Food & Beverage Safety -

With Track and Trace Made for Food Distribution.

Over 60% of consumers don’t think food industries are well equipped to ensure food safety.
Avalon and Zebra are here to do something about that with track and trace solutions designed to:

Monitor storage temperatures in real-time

Simplify audits and traceability with digitized inventory management

Reduce TCO by avoiding the usage of pre-print tooling plates

Eliminate stockouts with faster label replenishment and on-demand printing

Meet sustainability goals with less label waste

Enforce food safety guidelines for verifiable quality

See how Avalon’s already supporting major

food processors in our Traceability Playbook.

Manage inventory movement and

status with Zebra’s Rugged Tablets

Print tags immediately for faster

identification with Zebra mobile printers.

Automate barcode and RFID label replenishment

with Zebra Certified Consumables.

Update inventory systems in real-time with

enterprise-ready RFID technology.

Ensure inventory remains within the correct

temperature with electric temp monitors.

Identify products exposed to incorrect

temperatures at a glance with Zebra FREEZEmarker.

Optimize your track and trace workflows
with the leaders in intelligent modernization.

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