Honeywell Dolphin CT50For enterprises that require anywhere, anytime, real-time connectivity to business-critical applications and data capture capabilities to maximize efficiency and serve customers more effectively, the DolphinTM CT50 is Honeywell’s most advanced enterprise-ready 4G/LTE mobile computer. With support for either Windows® or Android™ operating systems, the Dolphin CT50 mobile computer targets highly mobile frontline employees in scan-intensive workflows such as on-demand delivery, field service and customer engagement who require a truly mobile office with the modern conveniences of an all-touch smartphone and the highest degree of future-proofing to speed business agility and lower total cost of ownership.

With the Dolphin CT50 mobile computer, network connectivity is no longer a barrier to the benefits of high-performance mobile applications. The Dolphin CT50 mobile computer is designed to support the most advanced connected mobile user experiences, facilitating large file transfers, video streaming, and remote access to business applications quickly, so workers can more effectively manage a wide variety of tasks throughout the sales cycle. Plus, the Dolphin CT50 mobile computer offers enough battery life to last a full shift and beyond, keeping mobile workers always connected to crucial information to place orders, check stock, look up order status, or scan items as they are removed for delivery. Optimized for use in field operations, the Dolphin CT50 mobile computer offers a vivid 4.7 in Corning® Gorilla® Glass sunlight-readable display with multiple input modes to save valuable time and minimize data entry errors.

Frontline employees who need to portray a cutting-edge image to customers can capitalize on the modern all-touch interface offered by the Dolphin CT50 mobile computer. Featuring a sleek, pocketable design and tested to withstand the rigors of field operations, the Dolphin CT50 mobile computer offers a low total cost of ownership and the highest degree of future-proofing. Including a next-generation 2D imager, the Dolphin CT50 mobile computer delivers unparalleled data capture performance on linear and 2D barcodes.

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How the Internet of Things (IoT) is Changing the Way We Work

Internet Of Things iOTOf the many new technologies that have emerged in the past decade, the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile computing are leading the way in allowing companies of all sizes to become more efficient and effective. As more and more companies embrace the idea of a mobile workforce, the IoT allows their workers to manage multiple tasks, access data in real-time, and embrace empowerment at the touch of a button.

Most industry observers say we are still at the very beginning stages of leveraging this incredible new age of automation. In manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing, the IoT can come alive on virtually every mobile computing device deployed. The Honeywell CT50 handheld mobile computer, for example, fits in your pocket but is designed for the rigors of a warehouse environment, giving users the ability to talk, text, access the company network, and much more. It can be as simple as developing a targeted mobile application and placing it into the hands of your mobile workforce.

Realizing a boost in productivity is the biggest advantage – which helps to control or even reduce costs, eliminates errors, and even improves worker safety. When your workers have virtually everything they need in the palm of their hands, they can move freely, save time and improve the quality of workflow processes.

What is the Most Prominent Emerging Technologies?

Further technologies are shaping the future of automation as organizations leverage the Internet of Things (IoT):

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – There is hesitation within the organization to allow employees to use their own devices, there are several devices on the market that can offer the features and functionality of a warehouse device, but with the sleek, modern design of a personal device.
  • Big Data – The technology further enables us to manage big data easily – giving companies greater visibility on many fronts. Flexibility in accessing data helps users become more informed, provide better customer service, and increase quality assurance.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Smart Homes – SIRI, OK Google, and Amazon’s Alexa can turn on your TV, turn up the volume, shut off the lights, add an item to your shopping list and do pretty much everything except fix breakfast. Where will this technology fit in our industry? Time will tell

What does the Future Hold for the IoT and Mobile Computing?

In their most recent Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, Cisco reports that mobile data traffic (over the IoT) has increased by 1800% in the past five years! Mobile computing has leapfrogged every other technology in terms of acceptance and we are not even close to realizing its full potential.

Every day there are new advances and we just seem to take them in stride. We can now talk to a device and have it talk back to us. Companies routinely recommend other things for us to buy based on past buying habits and the buying habits of other people like us.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the backbone of all the emerging technologies and providers are racing to get fiber to as many users as possible.  All those work crews you see on your streets are laying the network of the future and the information those networks carry are revolutionizing our world.

How do We Get Started?

Interested in further exploration of the world of mobile computing? Let us help you navigate the waters today so you can start realizing the potential of your organization with the advantages of mobile computing. Ask us how we’re helping other companies and the ways in which they’ve been able to improve workflow processes for better overall efficiency.

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Accurate and Fast Dimensional Scanning

Honeywell AutoCube 8200 Fixed Dimensioning SystemThe AutoCube is an important tool for accurate and fast dimensional scanning; offering you an efficient way to offer your workers a reliable method of measuring package dimensions in order to receive best rates for customer shipments. It comes part and parcel (pardon the pun) with other automated solutions in your warehouse to improve the management of workflow processes.
The AutoCube by Honeywell is sure to improve productivity, reduce package handling and wear and tear on packages. The automated measuring solution can be used to help optimize and plan warehouse locations, truck loading and planning and other logistics oriented functions where space is at a premium.

Honeywell has truly revolutionized the science of dimensioning with the introduction of AutoCube; this solution delivers accurate calculations in a fraction of the time it takes workers to measure and enter package dimensions into the system. This powerful little package can offer huge savings by reducing (or even eliminating) shipping charge backs, workflow bottlenecks and time-consuming shipping processes.

3D Depth Sensing Technology

Using 3D depth sensing technology, AutoCube automatically determines a packages length, width and height and in less than a second calculates the overall dimensions of a package.

  • Even irregular packages are quickly calculated and displayed to an operator or fed into an automated shipping solution.
  • With the ability to fit almost anywhere, the AutoCube is great for retailers, distributors, manufacturers, warehousing companies and couriers because it dramatically improves workflow and productivity.
  • Able to measure packages and objects in multiple configuration from 4 to 39 inches and in less than a second, the new Honeywell automated measuring solution for shipping can accommodate packages in any orientation making it much faster than a traditional dimensioning system.
  • With this automated measuring solution for shipping, operators can process more packages much more quickly, resulting in reduced labor costs and speeding up workflow.

Easily Integrated into Workflow Systems

The system can be easily integrated into existing shipping automation systems and can be quickly adapted for use with automated workflow systems. It does not require any special power source and has a small footprint so fits well into ecommerce fulfillment centers and other environments where space is at a premium.

The AutoCube 8200 system uses 3D depth sensing technology to instantly and accurately measure the dimensions of an object. The dimensioning system includes a dimensioner which is mounted on a stand and connected to a host computing system through a USB interface.

Quick Return on Investment

Far faster than manual package measuring, it can deliver results in less than a second and its low price provides a fast Return on Investment (ROI) for retailers, ecommerce fulfillment house, distributors, warehouses and more.

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