Sizing specifications, heat endurance, and pricing are some of the factors warehouses tend to first consider when selecting a new labeling solution; however, with so many application differences available today, it may be complicated to truly find a “perfect” fit. Nevertheless, just as technology continues to yield breakthroughs in mobile computing and data capture, labeling technology has also taken great strides in creating application-specific alternatives that fit your budget, benefit operations, and maybe even a little more.

As leaders in efficient innovation, Avalon Integration explores several unique labels that show how Zebra’s Certified Consumables still stand as your most adaptable option when it comes to individualized labeling solutions.

Your Applications are Intricate and Unique – Your Labels Should be the Same.

Intricate and Unique Labels

Intricate and Unique Labels from Zebra and Avalon Integration

Before choosing a one-size-fits-all label, consider the following application-specific options to boost data capture accuracy, operation visibility, and affordable sustainability.

  • Zebra’s New 8000D Label – Perfected for reusable crates and containers, Zebra’s dissolvable labels reduce time spent peeling off labels while remaining sticky during your application process.
  • Freezer-Grade Labels – To protect inventory identification and storage instructions, your cold-storage labels must be fit for temperatures as low as 32°F without losing malleability. Zebra’s pretested labels undergo stringent 23-point testing to endure both heat and cold as well as drastic temperature swings without compromising adhesive strength.
  • RFID On-Metal Labels – Designed to retain performance on metal, Zebra’s RFID labels enhance metal tracking within your operations to maximize production and distribution visibility. 
  • Color Labels – Further empowering your identification system, Zebra’s color labels create an easy-to-spot sorting system as colors can be quickly categorized at a glance, accelerating the order fulfillment process.
  • Custom Labels – For your most unique applications, Avalon recommends customizing your label’s composition and design. Choose from over 300 pretested materials to develop a label that survives even the toughest environments. Plus, with Avalon’s Free Ship Program, get free ground shipping on custom labels delivered in the continental U.S and Canada.
Few of the Many Unique Label Options

Many Unique Label Options

These are just a few of the many options today’s labeling technology offers. To explore more opportunities, contact our warehouse specialists today for a free assessment of your labeling needs.