Apple and Android Devices Stacked

My Device photo c/o Kristine Moser

In life, sometimes you just have to pick between A and B. Chocolate or vanilla? Cat or dog? Walk or run? The list goes on indefinitely and gains new additions each year. One subject that most consumers have a hard answer to is the debate between Apple or Android as their phone designer of choice. But, how does the Apple/Android debate carry over into the business and technology world, is it even a debate at all?

Zebra and Android Collaboration

With recent collaborations between Zebra Technologies and Android, the two companies have brought together their software and user interface to create the new “My Devices” mobile aid for Target stores nationwide. You may have already seen employees using the devices when searching store stock or checking the status of an item online, as the product was debuted in Summer 2017. While the company did not cite a reason for the switch, Target employees have leaked on various social media platforms that they were unhappy with the frequent errors and inability to change the device’s batteries.

However, Apple still remains a worthy partner for businesses selling directly to consumers and looking to keep familiarity. Both Nordstrom and makeup giant, Sephora, utilize iPhones in stores for point of sale purchases to avoid long wait times for customers and efficient check out times. Using Apple products allows both retailers to create a seamless experience for the vast majority of their shoppers since Apple is still holding on to the number one spot for consumer phones. This allows customers to take advantage of the new technology available, without forcing retailers to deal with the stress of teaching them how to use the items, etc.

It is logical to assume, that the debate between Apple and Android will be one that continues for the years to come. As technology advances, so does the need for all platforms to grow along with that advancement. We are already beginning to see BIG changes coming to Apple’s interface and IOS Operating Systems with virtual reality capability expected to launch at any moment. We are also seeing Windows become an outdated operating system, and slowly being phased out by many companies to be replaced by Android. 2018 is certainly an exciting time in the technology industry and we surely are in for a few surprises before the year runs out!

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