As part of our commitment to innovative efficiency, Avalon Integration is always proud to recognize innovation in our community, especially in our interns. That’s why we were floored to see how our very own former intern Danielle Houser is taking innovation beyond our four walls and into capitol hill. 

Serving as Rep. Neal P. Dunn’s (R-FL) legislative aid for military affairs, Miss Houser has implemented the core of Avalon’s goals by designing seamless accessibility to crucial resources for several Florida military bases. By ensuring bases had access to necessary resources, Miss Houser helped maintain public safety during Florida’s hurricane season. We are confident she will continue to demonstrate great passion and determination as she moves on to a career in the U.S defense sector because whether in warehousing or public service, Avalon is dedicated to implementing efficiency wherever we go. 

 Check out Avalon’s Finest in Our Video Below: