One of the issues we frequently see with our customers is wasted time and money when it comes to printing barcode labels. Some are using labels that just don’t fit the application, but it’s “good enough”. Others are keeping such a broad variety of different types of labels that it’s not making good use of the media (and budget). At Avalon Integration, our goal is to get the right stuff with custom labels and dies for your barcode printer, so you can stop compromising.

Why Should You Use Custom Labels?

Zebra Custom Label Dies on a barcode being placed on a box for shipping

A custom label being placed on a box for shipping

With so many reasons, the real question should be, “Why shouldn’t you use custom labels?”

Think about the reason you would purchase anything customized. How many times have you ordered a meal in a restaurant and asked for a substitution? When you bought your last new car, did you choose options? And have you ever bought a suit and had it tailored? When something matters, you choose to get it right…right?

Your barcode labels are no exception. Each one contains important data—information that is critical to keeping your business on track. You need those barcodes to be crisp, clear, and stay that way.

In addition to the barcode itself, what other information does your label provider? Maybe you use color-coding or a certain shape to be able to quickly identify the status of the labeled item, like quality assurance or shipping priority. You might need a compliance label that’s also easy to identify.

Here are other features that can be customized to optimize the functionality of your labels and reduce the label management tasks.

  • Special shape or size: Fit the function to the form, rather than just get what’s available.
  • Pre-printed. Have your logo, graphics, UL mark, or any standard information pre-printed on your labels to get more imprints out of your thermal printer’s ribbon.
  • Color matching. If you have a Pantone or other ink that needs to be reproduced accurately, a custom label gives you precise color matches.
  • Perforation. Make it easier to feed and then separate your labels by getting custom labels with perforations.

Free Custom Dies, Too

Zebra Custom Dies for all your barcoding needs

Zebra Custom Dies for all your barcoding needs

Avalon Integration works with Zebra to offer our customers the same quality in supplies as in the hardware they engineer. With Zebra, we can choose from more 300 pre-tested materials—which leads to thousands of combinations. But we have the added value that there are no extra charges for custom dies. So, if you thought it was too expensive to get what you need, Zebra has the solution for that, too.

Ask yourself if “good enough” really IS good enough for your labels. Let Avalon Integration work with you, starting with a supplies assessment, to see where we can improve the processes with supplies that are better matched to your needs and equipment. You might even save money by consolidating your label inventory! Contact us to get started on getting what you really want.