enjoy fast shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada.

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