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How to connect frontline workers without extensive network changes

From retail to field services, frontline workers are crucial to business success as they best represent brand competency and commitment to quality customer service. However, research suggests that this important segment is often overlooked during optimization opportunities, an issue that directly contributes to high labor turnover and expensive rehiring costs exceeding $5,000 per lost employee.…
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Evaluating Data Capture Modernization for Expanded Operational Visibility

Way before the global pandemic, modern order fulfillment had already proven to be both complex and fast-paced. As e-commerce continues to fuel the now-economy, today’s fulfillment centers and supply chains find themselves in a competitive landscape to meet evolving customer demands such as: Faster order delivery falling between 1 to 5 business days Ability to…
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Explore a new level of supply chain optimization with Avalon’s Experts

In the digital age, efficient innovation can take many forms, which is why Avalon’s modernization experts are constantly watching and experimenting with the latest trends. As solutions like robotics, machine intelligence, and time-efficient automation continue to reshape the post-pandemic world, we’ve invited our team to share valuable insights as to how you can benefit from…
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4 Benefits DataCapture DNA Brings to the Table

While a rugged scanner’s design can help secure uptime, intelligent software goes beyond data capture by expanding performance and streamlining data processing. As we continue to explore the qualities of a modernized scanning solution, we turn to Zebra’s DataCapture DNA software as it eliminates modernization complexities while accelerating deployment. When paired with Zebra’s rugged scanners, DataCapture…
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What kind of scanner do your operations need?

From mounting options to data capture range, today’s modernized scanning systems can be customized to fit in the smallest spaces and work through the longest shifts without compromising scan accuracy. That’s why researchers expect a 19% growth in scanner upgrades by 2022, as more operations strive to meet demands with automation. Consequently, modernizing data capture…
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Defeating 4 Misconceptions About Modern Warehouse Automation

Innovative technologies, such as machine learning and real-time locationing, have long served as prime examples of today’s modernization efforts in warehousing, yet these disruptive initiatives have also been seen as “too complex” and “far off” by many operations -largely because of common misconceptions such as: “Modernization requires extensive piloting and time to produce measurable ROI.”…
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