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Avalon Integration to Collaborate With MobiWork on MWS Asset Management Solution Platform

The smartphone/cloud-based software solution will manage and optimize field operations

 LEBANON, NJ- Mobile workforce solutions specialists, Avalon Integration and MobiWork, have partnered together for the launch of the MWS Asset Management Solution Platform. The platform, which allows mobile workplace providers to access orders and client information directly from a mobile device or tablet, also utilizes cloud-based storage for efficiency and record keeping.

Not only can the software be utilized for day-to-day workforce operations, it can also help scale results in field sales, marketing and operations for business. MWS Asset Management assists with planning, repair orders, customer management, route directions, delivery, leasing and rentals for all business related items. Optimal clients include warehouse, mailing, delivery and cloud-based industries.

Avalon Integration has been providing the highest quality support across industries for the last 20 years. The key to our longevity is in our commitment to customer service, partnerships with quality brands and industry expertise. As broad as our client list is—from the U.S. Department of Defense, to over 50 of the Fortune 500, to numerous small businesses—the same guiding principle remains the same: improving efficiency.

We build solutions. We can serve as your project team, your IT specialist or simply your supplier. No matter the deficit, we have the problem-solving prowess to build solutions perfectly suited to your needs.

MobiWork LLC is a privately held corporation incorporated in January 2010 by technology experts (web, voice & mobile) and innovators with a significant track-record of building strong businesses and great solutions. MobiWork’s mission is to empower businesses that employ mobile workers with leading edge, powerful yet simple to use and learn smartphone and cloud based solutions that deliver increased productivity, visibility, service quality and competitive advantage. Our vision was based on the emergence of the smartphone as a robust business application platform, providing compelling and unique features in a cost-effective manner. Given the plethora of platforms available (Apple IOS, Android, BlackBerry, WebOS and Symbian at the time…) and the pace at which the technology is evolving, we are convinced that it is to time consuming and cost-prohibitive for any business to try to develop an in-house mobile workforce software and that an off-the-shelf solution is the only viable approach (“Buy vs Build”).

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